America in the Context of Four Americans

The Rhodes Scholar & his Alinsky Bride, Lewd & Shrewd

The Rhodes Scholar & his Alinsky Bride, Lewd & Shrewd

Bill & Hillary Clinton

It’s hard to see anything presidential in the photograph above. Our friends on the left want to hold up the Clinton Presidency as something to be proud of, but it really wasn’t. Lifting Glass-Steagall, losing Bin Laden, and lustin’ Lewinsky were minor offenses next to his greatest crime of eliminating the consequences for deception…paving the way for the greatest deceiver of them all. But, as we ALL know, at least “Bubba” was likable. Unfortunately for Hillary, whatever likability and political talents her husband possessed did not get passed on to her. Her past has forced her present into a glass bubble where she is succumbing to her own noxiousness before our very eyes! It’s hard to over-state the damage they have done to America. Yes, they walked onto a stage that had already been set for their poor stewardship, but what they might have corrected they chose instead to capitalize on.

Leader of the Free

Leader of the Free “Choom”


Never in the history of the world has there ever been a greater misalignment between a chief executive and the office he holds. That an entire nation could have been so utterly complacent, indifferent, negligent, careless and so lacking in self-respect to have allowed such an Obamanation is something bordering on suicidal! No, we can now say, whether successful or not, it was attempted suicide…TWICE! Looking back on the young Obama, we could see the cool breezy hipster with a future full of cons to play. Today, there is no other way to describe what currently occupies the White House…it is the death of America!

The Builder

The Builder

Donald Trump

On the other hand, what do we see when we look back on The Donald? Don’t we see brash and bold ambition? In fact, don’t we find more of the qualities that define what it means to be an American in Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” than in Obama’s “Dreams From My Father”? Unfortunately for America, enough of us failed to read and absorb Obama’s “Dreams”. For if we had, we might have realized Trump’s ambition to “build”, was equally matched by Obama’s ambition to “destroy”. Quite simply, Obama hates everything Trump loves about America and Americans! To look closely at these four Americans in the hour that’s getting late is to glimpse the possibility of a life-saving change of course and direction. We have been guided to the edge of insanity by the first three. The fourth says he wants to “make America great again!” I would ask Trump lovers and haters one question. What about this man’s past and present could possibly make you doubt him?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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6 Responses to America in the Context of Four Americans

  1. Chip Murray says:

    “I don’t think you should underestimate how frustrated people are,” Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Sunday during a lunch at the Koch gathering. “Mr. Trump has tapped into some of that.” THEY STILL DON’T GET IT!!! Trump hasn’t tapped into Americans, they are tapping into him!!! They BELIEVE he alone has the guts and talent to “build” them out of the Hell the political class has corrupted us into!!!!!!!

  2. D. says:

    This post is foundational. It is “How to Elect a President 101.” America needs this class right now. This is the perfect time in our life to go back to school. I know you were hoping for some more vacation but we need some summer school! We must look carefully at these past presidencies so that we can see what has gone wrong and how we got there. Then, we need to not make the same mistake the next time. Study this post, there will be a test!

    • Chip Murray says:

      Foundational is an interesting choice of words D. “Focus” is another. They are surely trying to knock us off our foundation. And they surely cannot afford for us to focus. But who can argue as you point out, that a close examination of these four lives will lead us all to the obvious course out of chaos….

  3. mtdburnett says:

    I remember when Ann Coulter was crazy about Chris Christie. Seemed she was working with a defective chip in her mother board on that issue. I wonder what she thinks of Trump. Haven’t been following her that closely. My other favorite blogger, Fred Reed, excoriated her new book “Adios America” for some blatantly inaccurate assertions about Mexico.

    She’s starting to appear as a manic right winger bordering on the hysterical. Not sure I’d want her supporting my candidate now.


  4. D. says:

    I used foundational because I think that we need to go back to the very core of erroneous beliefs that Americans hold. We need to challenge, and correct erroneous suppositions that people have about the very nature of what is happening in this country. Specifically, what people have learned to be true about President Clinton, President Obama etc. In school, I learned that in developing a conclusion, for example, who should I vote for in the next election. One starts with some basic facts called your premises.
    If your premises, or things you believe to be true are incorrect, your conclusion will be incorrect. So many people believe everything they have heard on the liberal news stations or liberal academic institutions. I am going to print this column up for some of my friends who have begun to question Obama. They need help Chip. This column might help them to exercise that organ in between their ears which they have not used in a very long time.

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