A Time to Disobey Unjust Laws & “Absolute Despotism”!

I cannot be led where I will not go!

I cannot be led where I will not go!

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” ~ Martin Luther King

Barack Obama may have promised “Hope & Change”, but he delivered “Absolute Despotism”! Everywhere one looks, in every direction, are signs of a government untethered to the covenant of its own empowerment! What obligation do we have to any government that makes persistent mockery of due process, replacing rule of law with rule by decree? None! If King were alive today, he would have extended his appeal to read, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws and immoral government! If I am wrong, then someone please answer me how in heavens name there is democracy with NO DEMOCRATIC DEBATE???

The greatest indicator of the truth I am speaking to can be found in the hearts and minds of our own military and domestic law enforcement communities. I heard it directly from the parents of a son and daughter-in-law both serving in the Marines just last week, torn by love of country and a deepening distrust and growing resentment for their own “chain of command”! They were nearly in tears describing, what seemed to me, the death of honor.

Before that I read of the Pentagon Brass refusal to arm our men and women at recruiting stations in the wake of the Chattanooga massacre, and then this sergeant’s compelling letter, “Calling it Quits”. They are losing heart in rapidly growing numbers each and every day. And a military without heart is a military without strength of conviction…an army without fight! The quality of whatever will be left in the ranks under those terms, probably had no heart to begin with…definitely no appreciation or understanding of “Constitutional Authority”, and more than likely will follow any and all orders given.

And then we have a “Fatwa-like” environment intentionally created by the same corrupt powers in our government that have cost 25 police officers their lives so far this year! Small business owners don’t naturally turn their backs the very people who protect them without being “Inspired” to do so! And those with heart in the chain of command who dare to speak up, pay the price for doing so!

Love him or hate him, there is only one man I see in the field of contenders with the strength and courage to stand up to the despot. I’m not yet convinced on the essence of his integrity, but his letter to Zuckers was an absolute stroke of genius, and a sign of great leadership!

“I believe that all profits from this broadcast should go to various VETERANS groups, a list of which I will send you in the near future. The veterans of our country, our finest people, have been treated horribly by our government and it’s ‘all talk and no action’ politicians.”

These are extremely dire times for the America we love. Whether Trump is real or not, we have our own moral responsibilities to safeguard and protect. We need to protect and serve those who protect and serve us. Any people unwilling to do so, are unworthy of the freedom they cherish.

Note ~ My access to internet and modern conveniences may be sparse over the next couple of weeks, so please be patient if I miss a beat or two.

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2 Responses to A Time to Disobey Unjust Laws & “Absolute Despotism”!

  1. Mike says:

    Your words speak the truth. Today in the news a young Arab boy of 13 was arrested in error because he made a clock that appeared to be a bomb. He was handcuffed and then released after the truth was figured out. The President was quick to respond to this mistake. The media said it was racial profiling. Well yes it was. We are looking out for those who wish to do us harm. I am sorry that Arabs of Muslim faith murdered almost 3000 Americans on 9/11 and etc. So, if anything they were playing it safe. What if he had a bomb and it killed innocent people. What would be said then. Things like, why weren’t they protecting the people better? How could this happen? What’s wrong with their security, and those dumb teachers. Yes, that’s what you’d hear. Would Obama say anything then if this Arab boy did commit a murder? I truly doubt it. Police officers have been being killed at an alarming rate lately. I have heard zip from the President. Here nobody died, Thank God. He is angry and so are his Muslim family. To bad they don’t get it. He is a smart student. Good for him. I thought their religion was one of peace and understanding. I guess it’s only with other Muslims. Sad times brought on by socialists and liberal fools who think kind words and giving into murderers will make them behave like humans. We must be vigilant. When you take things for granted, you risk much. This was a risk verses reward situation. In the end he was not hurt and neither was anybody else. Sorry for the mistake, WE are only human…

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