Here’s the Real “Deal” In Greece & EVERYWHERE!

The UKIP Energizer Bunny Telling It Like It Is!

The UKIP Energizer Bunny Telling It Like It Is!

“Now that Greece has capitulated and offered up its sovereignty in what can only be described as an unconditional surrender to Berlin and Brussels, here’s what’s next for the country, the government, and the Greek people.” ~ Tyler Durden

WAIT! What was that he just said? “Now that Greece has capitulated…”??? But did the entire world not just see the Greek People vote a resoundingly emphatic NO to the Euro exactly one week ago this past Sunday? So just how exactly did the Greek People manage to go from emphatic NO to capitulation and surrender in ONE GREEK WEEK??? The answer is THEY DID NOT!!!

What we are seeing in Greece is the beginning of the end of the very dream first dreamt there! How poetic…from dawn to dusk, the death of liberty on the very spot she was first conceived! Liberty is dying for lack of someone, anyone to defend her. Its Brussels and the Troika against the world of men who, for the most part, aren’t concerned enough to leave their couches. Well, there is the UKIP Energizer Bunny who rouses them from laying to sitting every now and again. …and he does have his way of hitting the nail!

The Greeks got into trouble because they allowed themselves to be seduced with more debt than they could live with. But they have now entered the prison of “neo-colonial servitude” by being forced against their own democratic “referendum” to wear more chains than they can swim with!

Sound familiar? It ought to sound awfully familiar because we in America are right behind Greece in the throes of our own debt-seduction trouble spiral…force-fed by a league of sovereign-nation-killers that make the Troika seem like matronly scout leaders. They understand it will take much more to bring America to her knees. (This American Thinker article is the ultimate Oath Keeper recruitment piece!) They mean to rot us from the inside!

I’ve just engaged in a lively exchange with a dear friend who chooses to see green where I see red, freedom where I see barbed wire, and love where I see hate. There is nothing quite like the black magic of consolidating power creating swarms of sparkling “counter measures” to diffuse Truth itself into a million false shadows…leaving us with a defending army of the TOTALLY CONFUSED!

A time for love a time to hate, a time for war a time for peace…a time to arise from the couch, I swear it’s not too late!

“Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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5 Responses to Here’s the Real “Deal” In Greece & EVERYWHERE!

  1. D says:

    Western Civilization is falling. Greece was one of the antecedents of Western Civilization as was Christianity. Both are being defeated and the next empire is at the gate. There is still time to stand up and turn this around. We are the only hope. Greece is a devastating tragedy. They are over and Europe will be dragged down with them. They are like lemmings going over the side of the cliff. We must stand up for our principles.

  2. D says:

    Hi Chip. The above article does injustice in suggesting that the Greeks are less at fault than the the banks, government etc. While banks and governments are players. It is they who are puppets to the collective vision of the people that they govern. I remember a couple of dear friends in the 1980’s bragging about how good life was in Greece. A far cry from the Spartan ethic depicted in the movie the “300,” they described a “cradle to grave” care system that made the most indulgent American parent seem… actually it seems like parents I know. They described such crazy things that even back then I told her that it was morally wrong,
    We can go into an In-depth analysis of how it got this way, but in a nutshell it is about seeking security, allowing themselves to be payed off and CHOOSING to “run with the devil.” They are “reaping what they sowed.” Talking this through has a direct impact on our current situation in the U.S. We are not some poor victims of the powers that be. This country would never have been founded if the architects of this nation did not take personal responsibility for living life the way they were intended to by their Creator. The above author takes us in a direction that will not be fruitful. Sorry if he is a friend LOL.

  3. Chip Murray says:

    Yes D…Brandon & the Alt.Market view is always 1,000 feet up. You’re both right. Brandon sees, as do I (in the rear view) the EURO as a huge central planning con job. Maggie Thatcher had it right! On the other hand, the Greeks themselves borrowed and spent like drunken sailors. The first stage was more seduction (with the help of Goldman Sachs) to tempt the consenting adult who were probably as indoctrinated into believing they were entitled, as our millennials have been groomed to believe. The second stage we are seeing now is more the iron jaw clamping shut.

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