The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ September 13, 2015

The Fruit of Error!

The Fruit of Error!

There is a great temptation today to confuse sociological evolution with spiritual progress, and Christians are the first to succumb to that temptation. Nevertheless, the Bible expressly tells us that the history of mankind ends in judgment. It does not give place to the Kingdom. ~ Jacques Ellul, False Presence of the Kingdom, from MM’s “Francis & Political Illusion”

A human soul languishing in the desert for days without food or water, baking under a relentless sun with no shade in sight, walks until it crawls to the edge of its own death. Just as it is about to close its eyes for the very last time, it spots what appears to be two glasses on a flat rock. One is filled with clear sparkling liquid, and the other with something slightly murky. Its mind reaches for the clear glass, downs it instantly, and dies a slow agonizing death in the desert…having taken the poison without thinking to smell or taste the murky water first. Good Sunday Morning Dear Friend…

“Is the Pope Catholic?”

What a staggering question put forth…on the front cover of Newsweek!! Think of the enormous and entangling implications of such a bold question raised, concerning the very integrity of the Chair of Peter and the Vicar of Christ. Imagine the surgeon giving the nod to the anesthesiologist to begin open-heart surgery on your six-year-old son, when the head nurse holds her hand up to ask him if he is really a doctor!

Beware the fruit of error, and the nets of “false compassion” cast to catch the unawares crawling from the desert…desperate and thirsty. “Political Illusion”…like a mirage. The title “Francis & Political Collusion” could work just as well, could it not? The errors of both Church and State are moving in perfect unison to the detriment of mankind! The nets have been cast…THINK!

Even the question is an orchestrated distraction. The Newsweek cover should have our faces with the question, “Are YOU Catholic?” Extrapolate further…Are YOU a Man? Are YOU AWAKE? These are the more important questions, are they not? Because if you can answer yes to all three, then you are able to see the fruits of error everywhere you turn.

Look to the Ivy that has become the Poison Ivy of New Haven to see the “Fruit of Corruption” as it gnashes the minds of your children. Like Sam from yesterday’s blog, who’s been riding with Obama in the desert on the ISLAMIC horse with no name: state-perpetuated violence”! Or we can turn to Washington for a dose of the same political doublespeak from Obama’s mouthpiece, John Kirby: State Department Press Secretary John Kirby offered a contradictory assessment of U.S. progress against radical Islam on Friday, calling the ideology a “loser” that was nonetheless “metastasizing” across the world.

Only the mindless sheep…or mindful cowards, would follow such bunk and utter nonsense! We are living through times so perilous, you would have to envision St. Patrick calling upon the residents of Ireland to open their hearts and homes to the snakes…instead of driving them OUT! Sort of reminds me of the joke…

Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear remember to put the seat down? 😉

Hold fast to your bible and liturgical doctrine as they were a raft in a great flood, because they are Dear Friend! Leave the political charlatans and false prophets to their looms…and hold on tight!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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7 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ September 13, 2015

  1. John Mark says:

    I’m going to send you a homily later that my pastor gave today at the 10 a clock mass. He addresses both abortion crimes of Planned Parenthood and Islam under the title of his homily of the “Emperor has no clothes”. Please feel free to distribute his homily to anyone who asks or post it.

  2. Mike says:

    Yes the Pope is Catholic. We are taught he is infallible in his thought process. But like all humans, we make judgements based on the things we saw and felt throughout our life. His mind set is based on his life in South America. He sees poor people, difficult living conditions followed by a jealousy of those who have more. His life of peace and love has changed to socialism. Now, this is not to say he does not believe in peace , love and the word of Christ. He does. However socialists use this, if everyone would just do what is civilized and right all will be OK. Fine thoughts and words, but not real. There are always those who do not care about anything but their issues or warped sense of reality. Evil knows no bounds. Socialism uses these same impractical ideas and words to sell their agenda. Look, everyone wants peace, right? Well except for those who do not! We as Americans of faith wish all was good or could be made good if everyone just did right. That ain’t how it is. Not now, not ever. Yes God can do anything to change this. But with free will He will not interfere just because we want it. Prayer helps, but evil still exists doesn’t it? Look, the Pope is wrong on many issues, especially global warming, immigration and the Iran nuke deal. As a man of peace I understand his thinking. But as a man from improvised nations his thinking is not good for any of us here in America. I wish this was not the case. Sorry Holy Father, I, like you, are just human men. I pray God will help us all, before it’s to late.

    • Chip Murray says:

      You’ve found a more charitable place in your heart than I can manage Mike. He is sewing seeds of chaos and leading the flock astray. No one appears more pleased than the enemies of the Church.

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  4. Sam says:

    Love that you’re citing sources that refer to institutions of higher education as whores (that’s not a typo to anyone reading this)

    It’s late here so I’ll only address 2 points today–

    1. That state-perpetuated violence is as nameless as the namelessness of the perpetuator of the Holocaust. Feel free to say that the Holocaust was spearheaded by complicated religious belief (it was, if one applies your all too simple formula). But I don’t think you will because that’s not an unrelatable enough concept. You may also refer to him as Adolf Hitler, as I name the head of the Syrian state-perpetuated violence to be Bashar Al-Assad (Woah that was really easy, almost like it’s a known fact which has been proven across the board). Or I guess you could sit him down for an interview to chat

    2. It really is a shame that you’ve abandoned your respectable post in your fight for the right of others to learn about that which is foreign to them

    Or does that only apply when it’s a Catholic doing the teaching?

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