The Two BIGGEST Factors in 2016 & KEY to Our Survival!

Who can say this is not a Life?

Who can say this is not a Life?

Life and Honor! There should be no safer place on planet Earth than in an American mother’s womb. Period! And there should be no American more honored, valued and appreciated than the one who has pledged their life, their fortune and their sacred honor to protect the family, the home, our community, and our country!

Years ago, I chose the path of least resistance by going along with the “woman’s right to choose” argument. But the photograph of a tiny hand reaching out from the mother’s womb to grasp a surgeon’s finger, the horror of Kermit Gosnell and five undercover Planned Barrenhood videos have convinced me that abortion is not about the right to choose…it’s about the right to murder the most innocent life of all! To see it any differently is to cling to what is now proven to be the most devastating lie of all. A lie that has claimed 55 million lives and put America on the path to ruin! This is, by far, our greatest national sin! The only thing worse than the sin itself is forcing Americans to pay for it…making us all complicit!

There is no America without Honor!

There is no America without Honor!

Sin #2 is so close to sin #1 in its egregious depravity, I found it nearly impossible to separate them. But consider this fact ~ The Democratic Party owns them both! Perhaps this could explain how there were 17 Republican candidates competing with each other on the national stage for the highest office in the land Thursday night, and there is only one Democrat with no scheduled debates on the horizon! And she is under criminal investigation! Our complete and total abject failure as a nation to honor, value and appreciate our men and women military veterans, and those currently serving, is beyond despicable…its unforgivable! There is no one more personally responsible for this outrage than the nation’s top Democrat, Barack Hussein Obama!

On the very same day the GOP contenders took center stage, the Washington Times released a story that filled my soul with rage and disgust. It seems quite clear that the very same man who said, The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide” while sunning himself on Martha’s Vineyard 5 years ago to the month, has something to hide today! Obama and Clinton have more than Benghazi to answer for. They have the assassination of 30 of our best and bravest, including members of the elite Seal Team 6 to answer for! The President of the United States is refusing to honor the rule of law and comply with a federal judge’s request to turn over 50 documents his own Justice Department has deemed “relative to the case” because he is hiding something from the families and the rest of the American People! Add to this mess the VA disgrace, a Commander in Chief who had to be shamed into lowering the nation’s flags to half-staff to honor the servicemen murdered in Chattanooga, and this story about “Muslim men intimidating military families in Wyoming and Colorado”, and we have ourselves a “situation” that must not and will not stand!

As a nation, we have led ourselves astray. We have turned our backs on Life & Honor! And a nation that refuses to protect Life and defend Honor, will become a festering lump of rot and decay that feeds on itself until it is dust…we can already see this happening! I don’t trust the “Professional Politicians” to fix this and turn us around! That leaves Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Carli Fiorina. I believe each one of these candidates would fight for the unborn, defund and possibly prosecute Planned Barrenhood, and go to the line to defend our defenders and protect our protectors. This will be our only hope. This election is literally Freedom’s last gasp! When you look closely and follow the tentacles to the source of Trump’s attackers, you will find the nation-killers who are in bed with Planned Barrenhood while they are undermining, demoralizing and decimating our military! WHY? Because the United States of America is the greatest threat to the New World Order. And without Life and Honor, there can be no USA. Period! Watch this wonderful video of Ben Carson’s closing statement Thursday evening: He gets it! They get it too!

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4 Responses to The Two BIGGEST Factors in 2016 & KEY to Our Survival!

  1. Wesley Love says:

    II Chronicles 7:14
    If we are to be “healed” as a nation, we must stop this slaughter of the unborn and ask forgiveness for the destruction of the 55 million already sacrificed to the “god of a women’s choice”! If not, then severe judgment awaits. Is America a “barbaric nation”? No question! The only question left is will we repent or continue to enable. He is patiently awaiting our reply. How much longer will He wait before taking action? Testing God’s patience is a really bad strategy. Let us only hope that our next President can ignite the fires of outrage and end this national sin.

  2. josiahe says:

    Reblogged this on Josiahe’s Blog and commented:
    I’ve complained and cried over the same things but of course never said it as well. Thanks!

  3. D. says:

    I so don’t trust the politicians to deal with our nations problems! Reader Wesley Love brings up a good addition to this post. We need to take spiritual responsibility for what we have allowed to happen in our nation and repent. So many of us like Chip have taken the path of least resistance or went along with the crowd. Some of us knew that the government policy on abortion was evil but did not stand together to stop it, perhaps out of fear. The politicians could not have taken money from us and given it to Planned Parenthood unless we allowed it. Let’s take a stand now. First begin by being humble, praying and seek God’s forgiveness for our complicity in this sin.

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