The War of Words

A GREAT read for the little piglets, before you send them off to school!

A GREAT read for the little piglets, before you send them off to school!

“Why use bullets when words are much cheaper and far more deadly?” ~ Anonymous

There’s a new language in America. It’s a cowardly language and a disturbing departure from the direct straight-talk of our forefathers. Quite simply put, it’s the beguiling speak of the tongue that prefers the softer back door of deception and manipulation to the straight and direct hard line of the truth that sometimes hurts. Its purpose is agenda-driven rather than communication-driven. In other words, these are words that don’t mean what they say. In fact, they usually mean the exact opposite. The best example of the new Orwellian tongue would be words like “tolerance” and my personal favorite, “inclusive” which sound so warm and friendly…until you dare to question or disagree. They apply these words as weapons to terms like “social justice” and “affordable care act”. Who wouldn’t want these things…until we begin to decipher the doublespeak to realize the intent behind their “tolerance” and “inclusive” is “divide” and “conquer”…and their “affordable care” is anything but. In fact, in direct straight-talk, affordable care means “citizen control”!

The Front Line in the War of Words is, without a smidgeon of doubt, our university and college campuses! Young minds who might have gone off to college to become a lawyer, doctor or engineer have instead become disciples of what is now a religion of the new language. Your sons and daughters are foot soldiers in the War of Words. What began as the soft enticing enclosure of political correctness has morphed into a brutal razor wire lockdown of our 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech!

Just last year a Harvard student (Sandra Korn) wrote an article calling for the firing of Conservative Professors entitled, “Let’s Give Up on Academic Freedom in Favor of Justice” in which she wrote “free speech threatens Liberalism and must be destroyed.” Today the battle rages in Maryland where the President of the University of Maryland, himself a Chinese immigrant, transformed ugly, grotesque, hateful and offensive speech into a mandatory tutorial on our most important Right of All…enshrined by the Founders as our 1st Right by design! In fact, without 1 and 2, Liberty herself becomes a toothless peasant. Why did it take a Chinese immigrant to point this out to the American-born beneficiaries of Freedom’s many blessings? Because “words are more deadly than bullets” my friend!

I learned of the Maryland story late yesterday afternoon on the Joe Walsh Radio Show (970 on the dial). The article is here, along with the exact communication (very graphic alert!) raising all the fuss. What is not here are the audio clips that Walsh played of the students demanding severe punishment for the offender, effectively arguing for their own imprisonment! Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose? Really? Sounded great in the sixties, eh?

So what is left when straight talk is dead, and words no longer mean what we say? Well when that time comes, and it appears awfully near, why would we need to distinguish between the Mens Room and the Ladies Room, when we no longer know whether we’re coming or going?


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The War of Words

  1. Wes says:


    Well said. The list of violations gets longer by the day.
    University for Virginia rape “non-case” and its fraudulent reporting. No one loses their job.
    New Religious Tolerance Law in Indiana
    Ferguson, Missouri and the complete distortion of the facts of the shooting
    Honorable (?) Harry Reid’s comments regarding Mitt Romney and his tax reporting. To a liberal the “end justifies the means” (unless, of course, it applies to them)

    .And on an on it goes. I

    n the past, I was able to having a meaningful difference of viewpoint based solely on the facts and their interpretation. Now, the facts are meaningless. The only thing that counts is projecting your ” humanist worldview” and not care about how many people you run over in the process. The current venue of double-speak and double standards makes it impossible to make meaningful progress in almost area. It is no wonder that our government has been rendered impotent. The vacuum has been filled in by a “dictator” who knows very well how to manipulate any issue to his advantage. However, the saddest thing of all is the passivity by which “we” challenge the truth. Instead, we cower in indifference for fear of being “labeled” (fined or imprisoned) for standing up for the basic tenets that has made this nation unique in world history.

    God help us!


    • Chip Murray says:

      And the dictator will go right on dictating until Patrick Henry shows up. Too many clinging to pensions and creature comforts to change the present course…God is wondering if we will help ourselves.

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