Are We Hungrier for Truth or Compromise?

Truth or Trumpzilla???

Truth or Trumpzilla???

A Muslim “asylum-seeker” screaming “Allah Akbar” beheads a mother and son while they were shopping at an IKEA in Sweden. IKEA responds by stopping knife sales! Sound familiar? It seems there’s a new AAA in town, and they are blowing away the competition! The Allah Akbar Association has discovered a much greater market potential for roadside beheadings than ever existed for roadside assistance! After all, there are WAY many more people with heads than there are people with cars! As the Pamela Geller article points out, Obama is racing against time (and a slow-waking public) to open up the American market to the new AAA…from sea to shining sea! True story…

On the other hand, here in America, all eyes are on Race to the White House 2016! One could say that there are at least 21 horses on the track when you add Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley and a likely Biden to the 17 Republicans. But I would suggest those are the 21 they want us to follow, when there are only two that really matter. They are Truth, the longshot…and Compromise, the odds-on-favorite!

I began my day yesterday by reading this great Buchanan piece on the GOP Elites Plot to Purge Trump. In it he asks three GREAT questions;

  1. Our Beltway elites are demanding that Trump apologize for his remarks about women. But when have they apologized for having inflicted this disaster (Iraq War) upon our nation and the Middle East?
  2. Is it “xenophobic” to ask if Americans approve of this historic change in the composition and character of the country they love?
  3. Is it outrageous to ask whether there is a correlation between this massive infusion of unskilled and semi-skilled labor from the Third World, and the stagnant and falling wages of native-born Americans?

Later in the morning I had breakfast with one of my favorite local government leaders. We talked about the Trump phenomenon and found ourselves taking different sides of the fence on the matter. What I found refreshing about the Donald’s direct PC-Proof approach to the issues in sharp contrast to the PC-Trained Politicians, he saw as disqualifyingly unelectable. Interestingly, in another conversation earlier in the week with a person I would describe as one of my favorite business leaders, where the conversation was Trump-centered but expanded to include social issues and the Iran Deal, he too saw Trump as unelectable. And then there’s this take on the “pragmatic kingmakers” who, at the end of the day, just want the best “bang for their buck.”

Lastly, I offer this lens to filter it all through… “Freedom & Central Planning Can Never Coexist”, by Brandon Smith:

Central planning acolytes see society as a a single unit, or engine, in which all the people are parts rather than autonomous individuals.  They believe that if any part acts outside of the bounds of the engine, the entire machine could break.  According to their fuzzy logic, everything you do as an individual affects everyone else, therefore, the collective state must mold and control each individual’s behavior in order to ensure that what you do as a singular person does no harm to the whole.  This philosophy is the primary rationale for EVERY push for centralization, but it is based on a faulty premise.

So you see, the “pragmatist” only sees the 21 horses as he heads to the 2016 window to place his bet. The name of the game (as he/she sees it) is to pick the horse who most closely appears to reflect his/her values, with the best chance of winning the race. By definition, their horse in the race that matters most, is Compromise.

It may be too early to tell whether or not the T in Trump is the same T in Truth, but I will guarantee you this my friends. If you and I continue to bet against Truth, we may as well plan for the bloodiest ribbon-cutting ceremony of all time…as we officially turn over the keys of Freedom to the Central Planners and their thriving new enterprise, the new AAA!

Which are you hungrier for?



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2 Responses to Are We Hungrier for Truth or Compromise?

  1. Bill Banuchi says:

    The reason Trump is surging is the same reason why establishment types try to discount him. He demonstrates “power and courage.” Precisely the character traits needed in such desperate times. Remember, it is God who raises up kings (leaders) and puts them down. We will get what we pray for and work for…it will be interesting!

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