Between a Cop and a Hard Place!

"Did you do your homework?"

“Did you do your homework?”

Every single week now, if not every single day, there is an incident that calls into question the relationship between the community of police and the people they serve. This past weekend, it was the McKinney, Texas Pool Party and the East Rutherford, NJ Summer Jam. Both cases involved environments that devolved quickly into the chaos of conflict between those who challenge the order others are charged with keeping.

Perhaps it would be a good time to step back and take a deep breath before a Summer Jam turns into the Summer Slam from Hell! I think it would be useful to take these separate incidents and distill them down to their essence through thoughtful analysis, and then examine them together in the context of the times we are living through.

At first blush, and in the narrow frame of video, I see excessive force by what appears to be a frustrated and angry police officer in the McKinney, Texas incident. I can imagine the grimaces on the faces of his peers around the country as he pulled his gun on an unarmed 15-year-old girl as she screamed for her mother.

On the other hand, the police in East Rutherford, NJ appear to have acted professionally with the appropriate amount of force relative to a dangerous escalation of disorder that could easily have spun into something far more disastrous. I’m sure every single officer on that scene had Ferguson, Baltimore and Cleveland in the back of their minds as they did what they had to do.

There are two major points that need to be made here. The first point and perhaps the most significant, is the cultural attitude. I would argue that it is an attitude that has been vigorously fed and nourished by the current political establishment through the Department of Justice and gleefully aided and abetted by Hollywood and the music and entertainment elites. Together they have created a cultural “devil’s brew” of attitude piping hot with anger, resentment, bitterness, envy and divide…just aching for someone or something to explode on!

The second more subtle observation is what I have noticed about the perspective of those of us watching this all play out…especially within the Liberty Movement. It’s as if we are two camps in one. The first camp we’ll call the cops are guilty until proven innocent camp. Their posts appear in a steady stream all over Libertarian sites like Zero Hedge and Alt.Market…constantly! The second camp is simply the reverse, the cops (just like the rest of us) are innocent until proven guilty. That is a major divide for people standing on the same side of the Constitution! While I empathize with both, I stand with the latter…

I believe, through God’s grace, the two camps can come together to heal our divide and address the virus that literally seeks to rip us apart. I have noticed police and community gatherings over coffee to hear concerns and build trust in my community of Warwick and even places like Newburg, New York. There are wonderful programs and workshops being offered to schools and communities as a healthy “Breaking the Cycle” Antidote to the poison being fed to them via politicians and the 24/7 cable-feed! If you live in the Orange County area, please join us one week from today at the Bruderhof!


Finally, I would encourage you to find, support and join the healthiest American antidote to the most un-American toxin that has ever invaded our system. Find the nearest Chapter of near you…you’ll be glad you did! In God we may trust, but when I find myself in the hard place down here, I’m calling a cop! 🙂

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