The Sunday Morning Tune-up, August 30, 2015

Be it ever so humble...

Be it ever so humble…

There is not the tiniest part of this Catholic fabric of twenty years ago that has not changed beyond recognition. Catholicism is like a city destroyed by war. Most of its inhabitants have fled, and those who remain are picking through the ruins trying to salvage things not too battered to be useful. John Kenneth Galbraith remarked that the collapse of Catholicism was the most surprising thing that had happened in his lifetime. For anyone who loved the Catholic world, this collapse was traumatic. ~ Anne Roche, The Way it Used to Be

When I was a kid, I joined Boy Scout Troop 253 and attended the weekly meetings in the basement of St. Elizabeth’s Church in Wyckoff, New Jersey. I was the only Protestant in the bunch! My best friends were these Italian and Irish-American Catholics, and I remember how good it felt to be part of this group of young men…boys really, and some whose dads were Scoutmaster’s (Jack Burke) and assistant leaders. I know now what I didn’t realize then. The best glow of my youthful experience came from the blessing of learning the lessons of Scouting on a very Catholic Foundation. I may never have been an altar boy, or attended a mass, but I was fully immersed in a fellowship of great value and trust with those who were. And I can’t help but think I absorbed some of the wonderful qualities Anne Roche describes perfectly in her article, even if only by osmosis. The seed had been planted. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

                                                    The Way We Were

The more I think on my younger days, the more I can relate to the story of the Prodigal Son. I needed to leave in order to discover what I was missing, and trust me, I looked everywhere. I found the same wants with different accents everywhere I went, and everyone with something to sell. I was tempted in California and tested in Texas, but it was my schooling in the basement of St. Elizabeth’s that kept me centered in my search…which is not to say, I didn’t dive in. Au contraire my friend! I dove into the deep, deep end with the zeal of a desperate dolphin reunited with the ocean of life…especially attracted to the areas with the big NO SWIMMING signs!

Here’s what I found in my search. I offer it freely to be sounded by your own inner tuning fork as it were. Life is not Progressive. Life is a Rubber Band. Some are bigger, smaller, tighter and stretchier than others, but they are all meant to stretch out, and come back home again…it is the ebb and flow of nature that we live by, guided by the most fixed star of all. Progressivism is the greatest lie ever told to the desperate, hungry and willing believer…with the understanding that once swallowed you must walk with eyes closed.

I will stop here because I really wanted mostly to share this beautiful piece about yesterday from Ms. Roche (thanks Jennie!). I encourage you to top it off with an important message about today from Archbishop Apuron. Wherever you are in your personal journey, on the way out, or on the way in, enjoy and appreciate every blessed second. But I beg you to keep your center…and your wits about you, as you breathe in and out, in and out, in and out…

“It is important to understand that the political pressure to push the agenda for same sex ‘marriage’ has never been about gay rights; the true intention behind this agenda has always been about the destruction of the family, and the imposition of a totalitarian system.” ~ Archbishop Anthony Apuron of Agana, Guam

“Now that the heart is broken, Catholicism is an act of the will performed out of honor, and out of love, but it is love among the ruins. One keeps on going to the gutted Masses with their antic priests, manufactured excitement and cafeteria casualness at Holy Communion, and one closes one’s eyes and prays the desperate prayer of the agnostic believer: ‘Lord, I believe, help Thou my unbelief!’”

The seabird wings her lonely dance into the freedom from her past, she chases sunsets of red and gold and follows moonbeams, so I’m told…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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