The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ What it Means to Be a Man

The Graduating Class of the William Ayers School of Mayhem

The Graduating Class of the William Ayers School of Mayhem

While it may be tempting to saddle your parents or the politicians – not to mention your wife or husband – with whatever guilt you’ve got, the impulse is not a healthy one. And it will not ultimately satisfy. It needs to be resisted, because the buck always stops with the self. How right Chesterton was on the point. “What’s wrong with the world?” asked the editors of the newspaper he regularly read. He (G.K. Chesterton) replied: “I am.” ~ Regis Martin, O Blessed Box!

Underneath and behind most of the problems the world has ever known, are the same two brawlers only history seems to recognize. The rest of us fall for their many disguises time and time again. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather identify the right today than end up on the wrong side of history tomorrow…after all is said and done. Perhaps knowing the fighter’s names, knowing who they are, what they believe and what they stand for, will help us to choose our place while we still can. They go by the names Populists (us) and Globalists (them). So who is right and who is wrong is often the question best answered by the character in question. The torch of American Power was just passed by Mr. I, Me, Mine to Mr. You, Us, We…and the entire I, Me, Mine World from Cher to Francis is apoplectic over it. I believe the only first person singular pronoun in Trump’s entire inaugural speech was “The oath of office I take today…”, while the graduating class of the William Ayers School of Mayhem (pictured above) don’t seem all that interested in the Chesterton Theory of Accountability. So on the one hand, we have a Populist President who wants to return the power to us. And on the other, we have a Globalist named Lagarde (International Monetary Fund) who wants to buy it (us) back (out).

Before you decide, here is my personal account of exactly what personal accountability looks like, followed by the “complete report” from a man I would trust 100% with my life…as we did:

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life. I spent it with a group of men, young and old (myself in the latter), who define what it means to be a man. We five NY and NJ Oath Keepers were part of a nationwide team of Oath Keepers mobilized by OK Founder Stewart Rhodes earlier in the week, after threats to disrupt the Inauguration and overthrow Trump grew to the level of “Serious”.

Our mission was to back up and support local military and police efforts in providing event security and civilian protection. Our “Intel” team had done a superb job infiltrating the four protest groups (ANTIFA being the most violent) so we knew exactly who we were dealing with, their tactics…hell, everything but their names and addresses before the event. And then, helped us to track them on the day of the event. We got down there late Thursday evening, hooked up with Stewart early Friday morning and were on the Mall by around 8:15 that morning. The first thing Stewart did was divide the six of us into 2-man “buddy teams”. I am honored to report that Stewart chose me…which is the first and only time I ever recall questioning (to myself) our Leader’s judgment!

During the course of the day, we connected with three more Oath Keepers from Georgia and Pennsylvania. The two from PA made us an 8-man team for the remainder of the day. Our #1 objective was to keep people safe. Unfortunately, we weren’t there when a Trump supporter wearing his red Trump hat at the Deplora-Ball the night before was attacked and beaten with a flag pole and hospitalized after leaving the event early…by himself. The only injury I’m aware of sustained on Friday (while we were there), was when the head of our “Intel” team (I’ll refer to here as NJ) got knocked to the ground by a stun grenade and lost his “favorite” OK hat. Unfortunately, as many of you have read, the rioting took a nasty turn early evening yesterday, resulting in police and civilian injuries as well as significant property damage. The only consolation I can offer is, that effective noon yesterday, we all have a new Sheriff in town!

We wrapped up close to 5pm and were treated to “Shelly Reubens” and cold beer by NJ before leaving DC (We shared a drink or two with Orange County resident Jason Wendell at the bar). I want to personally thank NY Communications Officer Pete Norris for keeping us all “connected” on the ground, Matt McDonnell, Co-Leader of our Chapter (and driver), Bret Hamilton from the Orange County Chapter, and Jim Breheny from the North Jersey Chapter for stepping up to “answer the call.” It was an incredible honor and privilege to spend such a historical day with you all. Thanks to NJ, and especially thanks to our founder and leader Stewart for bringing us all together. I actually believe America WILL be great again! God Bless America! “Complete Report”

You decide…the unaccountable cowards behind the mask, or the Navy Jacks among us?

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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