The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Ultimate Con

“But Mama, that’s where the fun is!”

I happened to be listening to a Conservative show on Friday as a caller called in to share his experience he and his wife had at some restaurant in the tri-state area. Seated next to them at two tables were a group of blacks and a group of whites. The shared laughter and fellowship between the two tables of complete strangers, and the point of the call, was the disconnect between who these people actually appeared to be…and who all Americans are constantly being told we are. AND…it fit perfectly with my most recent experience of our great land.

More than a few of you checked in to make sure I was alright after missing the past two Sunday’s SMTU. Spider begot swollen foot begot Epsom salt soak begot fried motherboard begot “total” eclipse of the sun. The eclipse wasn’t planned…well, either was the spider bite…but sometimes you just have to go where God leads you. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. In this case, it happened to be a mountaintop in Douglas Wyoming. Three of us (before the spider) hatched a plot to do a sneak attack on our buddy Clay the woodcarver who had been out in Esterbrook since early July. We planned our strike on the 20th and departure on the 23rd completely unaware of the eclipse. Pic above ~ The one in the cowboy hat is Clay. I’m the other kid in shorts. And co-conspirator Pastor Kirby, founding member of the famous Saggy Bottom Boys, is the one on the left. Founding member of the SSOL (Senior Sons of Liberty) Paul is the one looking straight at you. SSOL member Steve took this gem of a photo. Esterbrook turned out to be front row center for the first total land eclipse in America since…1776.

So, all the people we met from Newark to Denver to Douglas and Esterbrook…in airports and rental agencies, shuttle buses, gas stations, supermarkets and kitchen tables comported with the caller’s experience as related to the talk-show host. Americans are a wonderful, generous, gracious and loving people…NOT the bigoted, racist haters the global con artists are making us out to be. Not even a hint of their 24/7 narrative in 4 days completely off the grid.

Having said that, the Charlottesville tragedy did occur. But we now know that Charlottesville was a completely “manufactured” event. We now know the organizer of “Unite the Right” is a former Occupy member, and Clinton/Obama supporter. And we now have eye witnesses who saw “Antifa, Black Lives Matter and KKK members” all getting off the same buses provided by George Soros. Furthermore, we now know that the same Soros-funded global con-artists are ramping up their Bolshevik 2.0 plans to destroy the America we know and love, by targeting the Americans they refer to as, “Our Enemies in Blue”.

My original SMTU 8/13 was on The Art of Ridicule, the story of how Americans have been herded into something we are not, starring Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, Bill Mahr, and John Oliver, all titans of snark and masters of the Rod of Ridicule. God had other plans…

The SSOL (Chip, Steve, Clay, Paul) and Kitty in the “phone booth”

“The rod means two things—it is used in counting in the sheep, and it is used to destroy the wild beast that suddenly springs out on the sheep (Psalms 25:4) The man of sin will have his rod (ridicule), he will do clever tricks, he will put the mark of the beast on every business system that he sanctions, and those who do not have that mark on them can never do business under the regime of the man of sin. Suppose you find the people who are “counted in” under the mark of the beast succeed, and you do not succeed, you may be tempted to negotiate the thing and say ‘Well, I don’t know, if I did this thing it would save me; I had better just compromise a bit.’ We must never do that. ‘The (rod) of the wicked shall not rest on the righteous,’ God says. There is no need to fear, if we keep within the moral frontiers of God we can say boldly, ‘The Lord is my helper.’ We do not need to mind the wicked bluster and say, ‘If you don’t do this and that, you will starve.’ Be faithful, make holiness your aim, holiness in every relationship—money, food, clothes, friendship—then you will see the Lord in all these domains.”                                  ~ Oswald Chambers, The Rod of the Wicked (Psalm 125:3)


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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6 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Ultimate Con

  1. Margaret says:

    Excellent point Chip! Joe and I were out Kayaking yesterday when a fishing boat came near us it was a black man and white friend who were joking back and forth with us. That is usually our experience when encountering other races. I am sick and tired of the media and the government lackeys trying to tell us what is in our hearts and to create us in their image. THEY are the ones who hate blacks and whites (white privilege) because we aren’t in their “elite” circle. They aren’t winning no matter how much they try to convince us they are.
    I hope you are fully recovered from your spider bite. BTW a new RCIA class starts in September, call me.

    • Chip Murray says:

      “Projecting” their own evil onto others is a major talent and dead give-away of the Diabolical Narcissist. They are out in the open, fully exposed, and as dangerous as any other cornered animal.

  2. D. says:

    Two weeks ago,I think a lot of us were concerned about you Chip. I nervously told my husband, “he must be on vacation, he must be on vacation!” Nervous, because we of like mind and convictions are as old friends. Those pesky spiders. That may be why you never saw old cowboys in shorts, LOL. Mama D’s advice for the next trip pants plus boots.

    As to your point, I think it is very important that each of us not go along with these dramas that continue to unfold. It is time to investigate and speak up. The time is long past when we can just close our minds, souls and mouths to the false narratives purporting to be the truth. Case in point. I got invited to a friends’ home last weekend. The plan included attending her church. Well, the visiting Reverend was quite sneaky. SHE, quite a shock, told us “the Bible does not require us to follow an official whom is immoral,and stated, you know what that means.” She went on to try and rally the audience up about Charlottesville! I thought I had walked into a Rainbow Coalition meeting, not a church in Scarsdale. The sad truth was no one in that church had ever heard someone contradict any of the points that had been expounded upon. I hope that I made a start with a few that day.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Great to hear from you D…I actually got bit at home in my own bed (old farm house) before I left for WY. The Rainbow Church is upon us…it has nothing to do with Christian.

  3. D. says:

    No romantic Wild West tussling with some ornery spider? I imagined tumble weed, rattle snakes and you.Glad you’re feeling better! This rainbow church is slowly becoming the state religion. Let’s all stand up for godly principles at our churches, now!

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