After Shining the Light on Our Betrayers, What Comes Next?

Portrait of Betrayal

Portrait of Betrayal

“However, the saddest thing of all is the passivity by which “we” challenge the truth. Instead, we cower in indifference for fear of being “labeled” (fined or imprisoned) for standing up for the basic tenets that has made this nation unique in world history. God help us!” ~ Wes Speaking of words, “unprecedented” is a word getting more and more airplay these days. When I saw De Niro publicly announce his support for Clinton at the very pinnacle of her destroying the evidence of email linking her to selling out America to the highest foreign bidders who funneled millions upon millions into the Bill & Hillary Slush Fund, I thought…How apropos? The man who brought Capone to life in The Untouchables would bring him back again…as Madam President! Whew…see, now that is unprecedented. We’ve elected Presidents who became crooks, but I don’t believe we’ve ever consciously elected crooks who became President! Way to go Bobby D! On the very same day I see this wonderful piece from one of the most actively engaged patriots I know, listing three clear-cut examples of “our betrayal”  by our own government, my friend Wes leaves the quote above as part his comment on my “War of Words” piece this past Tuesday. Here are the three in-your-face examples of good, honest every-day-Americans being “screwed” by their government:

    • Florida’s Regional Flip ~ Republican Senator Wilton Simpson seduces his constituent’s support of a bill designed to stop the centralization of power away from them, and then converts it into even a stronger centralizing power-grab in committee!
  • Congress Ditches “Parent’s Rights” ~ In Minnesota, Republican Representative John Kline claims that his bill “reduces the federal footprint, restores local control… and empowers parents.” Sounds great, right? In reality, Section 6561 of Kline’s own Elementary & Secondary Education Act reads, “STATES TO RETAIN RIGHTS AND AUTHORITIES THEY DO NOT EXPRESSLY WAIVE.” In other words, if the State accepts the grant money, they automatically waive their rights and those of parents over education. Sorry Minnesota Mom and Minnesota Dad!
  • Net Neutrality ~ The worst of all betrayals from the greatest betrayer of all. Obama baits us with the promise to “protect all Americans” from the Big Bad Broadband Providers, and then BAM! “Through deceptive labeling and a marketing campaign that misled Americans, the federal government has rendered the ultimate betrayal.  They handed themselves the ability to throttle free speech on the pretext of protecting us from those who never have.”  

I’m thinking that the “Greatest Generation” was followed by the “Most Gullible Generation”, or the “Masochistic Generation”, or the “Surrendered Without-a-Fight Generation”! What do you think? I’ll go our friend at Freedom Lab one better. Here is the ultimate proof of how the political class from Obama to Hillary to Simpson and Kline are all enriching themselves at the taxpayer’s expense; “If there is no limit to the amount of ‘money’ available, then it is worth nothing!” I’m forwarding this Denninger piece to our son up at Brown to pass on to his Marxist Economics Professor for comment. I’ll keep you posted… I replied to Wes that only the next Patrick Henry can stop this madness…and that God himself is wondering where he is. What took Cheney so long to call a spade a spade? Here’s the 18 Trillion Dollar question for you. What must the Betrayers do after they’re discovered? Answer: PROTECT THEMSELVES!

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2 Responses to After Shining the Light on Our Betrayers, What Comes Next?

  1. John Anthony says:

    Important stuff Chip! Thanks. Some are beginning to actually think…

  2. agent provocateur says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel Watch.

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