Love and the Wrong Side of History

Is there a deeper footing of regret than the one planted on the wrong side of history? And is it not a curse that outlives the transgressor, passed on like genetic disease to subsequent generations. I had a doctor who had been assigned to me as a client years ago. He was a veteran of WWll…who happened to have fought for Hitler. He was a bitter man till the day he died. His family was a complete mess! Every single one of them suffered enormous association guilt that destroyed their ability to lead happy and productive lives…leaving trails of broken marriages, lost children, and countless addictions. His mistake was passed on in the bloodline!

If we are truly our brother’s keeper, then there should be no greater commitment to those we love than saving them from the wrong side of history! We all make mistakes its part of being human. But the mistake that an entire generation of Germans made became toxically embedded once they crossed the line of making it consciously, condemning millions upon millions to unimaginable pain, suffering, death…and worse!

We Americans are living in the very same culture of “pretense and denial” today that Hitler’s Germans lived through over eighty years ago. We know our mistake, but we distract ourselves and find more and more creative ways to gloss over it…chalking it up to anything and everything other than something we have any personal responsibility for. Courageous virtue is targeted and vilified while depraved and perverted lifestyles and an entire culture of narcissistic indulgence is excused, glorified and codified!

Knowing a mistake and denying it is one thing. Knowing it and perpetuating it (which is really Progressivism when you stop and think about it), is something entirely different. It goes by the name of Evil.

There were Pamela Gellers in Hitler’s Germany who knew the mistake and gave every ounce of themselves to correct it. Hitler’s Geller was a man named Bonhoeffer. Hitler had him hanged. When you hear the voice of condemnation directed at Pamela Geller for warning us in the same exact way that Bonhoeffer warned his fellow Germans, you are listening to the ghosts of Hitler’s henchmen. When we listen to the same voices call a dead man a hero after inciting the mob to kill him, we are listening to the very same ghosts!

There is hope my friends. There is hope for you and me because we are blessed with something that Hitler’s Germans do not have. We have a pulse!

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to Love and the Wrong Side of History

  1. Bill Banuchi says:

    And With every beat of that pulse we must fight for right or our progeny will suffer as your clients family did.

  2. Chip Murray says:

    I once wrote “Give me a dozen Chris Kyles and we’ll save America!” Well I hereby amend my previous quote to read, “Give me a dozen Chris Kyles and half a dozen Bill Banuchis and we’ll save the world!”…of course we would only need 6 and 3 if we could return the 1 in the White House! 🙂

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