The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our Intellectual Freedom

Patriotism Offensive at Ramapo College in NJ

Casuistry ~ the use of clever but unsound reasoning, especially in relation to moral questions; sophistry.

I was at a planning session with some wonderfully gifted and talented musicians recently working out the details of our tribute to Suzy Arnowitz who passed away in September. One of the things that came up was a mutual lament we all shared over the lack of original musical artistry we had all been blessed to grow up with. I can count the exceptions on half a hand. The English band Mumford & Sons is one of those exceptions. Did you know they will not perform in Sweden? Do you know why one of the world’s most beloved bands refuse to play Sweden? Rape…yes, that’s right. In fact, President Trump addressed the Swedish problem several weeks ago, and was savaged by our main-stream-media for it. Why? Because he spoke the truth about the Rapist.

Yesterday was a day of prayer and fasting for me. God blessed me with a song I composed for Suzy’s tribute show in June, and a new word. I learned the word casuistry as it relates to the devilry and mischief emanating from Bergoglio and his henchman Cardinal Coccopalmerio, in Father Gerald Murray’s article at TCT. Bergoglio’s Coccopalmerio Casuistry…sounds like an Italian Opera, right? Italian bread crumbs leading us to the gates of hell is far closer to the truth.

And yet another Murray makes his way onto the Tune-up stage today. You may or may not have heard about the Obama/Soros Brown Shirt attack on Libertarian Author Charles Murray (My Great Grandfather was Charles Murray) and his colleague Professor Sanger whilst attempting to bring thoughtful debate to the campus of Middlebury College a few weeks back. He chronicled the entire experience here; A campus where a majority of students are fearful to speak openly because they know a minority will jump on them is no longer an intellectually free campus in any meaningful sense.” Hence, our SMTU theme for today.

Closer to home for me, another institution of “higher learning” (laugh) made news when it shut down a patriotically-themed barbecue hosted by campus Conservatives for being (wait for it) too “offensive”. Speaking of offensive, 10 out of the 14 welfare cheats busted in Baltimore recently turned out to be Muslim. So here’s what I find offensive ~ In the same world where not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim…where not all Muslims are rapists, but the majority of rapists are Muslim…where not all Muslims are welfare cheats, but two thirds of the welfare cheats are Muslim, we’re told that loving our country and our flag is offensive!

All this leaves me wondering…if the Marcus Mumford who won’t play Sweden because of Rape, will decline Albert Hall…and eventually Carnegie Hall because of “Honor-Killings”?

The spiritual fathers of our birthing were the most educated men in our society. They understood that our intellectual freedom was more than essential to a healthy and vibrant society…it was well worth fighting and dying for. Sadly, as Charles Murray warns us, the same institutions that fostered and nurtured our intellectual development have become hotbeds of fascism…

As someone who spent almost two decades at Harvard, first as a student and then as a member of the faculty and officer of the university, I am ashamed at how far an institution that proclaims “Truth” (“Veritas” in Latin) as its motto has fallen away from that mission. ~ Thomas Lifson, Harvard Going Orwell

Sorry for this epic Mumford-Murray ramble, but it is ALL baked into what I like to call, the very same Globalist Pie of Lies. Another Libertarian I happen to respect (I’m sure there’s a Murray somewhere in his lineage) sums it up quite well…

I am convinced that the US, and probably the entire Western world, that is, the American Empire, has entered an era in which respect for truth does not exist in public and private institutions…What is scary about the US and Europe is not merely the gullibility and insouciance of such a large percentage of the populations. What is very frightening is the willingness of the media, government officials, military, and members of professional organizations to lie for the sake of their careers. Try to find any shame among the liars that their lies expose humanity to thermo-nuclear annihilation. It is not to be found. They don’t care. Just let me have the Mercedes and the McMansion for another year. ~ Paul Craig Roberts

As for me, I’d rather be all alone with one good “Lullabye”, than together with all the world living a lie.

Insouciance? Hmmm…

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our Intellectual Freedom

  1. Chip Murray says:

    WOW!! “This is one of the reasons why I believe the West hate the Russians so much. They cannot tolerate the thought of having a resurgent and powerful Christian Russia who openly rejects their Cultural Marxism. And accordingly they demonized it in much of our media and political circles.” ~ Iben Thranholm

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