The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ July 12, 2015

The Vicar of Communism??

The Vicar of Communism??

In the popular TV hit series Breaking Bad, the DEA agent finally realizes his own brother-in-law is the notorious “Heisenberg” meth dealer turning New Mexico into a bloody cartel wasteland. Many of us have watched with a tense balance of respect, trepidation, and Holy Horror as the Heisenberg of Vatican City has charmed his way onto the stage of man’s most critical hour. He has played his part so well, catching white doves and bouquets of flowers in picture-frame-perfection…while desecrating the sacred liturgical foundation of his own post with every breath he takes, and every move he makes! Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

Breaking Bad

We cringed when the Vicar of Christ said to the delight of the Church’s greatest enemies, “Who am I to judge?” We agonized when the Holy See descended to the right hand of Gore and Obama to become a UN puppet in the War on Carbon, Capitalism and the Enemies of Gaia (Pagan Earth God). Now we have the Communist Hammer & Sickle sculpted into a twisted perversion of the Crucifixion handed to the Pope, which he accepts with a smile! In this one despicable blasphemous act of acceptance, the Pope desecrates his office and betrays our Lord and every soul on earth! The act itself, if you can bear to watch, occurs at the 1:17 mark on the video linked in Ann’s Red Pope Alert.

There is grist for the mill in even the darkest and most troubling events. Transpose this event into your own life. How many times in our own lives have we accepted things we know to be wrong? When you think about it, accepting the little wrongs are like calisthenics in reverse, weakening our strength to resist the bigger ones. In this case, the Shepherd himself has gone miserably astray which poses great danger and threat for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, flocks tend to follow their shepherds. But there’s a darker danger lurking in the mind that suggests to itself, “I am now off the hook and free to follow my own path.” From here we run the risk of slipping into interpretations of human actions through a more subjective compass, measuring them by the ease of passage and avoidance of conflict they create, rather than the right or wrong they inflict. And voilà! We’ve just described the modern mess of Church and State!

BUT, we are never off the hook! In fact, it is an unmistakable sign when we see such departure and dereliction in our popes and presidents, that we as individuals have never been more on the hook in our lives! If it is to be, it is up to me! More than this, we need to understand how these derelictions embolden the prowling wolf that never sleeps. This is why we need to pray on our knees for the strength to live every moment of every day with honor, courage and integrity. The wolf has turned Truth into pornography, and he needs us to accept it. If we do, he will let us live…as he circles us.

Open your eyes and you will lose your friends…this I guarantee you. Close them, and you will lose more than you could possibly imagine. Seek the unafraid to reinforce your home and local community. Seek the Shepherd who will not bow, and trust in yourself to trust in God! The time draws near to get our house in order…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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8 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ July 12, 2015

  1. Bill Banuchi says:

    That’s why we don’t look to any man for our salvation for we all fall short (Romans 3:23). Unfortunately man find it easier to look to a visible leader than the invisible Christ who is the only mediator (1 Tim. 2:5).

    • D says:

      Everyone should watch the video of the Pope happily receiving a gift depicting Jesus hanging on the hammer and sickle. It is very hard to watch but it is a powerful illustration of how people have hijacked Christianity. Deuteronomy 4:2&12:32, Proverbs 30:6, and Revelation 22:18 are among the passages which tells us not to change anything in the Bible. We need to hold fast to “the way, the truth and the life” which is Jesus Christ, not to the hammer and sickle.

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  3. armine says:

    That is hard for me to watch…

  4. Chip Murray says:

    It is amazing how people bend the mind to accommodate evil and evict virtue. There will be more than a few Catholics who see this as nothing more than a coexisting and inviting Pope Francis. One can only wonder…how many tricks remain?

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  6. D says:

    The battle is and always be to bend the mind. People who don’t know and learn from history are doomed to be the victims of it. Those who don’t know and learn from the Bible are doomed. We need to re-educate the public, or de-program them ( more likely ). We must show people how to think again. This column has been like the Agora. The Agora for those who don’t know was a gathering place where people could discuss business, politics, spiritual questions, love, etc. a place where people practiced thinking….

    Let us purposefully think over the important things of life.

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