America is a “Progressive” Face-lift Gone Bad!

American Beauty

American Beauty

We went out to meet a good friend for drinks the other night. She wanted us to meet the new man in her life. He seemed like a very nice man, and our friend seemed very happy in his (Charley’s) company. The conversation eventually steered towards concerns over the economy and Charley’s current status of unemployed, before veering into politics…without the benefit of bumper guards.

What I found fascinating about our conversation and Charley in particular, is how some people seem so defensively recoiled and ready to spring at the mere notion of a “Conservative” in power, when it is the very Antithesis of Conservatism that has been screwing them every way to Sunday for the past six years! When did we become a nation of such eager masochists?

It strikes me that America has become like the woman who in her self-indulgent vanity has made an enemy of the natural order; accommodating all who satisfy her whim, casting truth into lonely exile…into the deepest pit within. It’s almost impossible to face the Truth after so many years invested in the lie…

You know the woman pictured above has convinced herself she is still beautiful in much the same way as the disciples of the Progressive Utopian Dream continue to follow madness against the rising tide of failure after failure, into the abyss…if not Armageddon, it will be the largest swath of death and destruction the world has ever known. All because we put our faith in charming fools who simply told us what we wanted to hear. They promised the greater fool eternal beauty…while picking all our pockets clean!

So when Charley looks at the reflection of his American beauty, he doesn’t see what we’ve become. He sees the candidate talking about God and the Constitution as a beauty-hater, and something to be feared. But he is perfectly OK with the Fundamental Transformer who convinced him that he was not fine the way God made him years ago. And the woman who steered the Ship of State for the great Transformer to the brink of a thermo-nuclear holocaust, leaving a legacy of lies, deception and a “spotless server” is like the smile on American Beauty…completely fake, but perfectly fine by him…so long as he doesn’t have to face the Truth…

While the rest of the world sees the smile beginning to crack in places like Ferguson and Indiana where the “Progressive” lie is forced against the will of the people and God himself. Pretty soon, the crack will open wide enough for everyone to see the horror behind the mask. And in the instant before our death will come the realization, “We were perfectly fine the way God made us.”


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to America is a “Progressive” Face-lift Gone Bad!

  1. Martin T. D. Burnett says:

    Great post. My head nearly explodes on a daily basis anymore as I encounter these types, or the ones who call themselves conservatives yet still defend the behaviour of what to me amounts to a culture of co-dependency. I have determined that anyone born after 1956 probably does not understand my frame of refernence therefore finds me to be a strange creature. I just read my tax return and am sickened yet again. It’s almost like watching a civil war era surgeon remove a limb knowing that he really didn’t have to! At this point, I am just about willing to withdraw to a sod hut in the foot hills somewhere off the grid. I hope this conservative movement gains some serious traction soon. I am running out of years. The usual cast of clowns is lining up to run for the GOP candidacy again and I don’t think I can tolerate another schill. The only one I might consider is Carly Fiorina. All the rest, including Cruz are walking that political fence trying to placate the left while not alienating the right. Absolutely absurd yet again!

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  2. Admin says:

    I often wonder how ‘informed’ the Charley’s of the world are. Are they mere ‘headline’ parrots or do they understand/comprehend/entertain the information behind the headline. 9 times out of 10, most do not therefore they are unable to see the ‘pig’ for what it is. Much like reading the back cover of a book, one does not get the ‘real deal’ without opening it’s pages. That’s our battle cry – pushing each person to ‘open the pages’ so they can process the information themselves and come to a rational conclusion. Informed debates is what will change this country – surface reader debates will never change a thing. Hearts and Minds are what make this country shine or sink and some in politics/news know this all too well and know people prefer others to ‘think’ for them vs actually do the hard work of thinking for themselves. Change that – you change the world.

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