The Sunday Tune-up ~ Entire Physical World a Symptom of the Supernatural War

"Angel in the Whirlwind"

“Angel in the Whirlwind”

Act bravely, my Brethren; take courage, and trust in the Lord. The time is fast approaching in which there will be great trials and afflictions; perplexities and dissensions, both spiritual and temporal, will abound; the charity of many will grow cold, and the malice of the wicked will increase…Some preachers will keep silence about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it. Sanctity of life will be held in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer.       ~ St. Francis of Assisi  

Our physical world is nothing more than the outward manifestation of the supernatural condition. Supernatural peace manifests outwardly as a time of grace and consecration as a result of man in relationship with God. Supernatural war manifests outwardly as a time of chaos and upheaval as the direct result and consequence of man in rebellion against God. I’ve provided a partial list at the end as empirical evidence of the latter…

Imagine playing checkers with someone playing chess. This is how I would best describe our sorry state of affairs at the present moment in time. The prophecy of St. Francis is playing out before our very eyes and we are playing the most diabolical chess master of all time using the physical checkers we’ve been conditioned to accept, instead of supernatural castles, bishops, rooks, and queens that we were born with. So while we delude ourselves into thinking we can win by jumping this man and that, or by making one more king, the Devil is one move away from checkmating the only king that’s ever mattered. That my friends, is exactly how Political Correctness works! Establish the false moral narrative of equality to restrict those you mean to control to the paradigm of a checker board, where all pieces are equal and movement is limited to one direction, while the great and powerful equality salesman Oz (you know who) is free to move left, right, vertically and horizontally. There is only one mind in the universe diabolical enough to pull that off…

In other words, we are suffering the most tragically fatal form of dementia there could possibly be. It’s one thing to suffer dementia within the peaceful confines of a nursing home. It’s quite another to find yourself mentally and physically naked on the most dangerous battlefield of all. That is exactly what Political Correctness has done to the checker pieces living on the chess board of the European Continent…who, it seems, have finally had their “Brexit” awakening. And it is exactly the same stupefied spell we Americans have been living under as well.

Please allow me to share three separate stories of three separate people in my circle, under the PC spell in just the past three weeks…

The Christian ~ A wonderful and real believing Christian in a real believing church with a passion to help the poor, retired from the NYPD.

Active Duty Law Enforcement Officer ~ A self-professed Conservative “rising star” in the ranks of the Orange County law enforcement community.

Gay Liberal Therapist ~ A truly good fun-loving professional woman with a very generous heart.

A pretty good cross-section of America in three lives, no? So let me share my experience with them in the context of my role as the co-leader of the Orange County Oath Keepers, and the Orlando nightclub massacre. Oath keepers as my regular readers are well aware, is a national organization of active and retired military, law enforcement, and first-responders dedicated to upholding the oath to the Constitution we’ve all taken. Having gained the support of all local stakeholder agencies to the “concept” of a public-private partnership teaming local government agencies with a community of already trained Oath Keepers through the OK CPT (Community Preparedness Team), we reached out to the Christian to be part of a committee tasked to develop the “concept” into an actionable win-win-win plan to fortify and strengthen the community we all love in the event of any and all natural or man-made disasters. He loved it…until he read the invitation to the NY Oath Keeper Awards Dinner where we honored Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke and NY Sheriff Mike Carpinelli for their devotion to the Constitution, and lampooned Mayor Bill de Blasio with the Karl Marx Award. His love was unable to clear the hurdle of Political Correctness. The truth of the NY Mayor’s ideology was completely irrelevant to his mind. PC literally made truth offensive to his mind. He would have no part!

One week later I rec’d a text from the active duty officer who had agreed to speak at one of our meetings…until he read an article published in Liberty News which covered the dinner and the awards. He too found the truth to be offensive. In our conversation I observed him staking out a safe and morally-equivalent middle ground between the Left and Right. But nothing disturbed me more than listening to a man who plays such a key role in the safety of all county residents deny the “objective reality” of the Orlando shooter’s ideology as a key factor in the latest in the very long and growing list of Jihadist attacks.

And finally, I was able to have a conversation with the Gay Liberal “offended and annoyed” by my open letter on the Orlando shooting. I asked how in the world a person trained as a therapist could reconcile the idea of political correctness as something good. How could anything that is not only a restriction and infringement on our cherished right of free speech, but also so clinically damaging and unhealthy from a therapeutic perspective as well, be something they could possibly support…knowing that most of the worst criminal psychopaths and serial killers in history are people who’ve experienced authoritative suppression in their lives. And what is political correctness if not classic authoritative suppression? In fact, their clinical training equips them with the knowledge that authoritative suppression can and will, over time, convert natural emotional energy into demonic emotional energy.

The only antidote, and acceptable response from all three infected souls as Jesus Christ is my witness, is truth to power! By submitting to the rules of political correctness, we are aiding and abetting the Devil himself. By choosing truth over the PC narrative, we by the grace of God are now forcing the Devil into the light on our terms. Checkmate! By redacting reference (insult) to Islam from the Orlando Jihadist 911 tapes, Loretta Lynch was forcing Americans into compliance with Sharia Law! Every good American, ESPECIALLY Democrats, needs to speak out. Apparently enough did…

In the case of the Christian, his pastoral shepherd will eventually lead him to see the truth in these things because he knows the true mediator and great uniter of us all. In fact, staying in relationship with all three as active witnesses to the truth is the only right path where all good people are concerned. I respectfully accepted the police officer’s position and told him I would always have his back. The conversation with the therapist was respectful and two-way. I told her my love for her required truthfulness. She told me that she chose not to live in my world. I asked if she understood how bad people would capitalize on that. She said yes. That is all…we hugged and parted. All we can do as friends and lovers is engage, plant our seeds, and pray. God will always take care of the rest. The evil of PC forces us to ignore, suppress and forget.

The Brexit was a Richter 10 “earthquake” in your physical world. Now brace yourself for the following Richter 10 in our supernatural world. The Destroyer

Truth to Power ~  The Truth About Islam

“An angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm.” ~ John Page in a letter to Thomas Jefferson

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