The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ August 23, 2015

The Great Escape?

The Great Escape?

I read this heart-breaking letter-to-the-editor from a father who lost his daughter and “best friend” to heroin addiction back in April. I commented in this follow-up-article how Something is terribly wrong with a society that turns its Churches into yoga centers and private homes, and its children into Big Pharma Dependents!” …For which I was accused of making a “false argument” by bringing religion into the conversation. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

                                          “Hug your kids. Keep them safe.”

Doesn’t it border on intellectual dishonesty and secular fascism to declare religion out of bounds on matters of human suffering that so clearly result from spiritual depravity and malnourishment? Leaving religion off the table on those things that matter most, is like trying to read a book while skipping entire chapters. What sense would that make? And yet this is exactly what living in post-Christian America has become!

“Hugging our children and keeping them safe” as Mr. Brown advises us to do in a world that rejects the hope, healing and salvation of God’s love, is like sending them out into the pouring rain without an umbrella…or into speeding traffic without the protection of a crossing guard. No loving parent would do such a thing, and yet this is the world we have created for them!

How is it we cannot see the correlation of our rejection of faith with the rising tide of suffering and despair? Who can honestly blame any child for seeking escape from the harsh reality we have created for them? J. Elliot seeks to absolve him or herself by blaming the doctors while distracting the rest of us. Yesterday, I actually witnessed a young woman who will be a high school senior next month, ask her mother if they could please start attending church again. They are hungry for what we have been denying them…J!

Yesterday I wrote on the need to become a “force-multiplier” in order to spread the word. Today I’m asking us to realize that we are consciously depriving ourselves of the greatest force-multiplier in the entire universe! How many more children must we lose to the clutches of addiction before we wake up to our greatest error?


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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ August 23, 2015

  1. D. says:

    The heroin epidemic is a disaster and solving it requires, among other things, spiritual reflection. Sister Sandra told us in eighth grade that our bodies were ” a temple of the Holy Spirit.” She went on to conclude that we should not do drugs or misuse our body in any way. This had a powerful influence on me. The seed she and my parents planted grew. It enabled me to say no to drugs throughout my teen and early adult years. The current narcissistic, follow my bliss culture without God leads one to seek whatever physical pleasures that can comfort one in the existential abyss.

    What of the argument that doctors over-prescribing painkillers is the root cause of this heroin problem? Lets trace back the philosophy that spawned over-prescription. It leads us to the atheist philosophy. The belief of “better living through chemistry” or that science will ultimately answer all our questions, are foundational to this problem and atheism.

    Science allows us to change and improve our environment. It allows society to create a great treatment to revive someone in the throws of a heroin overdose but it will not help one find their place in this world, or a right purpose for living.

  2. Chip Murray says:

    “Follow my bliss” to “better living through chemistry”…our culture was designed (it seems) to lead the herd away from the Sister Sandras…my oh my, how we are paying the price! 😦

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