A Special Thanksgiving Tune-up ~ Our Modern Day Hirō Onoda

The Mayflower's Robert Cushman

The Mayflower’s Robert Cushman

Hirō Onoda was an Imperial Japanese Army intelligence officer who fought in World War II and was a Japanese holdout who did not surrender in 1945. After Onoda spent 29 years holding out in the Philippines, his former commander traveled from Japan to personally issue orders relieving him from duty in 1974.

I’m struggling with Thanksgiving this year. It’s not that I am not personally thankful. It’s more that my gratitude is having a hard time keeping up with the shame and sadness I am feeling for who we have become as people. Home of the free, land of the brave? Who are you people? I don’t remember Obama supporters getting the crap beat out of them after he was elected. I don’t recall rioting and looting, or assassination threats, or exam and class cancellations after he won his election 8 years ago. A business executive who supervises a very large field force told me the other day that more than one of his “adult” sales people actually asked him to provide a “Safe Space” for them because of the election results. There are no words…

Do you know why Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan said this the other day, “I’m pulling the fire alarm right now.”? Because he knows you’ve all lost your ever-loving minds. You’ve all sold your souls for the sake of a feel good fantasy that has just blown up in your faces…and rather than stop, assess the circumstances, recalibrate your bearings, do a gut check, admit mistakes and take ownership; you double down on the madness that cost you the biggest game of your entire lives! Have any of you stopped to count the governorships or seats in Congress you’ve lost over the course of the past 8 years? The word is decimation! How in the world are you any different from Onoda?

I got up yesterday morning to read this sweet and lovely piece (Debtors and Trespassers) by Professor Randall Smith about what Thanksgiving means to him. After winding and weaving my way through his personal history of debt, and why Catholics say trespass, how Thanksgiving needs to be about forgiveness and not just gratitude, all I could feel was a sense of sadness for all the young minds he has deprived of Thanksgiving’s Truth. Now take one moment to read Maureen Mullarkey’s Thanksgiving in the Month of the Holy Souls, and you’ll see exactly what I am talking about…and why I am fast losing faith in my own countrymen.

Oh, and it gets even better. No sooner had I linked to TCT Facebook at the bottom of Smith’s column to post my review, I come across this gem from a member of the legion of lost souls, posted that same morning, making my argument for me: America’s Catholics must take responsibility for the racism and hate they’ve enabled and normalized in supporting Donald Trump, who’s named a white nationalist and champion of the “alt-right,” Stephen Bannon, as his chief white house strategist. When will the repentance begin?” ~ Matthew Satori

A visit to young Matthew’s FB profile reveals him to be a pagan-worshiping SJW. His hero is dead-as-a-doornail-junkie-stone-temple-pilot-front-man, Scott Weiland. The Matthews among us are many…thanks to the Professors for the State! They’ll worship anything that appears to free them from obedience to anything…

Once a nation ceases to believe it begins to obey… As William Penn warned: “Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants.” The choice before the world is this: Truth or Power, that is, either live by God’s Truth or exist under State Power. We are coming into the days of Omnipotence where we will live under the Omnipotence of God or squirm under the Omnipotence of Power. ~ Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (TCT ~ How To Make America Great Again)

So here’s my Thanksgiving recipe to help nourish the floundering American Soul. Many of us will be blessed with the good Professor’s “Snowflakes” seated round our table on this Thanksgiving Day. In fact…this winter many more of us will find for the first time, “Snowflakes” inside our homes as well as on our driveways…and, they’ll be here to stay! So consider offering them this holiday deal, good parents. They can enroll in online courses from Hillsdale College to keep them busy through the spring, at which time they will explain the concept of American Exceptionalism to your satisfaction; OR, they can pay you full rent! Maybe by next Thanksgiving we’ll all believe again…

But now we are in all places strangers and pilgrims, travelers and sojourners, most properly, having no dwelling but in this earthen tabernacle; our dwelling is but a wandering, and our abiding but as a fleeting, and in a word our home is nowhere, but in the heavens. ~ Robert Cushman of the Mayflower Expedition

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3 Responses to A Special Thanksgiving Tune-up ~ Our Modern Day Hirō Onoda

  1. D. says:

    “Blessed are those who are persecuted because or righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:10. We are called to be different than all those around us. That will bring hate. We are called to holiness. Those who are perishing think we are foolish, same thing that they thought of Noah. We are the odd people building the ark. Let God be our comfort.

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