The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ August 2, 2015

"The Courts of Heaven are laying out their charges against the Human Race." ~ Steve Quayle

“The Courts of Heaven are laying out their charges against the Human Race.” ~ Steve Quayle

If you’re outraged and willing to trash, dismember and destroy a man who paid money to go shoot a Lion with a crossbow, then cut it’s head off (because that’s all he wanted) and ditched the rest…..

But you’re not similarly outraged and willing to do whatever it takes to dismember an organization and everyone who supports and funds it that, it appears, was and is selling the heads of unborn children, while also ditching the rest……


My greatest obligation to those I love the most, is to save them. To save them from the deepest pit of regret, as yet may be unborn and even unknown to them. To save them from the wrong side of history…I give my own life. An old friend mused in a recent exchange how “not always been great at keeping her mouth shut” was a “personal flaw”. But I tell you, when we open our mouths to honor truth and virtue with our own tongues, we give voice to angels…even if it costs a friendship (or job)! Because when we do not, we please only demons and the suffering they bring.

There is a Steve Quayle interview linked at the end of today’s Tune-up. I implore you to listen to this man. He speaks to me with a John the Baptist sort of energy. There is no doubt to my mind that the Holy Spirit guides him in much the same way as it moves Ann Barnhardt to speak and write . Quayle says the “ Great Tribulation is upon us”. I believe he is 100% correct. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend!

The Great Tribulation is Here!

“The real problem is a lack of knowledge of religion as well as a lack of respect for religion. I find it completely hypocritical for people in academe or the media to demand understanding of Muslim beliefs and yet be so derisive and dismissive of the devout Christian beliefs of Southern conservatives.” ~ Camille Paglia, Salon

I was visited by Angels in my dreams as I slept in the early hours of Friday morning. It was the most powerful dream I have ever experienced…full of emotion, feeling and connection. The dream contained aspects of my past life, friends and business associations. I felt extremely close to them from a vantage point high up in the mountains. Suddenly, we were able to see an entire continent shift 180 degrees as the land beneath our feet gave way…sending us into what I am simply unable to describe beyond this point…but you and I know what it means. It was a warning!

Camille Paglia is half right because the “lack of knowledge and respect for religion” is only half of the problem. The other half is the FAITH, the very point of religion. The “REAL PROBLEM” is that we have lost “FAITH”. And this is the only possible explanation for how a once-great society wakes up on Friday morning to the Drudge headline, “USA Investigates Cecil’s Death” instead of “USA Investigates Planned Parenthood Trafficking Baby Body Parts”!!! Accepting wrong has become defending it, turning the people we love, as Karl so rightly declares, into monsters! We cannot allow it…we will not!

In New York City, where there is a renaissance of rats and bums, more black babies are aborted than are born (2012)…42.4% of all NYC abortions, they have lost FAITH! In Warwick this past Friday, I engaged in a heart-to-heart with one of the greatest caring souls I know, who also happens to be pro-choice. We talked about God and Cecil and the videos she rejected without viewing. I realized that her relationship to God was like the death of a star. She was able to appreciate the after-glow, but had lost her connection (FAITH) to the source itself.

The good news is this. In this remarkable place, those who have refused to see the Truth have never been closer to it. This presents enormous opportunity for us to whisper the smallest argument in the ear of those we love the most to keep them from the abyss. Who among us would not speak it? What soul from the grave and the wrong side of history would refuse to hear it?

“The Courts of Heaven are laying out their charges against the human race.” ~ Steve Quayle Interview This is a must listen my friend!!!


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