The Sunday Tune-up ~ True Confessions of a Proud “Extremist”

My Favorite "Extremist"

My Favorite “Extremist”

If you are a quiet and passive sort of citizen with no political deviations and no thoughts outside of what is considered “mainstream,” then you are probably considered a non-threat to the establishment. If, however, you promote an ideal that is opposed to the establishment agenda and display a potential to actually ACT to fight for that ideal, then you will eventually be labeled an extremist. ~ Brandon Smith,  The Truth Behind the Surge in Conservative “Extremism”

Yes, here we are folks. If you are a man (or woman) who likes to open your community meetings with a prayer and the pledge of allegiance, then you are an “extremist” in Obama’s fundamentally transformed Amerika. If on the other hand you begin your day on a muslim prayer rug and end it as part of a cowardly mob formed to strip a 70-year-old Christian woman naked, beat her senseless, and then parade her through the streets in desperate fear for her life, then you will have earned your place at the front of the line to illegally enter Obama’s Amerika…where seldom is heard a critical word of the evil you worship known as islam…and take what isn’t yours…from a people too lost to defend it. Yes I am, thank God, a proud extremist!

It’s a slow and steady boil my friends. I watch you closely each and every day as the worry lines deepen and the stress cracks form from the never-ending need to turn madness into normal. I see your crazy smile as your civically illiterate children enshrine their own demise…Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, so why would we let them have ideas?…for all the world to see. Or much, much worse than that…I see you feed your own children to the beast while you are slow and steadily informed that the white American male with his pocket Constitution is the greatest threat we face, which you choose to accept because…it’s the safe and politically correct position. But I, thank God, am an extremist!

The elites continue to loot the world by disguising their thievery as “bailouts”… To call the looting of a country and its people a “bailout” is Orwellian.  The brainwashing is so successful that even the media and politicians of looted Greece call the financial imperialism that Greece is suffering a “bailout.” ~ Zero Hedge, The Looting Stage of Capitalism Begins…

And the greatest madness of all has taken the greatest seat of all… “Multiculturalism” in Europe is the mosque standing on the ruins of the church. It is not the synthesis requested by Pope Francis. It is the road to becoming extinct. ~ The Gatestone Institute, Has the Pope Abandoned Europe to Islam?

I used to think Dennis Prager was right when he said that the greatest threat to America was the number of Americans who don’t understand what it means to be an American. I no longer do. I now know that the greatest threat to Americans is the sickening number of us who believe our paychecks are more important than standing up to the lie(s). Well if Jesus wants me poor, then I intend not to disappoint him. But you go right on believing that your noble self is trudging off to work to put food on the table for the good of your family. ~ Tyler Durden, “First Photos of US Soldiers in Syria Released” As for me, I’ll just continue to stew in the savory juices of my own extremism thank you very much.

My friend Matt and I run the Orange County Chapter of an “extremist” organization known as Oath Keepers. The Southern Poverty Law Center has put us on their “Danger Will Robinson” list of extremists because of our commitment to the oath we swore to defend and protect our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic…with our own blood if necessary, as so many generations of brave souls have done before us. In fact, the Sorros-fed Marxists at the SPLC have put out an alert to all law enforcement agencies in the state of New York to beware the radical Oath Keepers…while the soldiers of allah training in jihadist camps across Amerika like the one in Hancock, NY fly safely beneath their radar…

So while most La La-Land Americans were getting ready for upcoming graduation parties, I was composing a get-off-your-ass letter to the faint-of-heart in our own ranks:

Tonight we have an important meeting. Some of you have rsvp’d. Many of you have not bothered to respond. I cannot say for sure, but I wonder how many of you are listening to the top-down voice that tells us that our silly obsession with a worn-out, useless and archaic oath to an even more useless document is more and more a fool’s errand. When I don’t see you showing up to support the courage of a man who is putting himself on the line to restore faith, honor and integrity to public office in NY 104, or coming out tonight in support of a woman who is doing the same to defeat one the most vile, arrogant and corrupt ruling class offenders of our time, or booking your seat at the table on June 11 to send those who mean to rule you the message they need to hear…I can only assume you are not only listening to the top-down lie, you’ve bought into it. And the message you are sending them by not showing up will make their lie your reality. That I can promise you. For those of you planning to attend, I’ve attached tonight’s agenda.

My letter hit the intended mark as evidenced by the responses I received, as well as a very solid turn-out for Wendy Long, the woman running to defeat Schumer in November. But I did get this one response which reveals something very troubling in us…

Chip,     You might want to check who you sent the invites out to. I have not recieved one from you since March. It also makes it hard to attend the mettings during the middle of the week. Alot of people work in the city and can not make a week day meeting including the large number NYPD and NYFD that live in Orange County and commute to the city everyday. Trying to get back from the city during the week is impossible for us unless we are off work that day which most are not during the week.                      Respectfully…John Smith 

My friend John, you see, is like most of us. He has yet to come to terms with his own extremism. He seems to have mistaken us as Kiwanians or Rotarians or some such group just looking to take up space on his calendar. He actually thinks that the six-alarm fires he gets paid to respond to are more dangerous than the monster inferno raging behind the façade of his own American dream. I know the Johns better than he thinks because I work with them every day. You can tell a lot about a person by the things they “avoid” and the lies they tell themselves in order to keep their heads down, safe within the numbers. And yet you can see it on the faces of the other parents at the graduation parties as they listen to the same old speeches about a place that simply no longer exists. It’s hopelessness. We are all pretending to be moved by the things we no longer believe in…and the eyes can’t really pull it off.

