The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ August 9, 2015

Anti-John the Baptist

Anti-John the Baptist

John the Baptist was executed for defending the sanctity of Marriage vis-a-vis the state, namely King Herod.  Bergoglio is himself attacking Marriage, and not only fails to speak out against the state, but is openly cooperating with it as an ally…John the Baptist proselytized the One True Faith, and the essentiality of baptism.  Francis condemns proselytization, tells people he has no interest or desire to convert them to Christianity, and openly embraces false religions…John the Baptist’s charge was to “Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight His paths.” Francis has stated and has as his motto “hagan lio”, which means in Spanish, “make a mess” or more colloquially, “raise hell”. Francis proudly sows utter chaos. ~ Ann Barnhardt, Francis: The anti-John the Baptist

Just in this past week alone…I had a Liberal Jewish client-friend of mine say to me, “Who needs God?” I had another Liberal Jewish friend of mine who actually down-played God’s part in the Exodus, unable to say that it was God who delivered the Jews out of bondage in Egypt…after a lifetime of observing the Passover Seder! And last night I met a cancer-survivor Atheist who described herself as a Catholic-survivor who loves Pope Francis. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

The New Atheist

This Tune-up space is generally reserved for matters of faith and happenings in the Church, but God is placing runway lights for us via the Affairs of State which are literally pointing the way to Heaven…for those of us who will bother to look up. Look at what the Trump Tower of Bellicosity just revealed for all the world to see! He has just exposed the American Political Theater as the American Kabuki Theater! The FOX is in the Hen House! I can see the coming headlines now…Pope Announces Excommunication of the Donald in Historic Speech Before Congress!

Do you begin to see my point? If it is all fake, false and phony pretense down here…then the Kingdom Jesus spoke of in his response to Pilate must be real! Why would he have allowed himself…how could he have allowed himself to be tortured and nailed to the cross for a lie?

My friend who proclaimed, “Who needs God” was describing his son’s wedding…officiated by the Rabbi of a new flavor of Judaism. I forget what he called it to be perfectly honest…something “less orthodox than Reform”. What in the world would that be? Using the 2%-1%-skim milk metaphor, it would have to be WATER!

He is showing us the way, by revealing to us the absurdity of all we are clinging to! All three friends I’ve described in my examples are the nicest folks you’ll ever meet. But the reality is that they are all fully invested in the new anything-goes-religion of Blindness…those who will not see. Those who flat-out refuse to look up…as the world they cling to dissolves around them.

Now would be the perfect time to seek the lone voice in the wilderness…to find the New Baptist. He will be easy to find. He’s the only one standing by the riverside, who is looking up!

“Give, and you shall receive.”

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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7 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ August 9, 2015

  1. D. says:

    I look forward to my Sunday cup of coffee and the Sunday Morning Tune-Up. When I was growing up, Sunday was a holy day. A day where Church, discussions of spiritual topics and time with good people and good food were central. It was a day where no one mowed their lawn or went food shopping. I continued to keep to this tradition when I was raising my children. As time went on, I began to give up some of the above behaviors. It was to my detriment and to those around me.

    I turned back to this tradition some years ago. I realized that when God told us “to keep Holy the Sabbath day,” he knew as our creator just how much we needed it. A time of relaxation, renewal and reflection. I thank God that He helped me turn from the prevailing tide of 0% God. You can not do it without Him. Think about that this Sunday.

  2. Paul Laux says:

    Amen and amen, D.!

  3. josiahe says:

    Having been raised an Altar Boy, I walked away from Catholicism as a teen but part of it was for the wrong reasons. It took me 1/2 a lifetime to find that all else but a relationship w/ Yeshua (Jesus) is trivial. Thanks for your words!

  4. Chip Murray says:

    I feel privileged to have you all to talk to…

  5. D. says:

    Thanks for honoring God and making Sunday the day where you add to the spiritual development in all our lives in your post. By the way, that was good about John the Baptist executed for defending marriage. I never really thought of it that way thanks for passing that along.mThat’s what Sunday’s are for!

  6. Chip Murray says:

    I hadn’t either until I read Ann’s piece. Thanks D…glad to be here.

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