When John the Baptist beheld his cousin Jesus in the crowd along the Jordan River 1,984 some odd years ago, he said to the people, “Behold the lamb of God!” What strikes me so profoundly on this Holiest of Holy Saturdays is (1) how the world of today, as far as human nature is concerned, is an exact mirror reflection of the world that existed before the two cousins ignited the fuse that would spark the greatest revolution in the history of mankind. And (2), the rising level and intensity of Godspeaks occurring all around us.

Think of the “world order” that existed as John and Jesus were coming into the prime of their purpose. The synergy of Roman Rule with the “spiritual grip” of the Sanhedrin reduced the people to powerless serfs, fearful of one and dependent on the other. John and Jesus presented the clear and present danger to both! Are we not witnessing the same treacherous collusion between corrupt shepherds (bishops) and their political counterparts this very day? Remember Notre Dame’s Father Hesburgh whose 30 pieces of silver to Planned Parenthood became “the largest wholesale betrayal of Catholic principles and faith in American History”, according to our friend Michael Voris? Are Church and State not singing from the same corrupt hymnal on matters of population servility and control? Their bobbing heads are moving in perfect unison on matters of the environment, capitalism and redistribution!

Godspeaks are naturally occurring phenomena of synchronicity and intense energy connecting the physical to what Dr. Wayne Dyer refers to as Divine “Source”. The most important quality they possess, in my humble opinion, is the opportunity they provide for each and every one of us to connect to Divine Will when they occur. Think of them as Tuning Forks that help us to retune our instruments, which tend to fall grossly out of tune due to our own neglect and lack of practice…

Tonight is the 3rd blood moon of only the 4th Tetrad since the year 1AD! The current Tetrad is a colossal Godspeak! The photo above is a Godspeak! The miracle of Netanyahu’s reelection is a Godspeak! And the lamb-like voice of Crystal O’Connor ignited by the action of Indiana’s Governor Spence is a Godspeak! Each one grants us the opportunity to align our own moral compass so that we may check ourselves on the path of right and wrong! Compare the voice of Crystal to the hateful tweet of Coach Jess Dooley asking for people to join her to “burn the O’Connor family business down!” Which voice are we aligned with? And of course, under the 4th Tetrad we have the voice of an American President claiming that “the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” while Islam is murdering the future of the world! And his voice has ignited the voice of an Israeli Prime Minister who speaks out, as any father would, to save his own children! The Godspeak of our time! godspeak With which voice have we aligned ourselves? Here between the murder of True Love and the Resurrection, we are granted what could be our final opportunity to realign ourselves with the one who is speaking to our hearts. The language of honest-to-goodness courage, love and sacrifice. It’s never too late to listen to Godspeaks…until it is.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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  1. Martin T. D. Burnett says:

    Obama said that the future doesn’t belong to those who slander the prophet. He may be correct unless some divine inervention is imposed. Mohammar Ghadafi once said that they would win and that no shot would need to be fired. He alleged that eventually, Islam will outpopulate all others. On the to work very early yesterday listening to AM radio, the speaker said that in 2055, Islam will have reached a majority worldwide. It’s the fastest growing faith system amongst the lower educated masses worldwide which of course include American slave- decendent Blacks. France, Germany and England are heavily influence by their very large Muslim populii. I recently heard that the DFW area has more Muslims than Detroit! I will look to corroborate. One of these days, non Muslims are going to have to make a choice!

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