These Are NOT Your Grandfather’s “Refugees”!

"Look at the crowds — all strong, able-bodied men. Few women. No elderly. An army."

“Look at the crowds — all strong, able-bodied men. Few women. No elderly. An army.”

“According to the U.N. refugee agency, 53% of the migrants are from Syria, 14% from Afghanistan, 7% from Eritrea, and 3% each from Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq and Somalia. Seventy-two percent are men, only 13% women and 15% children. Not all are fleeing war. Some are fleeing poverty. Not all but the majority are Muslim. ~ Peggy Noonan, “The Migrants and the Elites”

Like many of us, I watched and remembered yesterday as our nation, once again, paid its respects to the heroes, the victims and their families for the fourteenth time on 9/11. Watching the replay of the day America was caught with her pants down, as the very borders of western civilization are dissolving before our eyes, reminds me of a saying from the days of common sense; “You don’t need to hit me with a ton of bricks!” Well, I don’t know the tonnage of what fell on us that day, but I’m judging by the evidence around me…it wasn’t enough! 😦

My favorite Democrat, before suggesting we volunteer to take in a Syrian refugee family, tried to compare the Arab refugees over-running Europe today, with the Jewish refugees fleeing Europe in the late 1930s!! My tongue looks more like a hamburger pattie from having to bite it so often!!

Spend some time in the Muslim sections of Dearborn, Michigan and the Sharia “No-Go-Zones” in Brussels, Belgium, and THEN and ONLY then will I even listen to what you have to say about the “Refugee” Crisis rocking Europe on its way to America. Come to think of it, I will also require you to have acquainted yourself with the progress ISIS has made, and is making, recruiting new members from all corners of the very Western Civilization the “mostly male Muslim” refugees are now invading! Which begs the question of the day…Are they refugees or invaders?

As I recall from my studies; the Jews, the Italians, the Poles and the rest of those fleeing Europe in the 1930s didn’t come to America to set up Jewish, Italian or Polish “No Go Zones”! They fled the land of the Tyrant to ASSIMILATE and immigrate to the land of the FREE! AND, they did it LEGALLY! They were “refugees”! The demographics provided by the UN at the top of this post, and the overwhelming evidence at hand suggest nothing of the sort! These are Invaders!

They have no intent to assimilate in Brussels or Dearborn. In fact, it is the other way around. We are to bow to their Sharia and learn their “Shahada”! In Tennessee for God’s sake!!! The invader’s greatest weapon is our own abandonment of critical thinking! He barely has to lift a finger! We have marinated in our own multi-cultural PC suicide sauce long enough, don’t you think…or don’t you think?

Compassion is a wonderful virtue, but it has been disastrously oversold as a mindless substitute for TRUTH! They lie to us… A LOT! Study the UN-supplied demographics again. Mostly military-aged Muslim males! Watch ~ Google “Rape Gangs”! Listen ~ “Rape of women in conquered lands is a “reward” for fighting for the islamic political system.” Learn ~ The true cost of false compassion! (GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING) More on the Pope tomorrow!

Finally, we need to ask ourselves, “is there a family anywhere in this world more important to me than my own?” How do we protect them by being intentionally stupid? Do your homework. Prepare for the consequences of all the lies, and ACT locally to educate and strengthen your own local communities. Find and join a chapter near you TODAY! 🙂

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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9 Responses to These Are NOT Your Grandfather’s “Refugees”!

  1. Sam says:

    I very rarely read this– and now I remember why– but this is the first thought that I had after I holding back the all-too-physical urge to actually vomit all over myself:

    So please allow me to waste my perfectly lovely day by deconstructing only a few of the many disgusting points that my eyes had the misfortune of reading this afternoon.

