The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Our Prayers…”

“Fighting like hell to save the Garden.”

“And let Jerusalem,” the God-lit city, “come to your mind.” Ask yourself, What do I let come into my mind? If a man lets his garden alone, it pretty soon ceases to be a garden; and if a saint lets his mind alone, it will soon become a garbage patch for Satan’s scarecrows.” ~ Oswald Chambers, The Garden of the Mind

The only thing I find more offensively disturbing than the Liberal Silence that follows every Muslim Act of Savagery, are the hollowest words from the hollowest people of all, “Our prayers are with (fill in the blank)”, read on cue by Politician (fill in the blank). Read on cue, time and time again by the Godless (and in most cases childless) politicians who’ve “sold us out” (Tommy Robinson), to a horrified public…stripped of the right to defend themselves by those who mean to rule them. This is the garbage patch that is now most of Western Europe, because the European Garden of the Mind was left to morally fallow.

Father Mark Pilon makes an important distinction between the busload of Coptic Christian men, women, and children slaughtered in Egypt on their way to prayer, and the women and children slaughtered in Manchester on their way to play, in his piece “A Tale of Two Atrocities”. One could easily conclude that the seeds of play and pray are irrelevant to the prowl of death in the garden of the mind. Well, this would certainly seem to be the case to the Western Mind, informed by the Western Press…and left conspicuously un-noted by the Western Pope. The Papal neglect of this glaring distinction is the most horrifying aspect of all…to my mind.

There are no words more powerfully potent than “Our prayers…” spoken by believers in relation with their God on behalf of those whom they love. And there are no words more offensively empty and meaningless than the very same words from the tongue of the ruling-class opportunists who invited death in the first place. They are the Ministers of the Culture of Death I wrote about last week!

I was returning from a fishing trip in the Adirondacks yesterday when I received a horrifying phone call. My Orange County Oath Keepers partner Matt and I had been invited to my Pastor’s fishing camp on Lake Bonaparte to fish for Pike and Bass. We were just sitting down to have lunch when our Membership Chair Bret called me to tell me that the NY Oath Keepers VP Frank M had just suffered a major heart attack on the stage of the Sharia Protest in Foley Square, where we had been called in to assist with security. My heart sank, as Bret’s voice conveyed the despair of the tragic moment of chest compressions with no response…and his words, “It doesn’t look good.” Matt and Pastor Craig read the alarm on my face and in my voice. As soon as I got off the phone with Bret, I called the NYOK President John Wallace, and Oath Keeper Founder and Director Stewart Rhodes. As soon as I was off the phone with Stewart, Pastor Craig looked at Matt and I and said, “Let’s Pray.” In other words, “Let Jerusalem come to our Mind.” Within minutes, Oath Keepers all over the country were praying in heart-felt earnest for the man who also happened to be the Oath Keepers point man in this Foley Square Sharia Protest Operation.

We were not yet half-way home, and the truck became a communication hub linking Oath Keepers on Foley Square to National to concerned friends and family members all over. Within the hour a rumor made its way into the chat lines that Frank had died. I suppressed it the instant I saw it as “unconfirmed”. Within minutes of that, reports came in from Foley Square that progressed from “faint pulse” to “Stable, responsive, and prognosis good”. The rumor, as it turns out, was apparently triggered by an Antifa goon twittering his joy of an Oath Keeper death, prematurely following Frank’s collapse on stage.

Today, I am very happy to report, Frank is recovering from the surgery performed yesterday to place three stents. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions about “Our prayers…” recited by scheming politicians presiding over lifeless scarecrows in dying progressive weed gardens, versus the “Our prayers…” sent up on wings of honor, for men of courage and valor, by true believers fighting like hell to save the Garden.

We are everywhere…even in the UK Hug us when you see us. Stand with us when you can. But, above ALL else, pray for us always.

God Bless and keep you…in “Our Prayers”.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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6 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Our Prayers…”

  1. D. says:

    The constant, and hollow ring of politicians and those in entertainment mouthing the words, “you are in our prayers” is maddening. I say hollow and constant because every time I read a newspaper or open my device there is a new tragedy and the inevitable phony condolences by people who are not even mildly acquainted with God. They have co-opted the traditional language of Judeo-Christian mourning, and we have allowed this. It is important that we see through this and not be bull-dozed by its’ falsehood, This Sunday, in our own lives, let us strive to mouth the words, “you are in my prayers,” only when we fully intend to take that mantle of responsibility and pray to God for that person or intention! God bless your friend and patriot Frank as he recuperates. I will truly lift him up to Almighty God this week.

  2. Bill Banuchi says:

    The most important oath we can keep is that oath we make with the master oath keeper and maintain it through prayer. (Jer. 33:3).

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