Remember the Alamo?

See you on the Rampart!

See you on the Rampart!

“We are mortgaging our future for results in the present.” ~ Alan Dershowitz

Garland, Texas – A handful of Texans stand up for freedom on May 2, 2015!

San Antonio, Texas – A handful of Texans stand up for freedom on February 26, 1836!

From defending the walls of the small Alamo mission in San Antonio to defending the 1st Amendment in Garland 179 years and 44 days later, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing–after they’ve tried everything else!” ~ Winston Churchill

In the meanwhile, Churchill and I need someone to explain to us how Piss Christ was considered “freedom of expression”, while drawing a cartoon of Mohammad is incendiary and provocative”? Freedom-loving minds need to know what so many want to forget!!

One does have to wonder when even the most Liberal-minded among us begin raising caution flags as Alan Dershowitz has been doing of late. Dershowitz was referring to sacrificing justice and rule of law to appease the mob in Baltimore, but his warning applies to all Americans who are treading much closer to the expiration date on their freedoms and liberties than many seem to realize!

Appeasement is a funny thing. It’s the one thing man does time and time again, knowing it will come back to bite him, but he does it anyway. It’s the irresistible apple…the sweetest of the low-hanging fruits. Quick-fix-oriented politicians (and State’s Attorneys) love it most of all because it pays the highest short-term dividend for the cheapest cost, making them look great…until the day of reckoning!

What too many Americans are too slow to realize as Dershowitz is finally beginning to see, is how technology and the creep of Globalism has transported us all back to what was once a small patch of dirt in San Antonio where we will all awaken to find ourselves…at some point. It’s in our DNA you see. We think we want peace because we’re still dreaming. The Mob and Mohammad want more than they’ve a right to…and way more than we’re prepared to give them.

Waking up is realizing we want freedom more than we want peace…more than we want food and water…even more than we want sex! March 6, 1836 may have been the shortest day Colonel Crockett ever lived, but I guarantee you it was the sweetest day! I’ll see you on the Rampart sooner than you think! 😉

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Remember the Alamo?

  1. mike says:

    Very cool comments. I totally agree, we are missing our common sense, by dreaming. The time for talk and half measures is over! We must save our nation for our children if no one else. Keep up the good work…

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