The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Do or Die in “The Land of Lunatics”

As History Repeats…

“The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.” ~ Thucydides

“The Land of Lunatics” is how the actor Martin Sheen refers to his country when he’s on foreign soil. He could be the poster boy for what could best be described as “pop culture dementia”. It’s a perversion of Luke 12:48, To whom much is given, much will be required. And he has plenty of company among the Hollywood/Pop Culture Elites. Springsteen, it seems, was not only Born to Run…he was Born to Trash the very country (and her people) that provided him the freedom and opportunity to pursue his happiness…and success.

As I write these words we are being measured and gauged exactly as the ancient Athenians measured and gauged the people of Melos. As I write these words, a grand jury has been illegally empaneled for the sole purpose of destroying President Trump and reversing the will of the American People. They know the will of our President. They are testing our will here. They are testing our will in the public education school system where our children are punished for saying the Lord’s Prayer, and forced to learn the Pillars of Islam. They are testing our will in the court system where placing a BLT sandwich in front of a mosque is a greater crime than the rape of our sons and daughters. They are testing our will and resolve with the absurdity of political correctness and our tolerance of being lectured to on the environment by a man who consumes 34 times more electricity than we do!

Steve Miller used the term “cosmopolitan” to describe CNN’s Trump-attack-dog Jim Acosta this week during Acosta’s feeble “Statue of Liberty” attempt to paint the “English-speaking” component of the President’s position on immigration as un-American. Acosta ended up revealing the tired, poor, huddled mass of his own intellect instead. David Warren uses the term “urbane” to describe most of the Acosta’s audience of CNN zombies in his brilliant  “On ‘The Land of Lunatics”. So I think we can find our present-day selves in the ancient Athens-Melos-Sparta relationship where the Thucydides quote at the top of the page originated. I would argue that the Athenians are today’s Elite/Globalist/Establishment/New World Order crowd. The Spartans are those of us in the Independent/Nationalist/Constitutional/Liberty Movement crowd. And the Melosians are the Sheen/Springsteen/Michael Moore/Acosta camp of the urbane and cosmopolitan…suffering as they must, first the “deplorables” and now the “lunatics”. To better understand the people of Melos, we need to understand the vice of effeminacy which is essentially the willingness to accept and tolerate evil rather than suffer the discomfort of offending someone or subject oneself to hardship. With Islam in the countries where it has majority, unbelievers are given three choices; submit and convert, pay tax (jizya), or die. The followers of Christianity, whether majority or minority, choose to do so of their own free will. Yet, the tolerance-preaching, inclusive-demanding Left ignores the brutal savagery of a “religion” that seeks to dominate the world, defending-appeasing-empathizing with-apologizing for its followers while persecuting-ridiculing-ostracizing-shaming and attacking Christians…which of us is the Lunatic Mr. Sheen?

So here we are in an extraordinary history-about-to-repeat-itself-do-or-die-moment. If they had it to do all over again, I’m thinking the Melosians would have sided with the Spartans. But you and I both know today’s Melosians will do what Melosians do…they will fall for everything because they stand for nothing. A good friend and fellow Oath Keeper sent me this “Do Not Debate The Left” 2 minute video-warning to the four of us on the Right side of our MOM (Meeting Of the Minds) group…a Liberal/Conservative group of eight formed to find common ground and healthy dialogue, before the coming civil war finds us. Knowing what we know about Melosians, there’s a tremendously loud voice in my head screaming “FOOLS ERRAND”.

But the most important group to watch in this do-or-die moment are the Athenians. For they too will do, and are about to do what Athenians do in their unquenchable lust for power. They have measured and gauged (and miscalculated) our will. They are as much a slave to their nature as the Melosians are to theirs. Which leaves we Spartans. Trust me, we don’t need to study the Peloponnesian War to know how this will turn out for the Athenians. In this, the greatest Do-or-Die moment in American History, the Athenians will take out our President…and we Spartans will do what Spartans do.


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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Do or Die in “The Land of Lunatics”

  1. Chip Murray says:

    A reader just sent me this little nugget on Mr. “Born to Trash”. You decide…

  2. D. says:

    A grand jury! Shameless and blanant. But why should I be surprised…they came for the culture, and we let them take it, they came for the educational system and we let them take it. Sad to say on this Sunday morning,now they have overtaken many of the houses of worship. (If you don’t believe me, come take a field trip to Westchester County NY.)

    Is it a Greek thing or is this an Alamo thing where we ar standing bravely while the hordes of our enemies keep coming at us, while we make a brave stand with Trump? Time for coffee.

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