The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Laugh or Cry, NOW’s the Time to Question WHY?

"I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore Toto."

“I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.”

Two of my favorite Progressives are Jerry Seinfeld and Geraldo Rivera. One makes me laugh, while the other makes me cry. They both make me scratch my head and wonder why. One is forced to flee his home in New Jersey because of “taxes”, while the other is forced to flee college campuses because of “political correctness”, and yet both continue to feed the hand that bites them! WHY? The only bigger head-scratcher than that is the WHY American Feminism has dumped the white heterosexual male to hop in bed with Islamism…there couldn’t possibly be more diametric opposites in any universe of galaxies. But then, we are talking the galaxy of Liberalism…far, far away. And there are people we love there, so visit we must.

Our first stop is a place called the Law of Love, #1 for a reason: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.” It sounds easy enough right? I mean He did create everything, and me along with it. Loving Him in return only seems fair, no? Except, we come to find, there’s this other side of the fence you see; One that has all these bright and fancy neon signs a flashin’ and a flickerin’ to beat the band, like cool heat dontcha know…real hard to look away. They call this side the Fact of Sin. Deacon Toner writes about the tension between the two sides in, “It’s God or the Gulag”. I recommend it…highly.

Next, it’s on to the Ground Zero-Fault Line-Epicenter of our Coming Civil War. Ten years ago, my best friend/soul mate and I held hands in the world we shared together. Today we are separated by another fence. This fence, ironically enough, was designed, built and installed by our nation’s first black president and first black attorney general. David Warren tackles this subject brilliantly in “On Race & Identity Politics”. I encourage you to give this a read as well.

We arrive at our third and final stop by closing our eyes, clicking our red ruby slippers together three times, and softly repeating to ourselves, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. So one fine day at home in our Brave New World, we pick up our local paper. Mine happens to be the Warwick Advertiser. We open the February 3-9 edition to page 2. The headline “What Next?” followed by the sub-text “Local group hopes to galvanize the public for positive political, social and environmental action in Warwick and the region” catches my eye. A red flag pops up. I see the words “Sustainable Warwick”, “Community 2000” and “Democratic Committee” as the red flags turn to 5-alarm fire sirens. The group led by a Roger Moss hosted this What Next “discussion” which, as it turns out, is presented by CAN (Community Action Network). So I looked into them… YIKES! And then I paid a visit to Roger’s Facebook page……where I read “Should Warwick Become A Sanctuary Town?”…and I realize, these people don’t want to galvanize anything. They are the mindless foot soldiers for those who seek to turn our home into the very “Gulag” Deacon Toner warns us about. Roger Moss writes, “Because of this effort, we are now even better prepared to move forward with preserving our community’s values and keeping vigilant to guard against violence, intolerance and environmental problems.” I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.

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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Laugh or Cry, NOW’s the Time to Question WHY?

  1. American Patriot says:

    The values that each American lives by have been ingrained inside us by our family, political leanings, decisions of our leaders and our religious convictions. Being born into a military family that always believed in “America first”, it was only natural to follow the same path. Even before joining the Army in 1977, I was taught these three simple words from the time I could walk and understand-“GOD, FAMILY AND COUNTRY”. Even before America was a country, this was her cry! Now, the left is trying to completely destroy this American Foundation with its collective thinking. America has ALWAYS been about the rights of the individual, NOT the wants of the many, or to put it another way, America has always been a land of the dreamer! Where if you could think it, work hard and stay focused, you could become anything you wanted! Now, with the invasion of Islam terrorists, Sharia Law, Socialist politicians, and a population of lazy beggars that only see America as a country of, “What can the government give me today?”, we have a land of lazy, government dependent slobs who think all Americans “owe” them because that is the way it is supposed to be.
    There is still a segment of the population that sees America as the “land of opportunity” and salute the flag, go to church to worship the GOD that has blessed this country. The people who still see the military as an honorable pursuit to “serve” or, give back to America! Those American’s who still stand for the national anthem, who still salute our soldier’s coffins as they take their last ride of honor , those people who still go and worship on Sunday and pray for our country, soldier’s and our freedom. Their are still those American’s that stand in defiance of unlawful government intrusion into our lives, those who are still willing to die for our FREEDOM and LIBERTY to help other American’s like Lavoy Finnicum who gave his life for other American’s rights in Harney County, Oregon. Murdered at the hands of a corrupt and illegal Bureau of Land Management Agency who are no different that the Gestapo of Hitler’s Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. This is what America has become today! The bastard child of the socialist American Democratic Party.
    America today is on the verge of another “Civil War” where once again, American’s will kill American’s. Where brother’s will kill brother’s. Where family’s will be divided forever because of Politician’s. The American Patriot’s that live today will NOT stand by and let this happen again! We will once again raise up our arm’s and defend this country if it is needed. We will once again fight and give our lives for the Freedoms and Liberty we hold so dear. We will once again root out the cancerous infections that are killing this country-hate, lethargy, murderous religious ideologues, political leaders out for only their own self-gratifications, a public lost to its own self-worth, and finally, to a faction of unGODly, unPATRIOTIC, Nazi billionaires who are trying to build their own version of a new”Reich” at the expense of our America! This is the America we live in today! We say, “NOT ON OUR WATCH”

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