“That Ship (Culture War) Has Sailed.” Really?



One of the two men I report to leans with me on most political matters. He co-manages the largest branch office of one of the largest global financial services corporations in the world. Last week I received two email blasts from him announcing our sponsorship of the NYC Gay Pride Parade for the second year running…and that we associates should see this as a marketing opportunity for our respective businesses. This week, as Indiana Governor Mike Pence was surrendering to the mob, he (my manager) was able to see a world “gone crazy” as an Israeli-American Jew witnessing the chaos in the Middle East, the betrayal of Israel and an American President determined to arm a madman, igniting an Arab Nuclear Arms Race…but he was not able to make the moral connection between the two. When I did, he responded, “That ship has sailed.” When I told him I disagreed, he said he didn’t disagree with me…“personally”.

Our conversation in Ft. Lee (where Thomas Paine did much of his writing!) at that particular moment on that particular day, is the central point of the very vortex of what Pat Buchannan so eloquently described in his recent article, The Long Retreat in the Culture War. Failing to connect the cultural battlefield in Indianapolis to a nuclear proliferation in the Middle East is like saying mental illness only affects politicians and government workers. 😉

Yesterday morning I woke up well before dawn in a very deep state of reflection. The darkness surrendered to brilliant flashes of light as an early morning lightning storm rolled slowly through. I actually imagined myself interrupting the comatose shepherds and parishioners during a Sunday morning Mass to beg for their ear…to appeal to anyone…someone to speak out from the “collective” cocoon. Are you in there? Is anybody home? What prevents me, or anyone for that matter, from doing so? Would it be wrong to publicly question our silent paralysis in such a holy place? Or is it wrong not to?

“Faced with a corporate-secularist firestorm, Gov. Mike Pence said Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act would not protect Christian bakers or florists who refuse their services to same-sex weddings. And the white flag went up again.”

When I read Buchanan’s title The Long Retreat…, the first thing that came to mind was The Long Goodbye otherwise known as Alzheimer’s! Could there be a more apt comparison?

“Out went Christmas and Easter. In came winter break and spring break. Coaches of high school teams were ordered to dispense with prayers before games. The coaches complied.” This is only possible in an America that has lost any and all sense of who she is! “Thus does biblical truth become bigotry in Obama’s America.” How could this happen here? “Christians watched paralyzed as their country was taken from them.” This is exactly what our European Ancestors fled from in the first place! Religious Freedom is the seed of our existence…the quintessential essence of who we are…like garlic in Italian cooking!

“What explains the rout in Indianapolis? The GOP simply cannot stand up to media denunciations as intolerant bigots, especially if the corporations upon which they depend threaten economic reprisals.”

You see, I understand how my manager thought he had no choice but to promote a “Gay Pride Parade” to the 400 associates who report to him. But then again, the Jew and Christian relationship was forged in the fires of the very same abuse by the very same Pharisees who seek to rule us both! The Jews have a history of tolerating bondage until the Prophet emerges. First Moses, then Jesus. Perhaps the Pharisees were a slightly more kindred Pharaoh, but a slave is a slave in every culture, until Truth steps up to the plate…

“Therefore you are witnesses against yourselves that you are sons of those who murdered the prophets. Fill up, then, the measure of your fathers’ guilt. Serpents, brood of vipers! How can you escape the condemnation of hell?” ~ Matt 23:31-33

Buchanan would know of another “Long Retreat” when General George Washington led his rag-tag army out of the jaws of defeat on Manhattan into Fort Lee across New Jersey and into Pennsylvania to endure unspeakable hardship, death and suffering long before they would ever know the joy of victory.

From Concord to Calvary, false compassion at the expense of freedom is the same fool’s gold it has always been. With all due respect to my manager, those who think “the ship has sailed” may wish to think again!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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