Yes, I am a proud extremist. Own it brothers and sisters. Don’t let them take it from you! Live and breathe your precious God-given extremism for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in your own skin…straight up and truthful in their face. Don’t let them set the tone, frame the narrative, and call the shots to rule your existence. NO PAYCHECK IS WORTH IT! It’s a longshot, as Wendy will be the first to tell you. But its right…as David himself knew, setting stone to sling in the shadow of the same giant so many, many years ago.


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2 Responses to The Sunday Tune-up ~ True Confessions of a Proud “Extremist”

  1. Chip Murray says:

    This is a post of the exchange that took place between my self and Bret Hamilton (aka John Smith). Bret’s response to my blog:

    I see that you posted to e-mail I sent you in the latest message today. There was no need to use a fake name as I will proudly tell everyone that I sent you this message. My name is Bret K. Hamilton not John Smith. As a member of the U.S. Air Force, Sumter County Sheriffs Office, Center hill Police Department and Sumter County Fire Fighter I have taken the oath and take it seriously and have for 26 years. Over the years I have taken this oath multiple times while I defended people I knew and many I did not know with everything I had including my life if it had come to that without reservation. As a college professor at a college in the city I reach out to Veterans of the armed services, police departments & fire departments that attend my classes and we discuss our oath and its meaning and what we must do to maintain our freedoms. What you do not take into account in your letter when you stated that we worry more about fighting the fires that deal with on a daily basis than we do our extremism. Your need to realize that we are on the front lines daily dealing with worst of society trying to contain the madness that has become our society. If we were to walk away from this job to embrace our extremism as you say we should who would be there to keep the madness in check. Without the true Oath keepers working in the system who would bee there when it goes astray to correct it. All you would have is people that there oath means nothing to them and will do the biding of there supervisor whether it within the constitutional powers or not. If as a group you do not want to make it easier for more people to join Oath keepers and grow the group with like minded members that are on the front lines of our struggle everyday then you consign yourselves to having no impact in our fight. When twenty people show up to fight for against something they believe in it will have little to no impact, but when 200 or even 2,000 show up the impact can be completely different. Implying that we do not embrace our extremism as you say is insulting to our oath that may of us take very seriously. Trying to shame us into showing up on the day that you choose that is almost impossible for the majority to make it too. Our main goal should be adding to our ranks by making it possible for more to attend and be active in the cause and still be active on the front lines not make people seem uncommitted to our cause because they can’t make week night meeting. By doing this you are limiting your effectiveness by limiting your numbers so that you can be brushed aside as the fringe and not a mainstream group that has a lot of members and support from its members. By alienating your potential members you are robing yourselves of influence in the bodies that you want to hear you. Without growth all things stagnate and die. Meeting in the basement of a restaurant at night during the middle of the week is not how you grow a group of like minded people. You have to be seem and heard. You have to bring it to the light of day.


    Bret K. Hamilton

    Oath Keeper (since 08/02/1990)

    USAF Veteran

    SCFD Fire Fighter (former)

    CHPD Police Officer (former)
    SCSO Corrections Officer (former)
    Bret K. Hamilton, not John Smith

  2. Chip Murray says:

    My response to Bret:

    Please know it was not my intention to question your honor, your integrity, or your service to our country and the community you serve. Please know that it was never my intention to shame anyone into anything. It was my intention to call attention to the big chill effect that groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center are having on the Liberty Movement.

    There is no group better poised to give our active and retired military, law enforcement and first responder communities a better mechanism for resisting the forces of tyranny than Oath Keepers. I am here at enormous expense, great risk, and personal sacrifice to build and strengthen our chapter here in Orange County. I would never dream of pulling good people like yourself off of the front lines, as you alluded to. I think the impetus of today’s blog was to call attention to a greater and more threatened front line…a front line that is literally buckling beneath our feet. When this line goes Bret, the fires and criminals won’t matter. They will only be an end to our misery.

    There are no better Americans, in my humble opinion, than our President John Wallace and Vice President Frank Morganthaler. When John told me last week that only 6 people in the entire state of New York took out business card ads to support our June 11 Awards Dinner, I snapped. I felt like someone gave me the binoculars for the guys in the crows nest of the Titanic. We’ve got people to wake up Bret…please help me. If it’s a matter of the meeting time, then we’ll reconsider the meeting time. If it’s a matter of our language, then we’ll reconsider our language. I would love to have your voice and influence be part of our surge Bret because our surge is inevitable. There is no way that the America I know and love will submit to Obamaville…

    God Bless,


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