Regionalism Un-Checked is the Monster Under Our Beds!

The Wolf Pack of

The Wolf Pack of “Regionalism”

“Americans who love freedom, the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian values upon which this country was founded will have to get busy – and quick – if those principles are to survive over the long term. The stakes are really that high.” ~ Alex Newman, Common Core: Obama’s Assault on Our Children

You and I are growing smaller day by day. I use the word smaller in a much more significant way than the physical sense. I mean smaller in terms of our influence in our own communities and the quality of our families’ lives and the futures of our children. We are slowly and incrementally losing our voice in the things that matter most…

It started over a hundred years ago, as Newman points out, with the help of utopian John Dewey. But regionalism really got a shot in the arm when Lowes and Home Depot replaced the Smith Family Hardware and Rowley Lumber on Main Streets all across America. Regional corporately-owned Box Stores have replaced the individually-owned Moms & Pops by the hundreds of thousands with promises of economic growth and prosperity for all!

It’s been well over thirty years…how about a Regionalism Report Card? Suddenly we hear sweet-sounding terms like “smart growth” and “sustainability” from strangers with lots of letters after their names…like they’re offering us candy to get in the car with them. Wouldn’t it be smarter and more sustainable for us to think for ourselves, trust our own senses and conduct our own net assessment of their plan(s)?


Do we really need a government study to realize their plans have proven to be smart for them and stupid for us? We may not be able to stuff the genie back in the bottle, but as Newman warns us, we can’t afford to throw our hands up and tuck into the fetal position of submission either! Trust me, we have not begun to see bad yet!

Once upon a time America provided the best healthcare, because we educated ourselves in one of the most environmentally responsible societies on planet earth! And now we have entangled ourselves in one giant utopian socialist scheme that goes by the deceptive names of Affordable Care Act, Common Core and Climate Change! How stupid must they think we are?

Please take a moment to read Newman’s assessment of the man behind the curtain known as Common Core. Many parents have caught on to the education wolf in sheep’s clothing and are fighting it in hundreds if not thousands of school districts across America! What many of us are finally beginning to understand is that the Common Core Wolf, the Obamacare Wolf, and the Smart Growth Wolf are all part of the same pack circling the America we love and cherish.

If you’ve ever watched the video of wolves hunt as they single out and circle their prey, you’ve seen what is happening to us. We’re cut off from the herd of our Judeo-Christian tradition, as Newman points out in the quote above. We’ve become isolated, confused…and vulnerable. It’s time to educate ourselves and engage ourselves locally while we still have any say at all. Wouldn’t it be smarter to share services regionally rather than to surrender our local authority to some corrupt faceless bureaucrat a thousand miles from any accountability whatsoever? By the same token, why couldn’t a federal standard be considered and evaluated by local educational authority…accepted or rejected on the basis of merit?  We can do this! Find a workshop near you to attend, promote and sponsor! 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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