The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ May 10, 2015

They can fool some of the people some of the time...

They can fool some of the people some of the time…

There’s a wonderful community of Christians in Warwick known as the Bruderhof. They are great neighbors who have made many friends throughout Warwick leading Christian lives. They held a prayer service this past Thursday for the earthquake victims in Nepal, the persecution of Christians, the refugees of war and economic hardship, and the turmoil here at home.

There were two things I found interesting about the service. First, we were seated in the round which reminded me of the ancient synagogue ruins we visited in Israel. Second, the three pastors spoke honestly and directly to the threats we are facing as Christians, even invoking the name of St. Stephen, the very first soul Martyred for the Love of Christ. This I found refreshing because the living Church cannot live without inhaling Truth and exhaling its Wisdom. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

The Secular church

The Secular Church is not a living Church. It’s an empty shell where nice people meet to hear nice stories and be nice to one another. The American Church un-incarnates (dies) in two stages. First it becomes a secular church, and then it becomes a gym, a yoga club, or someone’s home as just occurred with the Methodist church here in Bellvale two years ago. Better than a casino or brothel I suppose, but the community suffers this loss without mourning! Why is that?

The American Christian, much like his European cousin, is a dead man walking…led to oblivion’s cliff by the secularized shepherds. The church has become a Hollywood set where actors come to pretend so they can get back to their precious. The secular church is like hens without roosters. The eggs taste good, but there is no life in them! Or, one could say that going to the secular church is like joining a gym where there are no weights for the barbell bars and no resistance setting on the treadmills…in fact the treadmills are all stationary! All you have is the ability to say you “go to the gym” …while your muscles atrophy.

How could such a weakened flock stand up to the Transgressor/Aggressor? The answer is, they cannot! Take heart dear friend, there is spiritual opportunity in this massive spiritual rust heap! Providence always provides the way to those with their hearts and minds wide open. Truth has a special sparkle in such an oppressive environment as this…for those who seek it. At the end of the day we alone are fully responsible for the shape we’re in…spiritually and physically speaking. So do take care, and choose your Church (and Presidential Candidate) wisely. Nice is nice if you’re a bowl of rice; no pain, no gain on the Freedom Train! 😉

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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6 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ May 10, 2015

  1. D says:

    Hi All,
    I was inspired with this call to action for the Church. I will copy this column and hand it out at my Tuesday afternoon Bible study. You see, the women go to many different Churches and are just beginning to see that their Church is secular. I am studying 2 Peter. Peter is desperately trying to impart that one MUST add to one’s faith many things but knowledge is highlighted. Why? Because without knowledge of who Jesus was and is, what he said and did, these women are unable to truly discern the secular trends which their Church has adopted. I wish you could see this : women’s eyes opened as they see how the distortions of the message of Jesus Christ has affected their families, communities, and world. Study the truth on this Sunday. Then action will indeed suggest itself.

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  3. D says:

    Thank you Chip and thanks to all the moms out there!

  4. Bill Banuchi says:

    Our current situation is not new. Twice before in the history of our nation have we experienced Godlessness in our churches and in the nation, and twice before God has sent revival in the First and Second Great Awakenings in response to the fervent prayers of a faithful remnant. And so that faithful remnant must lift up the banner of Christ as we pray and work until we see revival or the very face of our God!

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