We are being “Herded”!

Eat the Rich & Feed the Poor!

Eat the Rich & Feed the Poor!

“Global warming had a mortal weakness. It was testable. ‘Sustainability’ does not suffer from the same fault. It need never meet reality. No matter what any individual or organization does, its activities can always be labeled “unsustainable.” This is because there is no definition of what sustainability is. It always means just what someone claiming to be more eco-holy than thou wants it to mean. True sustainability is a goal ever disappearing into the distance, one which can never be reached, but which must be pursued with ever increasing vigor — and funded by ever burgeoning taxes.” ~ William M. Briggs, Breitbart

We are suddenly miles and miles from a place we used to know called “live and let live” here in what was once a free America. Think about it…America is the home of the term “free range”! And yet, the only way for one to truly experience “free range” today, you would literally have to be off the grid, away from all technology and social media, and completely removed from what can only be described as a fascist state where all citizens are monitored and controlled.

Civilized societies have always required some level of monitoring and control where behavior is concerned as part of keeping the peace and maintaining law and order. But we are now talking about the actual monitoring and controlling of ideas and speech by those willing to violate the very laws put in place to protect our right of expression, because they see themselves as above the law! They see themselves and their ideology as the new order!

Enter the age of the Enviro-fascists and Homo-fascists who have now joined ranks with the Islamo-fascists in what has become an all-out War on America! Think about what is really happening here…The radical usurpers of our own government have mobilized all three as mercenaries to destroy the Christian underpinning of our country! They have literally opened and exposed our borders, our communities and our homes by sanctifying all three and bringing the hammer of big government down hard and fast on those who dare to resist!

“The current post-freedom era hosts the most stifling and crippling rules of intellectual engagement (what little there is of “engagement”). University campuses, once the home of great debate and discourse, have come under the boot of Shariah goons and their leftist lapdogs… While hate preachers, terror supporters and Jew-haters are welcome with open arms at U.S. universities, voices of freedom, voices opposed to jihad, Sharia, creed apartheid and gender apartheid are banned – in a not-so-subtle adherence to Shariah blasphemy laws.” ~ Pamela Geller

I have family members and friends who happen to be Gay who want no part of where this is going. But they are like the majority of good Muslims who are afraid to stand up to the evil that only grows stronger. Freedom-loving Americans, Republican and Democrat, Gay and Straight, need to stand up and denounce any and all attempts to stifle our freedom of faith and expression whenever and wherever they see it happening. How many times have we been silenced at our own dinner tables or cocktail parties because “it’s political”? So the men who have stopped being men are thusly herded away from any conversation about those things that matter most; our faith, education, family, health and welfare. It is ALL political…UNLESS, of course, you share the collective party view!

So the cow with milk to give enjoys the illusion of freedom…until she no longer produces. And the young minds swathed in rainbow ribbons indulge themselves in the same fantasy…as long as they stay within the fence, grazing with the collective on group-codified grass and grain; the useful pawns and livestock property they’ve allowed themselves to become! We are left to hope and pray they will awaken before the gates of Hell clang shut behind us all!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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1 Response to We are being “Herded”!

  1. Bill Banuchi says:

    Yes, it is the loud minority calling out the herding commands! “Silence in the face of evil is, in itself, evil.”–Barnhoffer

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