The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Liberal Repentance and the Prodigal Son

Time to come home?

One of the most common mistakes we make is thinking of sin as merely a legal matter. That is, that it sin is only about breaking a code of laws and rules and righteousness about conforming to them. But to think of sin and righteousness in strictly legal terms is to miss the point. Sin is not fundamentally legal; it is rather fundamentally relational. ~ Sam Guzman, Repentance and the Fatherhood of God

When two completely unrelated events from unrelated sources come together in our field of consciousness to form two sides of the same coin of a profound thought, some call it serendipitous, others write it off as a function of random “chaos theory” (as an atheist friend who reads me no doubt will). I myself credit it to God’s grace…totally separate and apart from His will. So, the two events…

This past week I heard the most hated man in media, Alex Jones say, “How do we convince Liberals we care about them?” The very next day I happened upon the Sam Guzman article linked above. The two events together led me to this profound thought. The Liberal is the Prodigal Son…

When we superimpose the relationship of the Prodigal Son and his father onto the relationship of the Liberal with the Father of man, it is identical. Both Liberal and Prodigal Son demand what they haven’t earned without respect for the source of their inheritance. Both have moved away from communion. Both have moved away from love. Both the Liberal and the Prodigal Son have rejected the Fatherhood (God) and/are squandered/squandering their inheritance. And yet both the father of the Liberal manifest in Alex Jones, and the Father(God) manifest in Prodigal Son’s father are ready to greet the returning son with love. The only sad difference between the two sons is, the Liberal Son isn’t ready to come home yet. The Prodigal Son did not repent until he “came to his senses”, and experienced his father’s mercy upon his return. The Liberal Son has yet to come to his senses.

Think about the Alex Jones gesture towards those who want him dead. And then think about the father of the Prodigal Son who couldn’t wait for him to die. He responds to his son’s hatred, rejection and scorn with the embrace of love and forgiveness. The question I have is what finally drove the Prodigal Son back to his senses…and what will it take to drive the Liberal back to his?

The brilliance of Guzman’s piece, and the final dot connecting the modern-day Liberal to the Prodigal Son, is his pointing out the nature of sin as relational versus legal and how that leads us to repent from the heart of love rather than the mind of a slave. “Likewise with us. When we stop thinking like groveling slaves that have to earn God’s love, a paradigm shift occurs. We no longer fear God in the sense of expecting fierce retribution, but walk in the freedom and confidence of love. ‘Perfect love casts out fear,’ as the Apostle says. We don’t repent because we want God to love us again, we repent because God has never stopped loving us. And that makes all the difference.”

As someone who has lived with and studied the Liberal mind up close and personal, I can share with you another major distinction between the modern-day Liberal and the Prodigal Son. As we know, the Prodigal Son returned home. As pointed out earlier, the Liberal has yet to come to his senses and do the same. In fact, the modern-day Liberal has moved in the opposite direction and is now openly escalating his rebellion and rejection of the Father, into the desperate flames of totalitarian fascism, orchestrated chaos, and violence.

The Holy Bible is a treasure trove of clues in how to examine and fathom the mysteries and societal ills rooted in the relational (Truth). Perhaps next, a closer look at the brother who remained home might be helpful. In the meantime, I encourage my Liberal and Conservative friends to give Alex a watch and a listen.


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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2 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Liberal Repentance and the Prodigal Son

  1. D. says:

    Boy, did you hit the nail on the head. At the core of the battle going on in this country is the rebellion against God the Father. I have a cousin who was a die-hard liberal atheist, he lived his life according to those principles. No surprise I am sure to anyone in this audience, but seven years ago, everything fell apart for him. His marriage was ending, his children were dysfunctional and he reached financial ruin. He came to visit in the New York area and ended up staying with me for a few months. During that time, I asked him if he would go to a Bible study and church with me. To my surprise he assented. Nothing has been the same since then. He used to taunt me with Hilary tee shirts, now he is praying for President Trump. He came to know Jesus as his Lord and this began to rewrite his whole narrative. Seven years later, last month, he said he wanted to come for a visit. I told him, I am “killing the fatten calf for you.” Yes, come and visit. I totally get what you mean because…my cousin was lost and now he is found.

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