The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ April 5, 2015

He is Risen!

He is Risen!

Some springs are more welcomed, on the other side of the harshest winters. And some would be miraculous even…after the worst of the worst, where the very spirit of man was frozen dead inside him. The shorter day, or so it seemed, became a perpetual darkness of the heart. The sap of life hardened turning the flow of kind goodness to a nearly frozen drip, leaving the worst fear of man’s darker nature unchecked. Lie beget lie as the void of goodness was quickly filled by evil unimagined, turning friend against friend and brother against brother…

That was our world before he came the first time. “One man come in the name of Love…” And it is our world today. Good Easter Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

In the Name of Love

During my time of fasting and reflection yesterday, I thought of the Holy Mother. I thought of what she had just endured, witnessing every horrifying step of her only son as he was put to the most barbarically slow and agonizing death imaginable. I saw her waking up early this very morning, three days later…wanting to be near him and finding him gone.

Now freeze the picture here. See the world at that very moment. The Disciples are scattered, Peter is overwhelmed with grief and guilt. The reach of Roman Rule is still unsatisfied. The insecure grip of the Sanhedrin is even more so. But the Mother of the Lamb is about to pierce a veil that no mortal woman’s heart has ever experienced. Imagine the light that filled the tomb when the Blessed Virgin’s heart, knowing the joy of his first birth, now realized the instant of his resurrection from death! Only a woman, knowing the first, can come close to fully appreciating this heart.

In this miraculous moment, goodness expanded and evil retracted. Peter grew taller, his shoulders broader, and his spirit more resolute. Hearts seeking redemption found it, while the wicked drew closer to the earth. Even Gollum was regular-sized man before the act and subsequent obsession reduced him to the creature.

This is how we are! Karpe Diem! Seize this moment in your heart of hearts. Go out and become the miracle of spring. Breathe the nourishment of life back into every fiber of your being. Hug your children as if for the first time, and look into the eyes of your beloved and hold the gaze until it hurts. If your neighbor insults you, tell him or her they’re looking exceptionally well. If someone holds you back, spring forward! If anyone knocks you down, jump up! If your boss chides you with “not enough”, overwhelm him or her with more than enough!

And when the enemy reaches a door as strong as this, to find you girded as such from head to toe…right in body, mind and spirit, you will do what will be done…in the name of Love!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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