    “Not all, but the majority are Muslim”– well that’s what tends to happen when some of the most atrocious acts of state-perpetuated violence to have ever taken place causing mass refugee fleeing occurs in a country THAT IS 90% MUSLIM TO BEGIN WITH. “After the fire alarm had gone off in the AXA Advisor office suite, astute bystanders noticed that of all those leaving the building, ‘not all, but the majority were financial advisors’, save for a few security officers and maintenance personnel. This can be clearly seen as nothing other than a deliberate large scale takeover of the financial independence of all wholesome families living in the Greater Fort Lee area.” Does that sound like a joke? Because I’m not laughing. Is this supposed to be some eye-opening trend? A shock that when half of Syria’s 15 million pre-war population (of which 14 million were Muslim) are uprooted and flee, one can make the careful observation that many happen to be of the Islamic faith?

    “All strong, able-bodied men. Few women. No elderly.” The picture you happened to *presumably randomly* include is from a port in Greece over 1,600 km from Syria. How many able-bodied men do you personally know that could make a trip of over 1000 miles with the clothes on their back and a single spark of hope calling to them saying that someday, they might be able to live without fear of massacre in their home? Women? Elderly?

    Phew, got through the first couple lines.

    And The Land of the Free welcomed these legal-visa-obtaining-patiently-waiting-while-their-families-and-friends-were-systematically-massacred Jewish refugees, knowing what atrocities had happened to their homes?

    Strict, limiting immigration laws from the 1920s remained unchanged in the wake of the realization of what was happening to Jews in Europe. In 1940 consuls were instructed to DELAY VISA APPROVALS to further restrict immigration. Despite the anti-semitism waiting for them in America, about 200,000 were able to safely arrive in America by the end of the war. By 1944 when the War Refugee Board was established by Roosevelt (**under pressure to do so**), FOUR FIFTHS of the Jews who would die in the Holocaust already had. Directly after the war 1946-1948 Truman’s executive order allowed in 16,000 Jewish refugees. Remind me again how many fell victim to the Holocaust? The Displaced Persons Act of 1948 granted 400,000 visas, with only 20% of them getting in the hands of Jews.

    Yeah, still don’t really see that Land of the Free you were talking about.

    PS If your recollection from your studies tells you that Jews came to peacefully assimilate in the 1930s, care to explain the anti-semitic attitudes of such huge powers in America as Henry Ford? (see “The International Jew”). Or those which dominated the American populace?? In a 1938 survey of Americans, approximately 60% held a low opinion of Jews, labeling them “greedy”, “dishonest”, and “pushy” (Frederic Cople Jaher, The Jews and the Nation). I thought the Jews came to *assimilate*???? Did 1930s America just miss that memo?

    • Chip Murray says:

      Oh! So it is “state perpetuated violence” behind all of this! This ought to be easy then…Did anyone catch a glimpse of any of those “states” committing these “atrocious acts”? If we could just get a description, we could have them rounded up and dealt with in no time! Unless of course they happen to be “states of mind”…slippery buggers they are!

      • Sam says:

        Is this a joke…

        Please tell me that either you’ve been living under a boulder for the last couple YEARS, and not that the name Bashar Al-Assad doesn’t mean anything to you…

        Catch a glimpse? If you’ve heard the word Syria coming out of anyone’s mouth on any given news program, yes even Fox News, then you would’ve caught slightly more than a glimpse, but rather thousands of dead men, women, and children that extend unfathomably across the streets of Syria. That is if you’re fortunate enough to have not seen actual video of victims (toddlers) of Sarin gas screaming for their goddamn lives to just end.

        And true, if only there was a way to “round up and deal with” genocidal ‘states of mind’ which we all know are only perpetuated in name and in ideal and not through actual people with power and armies and, what was that thing that was deployed by a state of mind? Oh yeah, SARIN GAS.

        Along the same vein, please see

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  4. Chip Murray says:

    Assad is a monster. See…we have “common ground”! You need to expand your news sources and stop swallowing everything your America-hating professors feed you. Here’s a great source of well-researched “facts” to balance your diet.

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