The Day Football Died

…as a door nail!

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. For more years than I can remember, we would meet at the Wyckoff municipal field Jigs Remo kept perfectly manicured, choose teams, and go at it until our thirst for cold beer outweighed our desire to continue mimicking our heroes, playing our favorite American game, on my favorite American Day. I will always cherish Thanksgiving, because I will always cherish what it represents. But football, as represented by the NFL, passed away on Sunday, September 24 by its own hand…and it will not be mourned for the simple reason there were no heroes, save one courageous soul in Pittsburg. All the others; owners, managers, coaches, and players…gutless cowards and worse…sellouts.

I saw this coming several years back when former NY Giant quarterback Phil Simms gave up his soul at the altar of political correctness, refusing to utter the word Redskins from his cushy perch at ESPN. I know what Mike Ditka would say because I heard him say it loud and proud on the air with Sid and Bernie yesterday. I don’t have to hear what I know Lombardi or Landry and so many of the other legends would have to say, because I know who they were. More importantly, they knew who they were. They knew the game they loved was only great because of the country they were fortunate enough to play it in, and for love and respect of the flag that they honored before every single game. I would say rest in peace, but there will never be rest or peace for cowards, and yes, traitors where you’re headed.


PS ~ In case you haven’t noticed yet, Liberalism destroys every institution it comes in contact with.

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5 Responses to The Day Football Died

  1. D. says:

    Some of my most treasured memories as a little girl, besides my ballet class and dolls LOL, was playing football on the side streets of Queens! As soon as the first cool weather would come, we started throwing around a football and the neighborhood kids mostly boys, but a few of us girls would begin to play “Touch Football.” These games were quite serious to my small group of friends.

    I am disgusted at the behavior that has erupted in the NFL. Sorry, cousin so-and -so, sorry dear friend but do not expect any NFL paraphernalia for Christmas. I can not sit at your Super Bowl party. Yes, that means that I will not be making my tacos or bean dip for that event. This deserves our attention and our action. We must turn our backs and our wallets on these teams.

    After all this, I have come to believe that the joy we had playing neighborhood football was the best of it, not what we see from these spoiled, ungrateful and privileged men.

    • Chip Murray says:

      I will miss the Superbowl Party too D…like I miss the D Niro movies…like I miss the Springsteen songs, and so on. These are only games, movies and songs…bread and circus in the overall scheme of things, meant to distract from the most important game of all, I’d say. But that’s only me…

      • D. says:

        I have given up the same things as you have and believe as King Solomon did that they are merely, “vanities.” Still I miss them. Therefore, it is very clear we of like-mind most create our own music,movies, and promote our own De Niro’s etc. One example :After watching the news of the betrayal of professional football I got to thinking of hosting a pick-up game for my friends in the fall. Besides, I am putting on some weight eating all this fun European food. 🥐🇨🇭🍫I need some exercise.🏈

  2. Chip Murray says:

    Please sign the pledge National Boycott of the NFL – Sign Pledge Here:

  3. D. says:

    Just signed the pledge to Boycott the NFL. I feel so much better. There’s nothing so satisfying as knowing you did the right thing!

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