The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Projecting the Positive

America's "Raging Fever"

America’s “Raging Fever”

“Each of us has a particular possession of light that no one else can have.”    ~ Oswald Chambers, Enthusiastic and Capable

The best way I can think of to describe American society at the present moment is to compare us to a very sick person with a raging fever. We are gripped in a sweat-soaked delirium as directly attributable to an outside contagion as malaria is borne by the Anopheles mosquito. I got this note from a fellow Oath Keeper named Randy the other day, Hoping to get active again soon, Still messing around with my divorce and my dad’s health.” And I wondered to myself how many of us are estranged from one another and battling health issues because of the incredible social tension that literally has one half of the country hating the other half…for reasons that do not exist…reasons that have been crafted as a narrative construct by those who seek to destroy the greatest system of government ever devised…a system where individual liberty, dignity and justice for all has existed as the envy of the world for over two hundred years. “A republic madam, if you can keep it.”, Franklin replied to the woman on the street who asked what they had come up with on that historic occasion in Philadelphia. I thank God they are not alive to see the mindlessness that has taken over that very same street today.

Speaking of the mindless, I read the saddest and most pathetic column in the local rag on the same day I read OK Randy’s note. I seriously doubt that the worst case of malaria or even dengue fever could do to the mind what “Progressive” education has done to the 32-year-old mind of Timothy Malcolm in his “Together We Can Demand Equality For All”, in which he writes “We smiled as we danced and sang. We sang for equal rights, sang for female identity, sang for climate change and gay rights, for our sisters and mothers and daughters, and everyone else feeling the pangs of injustice from a world suddenly foreign and unbelievable.”, while attacking the man who had just affirmed the will of the people by defeating the very corporatist-establishment beast these mindless robots are raging against in the first place! And then, as if to prove his own insanity, he commits a “hate crime” against himself by attacking his own whiteness!! “Look, I can never understand it. I’m 32, a middle-class white man. I’ve never endured hardship because of my identity. I’ve been privileged my entire life.” The only thing sadder to me, is the poor child who will rely on young Timothy Malcolm to show her the way…

I volunteer at a place called the Center for Hope in Newburgh NY. I spend a few hours every month with inner-city kids who don’t give a damn about the false flags of “equal rights”, “female identity”, “climate change”, “gay rights”, or the “pangs of injustice” suffered by some idiot stewing in his own pathetic brew of white guilt! Each one of these kids could write their own book on suffering. They just want someone to love them, hug them, and let them know their young lives matter. We sat in a “Circle of Power” last week and discussed their dreams, their fears, greatest accomplishments, deepest regrets, and…their special purpose…their own “particular possession of light”. I have come to love these kids as if they were my own…while Timothy’s ORCS are out destroying private property and creating chaos to demand the satisfaction of their own infant fantasies. Think about it…I am the white fascist fixing, teaching, healing and loving…while they are out hating, destroying and “projecting” their anger and resentment on to people like me.

I wanted to say to Randy, put your divorce on hold brother. Wait for this fever to break as all fevers eventually do. This is our calling, here and now, to respond to the unjust “projections” by living our own positive projections and providing the love where it is needed the most in our daily lives. Using the same deflection technique made famous by Aikido expert Steven Seagal, deflect their negative into your own positive with the heart of “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do” because many of them if not most, do not. And when we are forced to fight to defend ourselves and our families as I believe will happen, we are fighting the evil that has turned man to mindless orc.

Finally, having observed the propagandists poisoning our local papers and libraries over the course of the past 18 months or so, I realize it is time for us to put together some workshops of our own. Oath Keepers has just posted the first in a five-part series explaining what is behind the civil unrest that is about to explode into civil war. Please feel free to contact me for information on how we can help bring this program to your local community, where all the stakeholders can come together in an open and frank discussion on how we can break this fever and get on with living, helping, and loving one another…regardless of the color of our skin, and because of the content of our character as Americans.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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