PC Cowardice Separating Men From Boys!

Not On My Watch!

Not On My Watch!

Almost exactly one year ago to the day, I called former NY Giants quarterback Phil Simms to the carpet for his disgraceful display of PC Cowardice in the midst of the PC attack on the Washington Redskins. Imagine world security today, had Barack Obama gone after ISIS with the same zeal he displayed in taking on the Washington Redskins!

Interestingly, one year later, former Redskin quarterback Joe Theismann demonstrates how to act like a man when responding to cowardice, “Any person that isn’t willing to put their name to a comment doesn’t deserve any respect at all…If you’re telling me that a coach said that, the coach has no spine, he’s a spineless individual and that’s the bottom line. To make an irresponsible, stupid statement like that, Robert needs the work. … To say that Jay would put him out there for any reason other than to get him work, is an absolute insult to a coach. … If you want to be a man, if you have an opinion, why don’t you put your name to it instead of being an anonymous coach, which is a bunch of baloney, and to me spineless and gutless. If you’ve got something to say, open your mouth and put your name to it.”

Although the anonymous coach incident had nothing to do with the name of the team, it had everything to do with what PC has done to our culture. It has demonized the honor of directness to the point of making it offensive, while turning all manner of innuendo and personal attack from the shadows of un-named sources common play. Simms chooses to go with the PC flow in 2014 instead of calling the absurdity of PC for what it truly is…Political Cowardice! He had a moral obligation to do so, knowing the game and the history of the Washington franchise. He could have been the man. He chose instead, to be the boy.

Keeping to field of sports for a moment, you might have read that ESPN recently suspended Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling for his directness in exercising his 1st Amendment Right-Tweet comparing the ideology of Islam to Nazism. Sarah Palin rose quickly to his defense. This is our culture. This is who we’ve become. Step out of line and they WILL take you away! And this is the very same culture that now wants to turn us into a “cashless society” where they can actually starve you for stepping out of line! This is how Europe fell. This is how Canada is falling. And it is exactly where the most un-American President in U.S. History is leading us…if we allow it!

This is the battle line, the very front line in the raging War on Western Civilization! And the recognition of this fact by the majority of good and decent Americans is exactly why, in my humble opinion, Donald Trump is soaring almost invincibly and untouchably in the court of public opinion! Trump is a true “Warrior King” in a field of PC-conditioned Pansies!

The Political Establishment and its Press Hounds, or dare I say FOXES, have literally been caught flat-footed by the exceptionally rare occurrence of a man acting like a man! It really makes one stop and think, “What will they do when men acting like men come to town?” I for one, can hardly wait! 🙂


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2 Responses to PC Cowardice Separating Men From Boys!

  1. Mike says:

    The weakening of our nation has been slow but effective. Imagine a time when men were the heroes of films and even books. Today more and more we see skinny un-muscluar women beating up men and saving the day. I know there are women out there who have the ability to do well against men. They are trained and their bodies show the work they have done. But Hollywood seems hell bent on showing any woman with this capability. It may be stylish but not real. I know movies are meant to be fun. However when fantasy replaces reality we must put the brakes on. This continual beat down of a man is just silly. In the real world we all know it is much different. PC does not want us to be who we are. Socialism must destroy that which can fight back. That’s how it works, you know we are all the same no gender, redistribute wealth etc… It will be a hard fight but all real Americans love to fight and cannot stand to lose. So we shall prevail. Don’t stop fighting till the fight is over. Me, I will never give in. Will you?

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