The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Gods of Fortune, Fame & False Shepherds

The Bigger They Come…

When our Lord came face-to-face with Satan He dealt with him as representing the attitude man takes up in organizing his life apart from any consideration of God. ~ Oswald Chambers, Delivered from the Evil One

I have two personal experiences to share as our national attention is shifted from Vegas to Hollywood. All four experiences are a direct result of “organizing our lives apart from any consideration of God.” On the morning of Thursday, October 5th (full moon), I was moved by something deep within to send the following email to a Liberal Rabbi I’ve loved and known for many years, I was wondering Rabbi, since you rode off into the sunset…just when…at what point in your ministry did truth become irrelevant to you? Your flock is starving for it, and worse…”. (zero response) Three days later, I’m having a conversation in the steam room of my gym with another member after our workout. I know this person on first name basis for the past several years, but always look forward to our conversations because of our similar world views. I had no idea how closely connected we were until this day (Oct. 8), when he proceeds to tell me how incensed he was when his Rabbi (with Canadian roots) used the Bimah on Yom Kippur to preach Climate-Change, and Trash our President. Astounded by the coincidence of events and common connection, I shared with him the story of my twenty-year relationship with his Rabbi, and the member of his flock who was the most important person in my life…a life in which I witnessed first-hand how God was slowly, steadily, and quietly replaced and morphed into the Liberal attitude we now know as “Social Justice”…which is code for “organizing their lives apart from any consideration of God.” Think about this sequence of events…the odds.

My second personal experience was unfolding at the very same time. You may recall my having formed a group of 4 Conservatives and 4 Liberals back in February. We formed MOM (Meeting Of the Minds) for the purpose of finding common ground and a healthier dialogue alternative to the toxic>angry>violent>deadly Left/Right path we are so clearly on. Well, after a series of red flags of deception and dishonesty by our friends on the Left…With due respect, this is why we are unable to continue on. You “say” you are against the same monster we are, but you continue to feed it with your willful blindness. It took me two seconds to pull up the bread crumbs leading to the “corruption” you claim to detest (Sen. Corker’s Mueller-ordered attack on Trump). We would have loved nothing more than to continue to work towards the “dialogue” Susanne seeks, but not without honesty. The truth, we’ve come to realize, is that you guys don’t have a problem with the steps being taken all around us by the LEFT to silence, intimidate, beat, and now kill Conservative, Traditional, Christian Americans. Silence is consent my friends. ~ Chip… We met with them on Monday night October 9th to break up with them face-to-face, and wished them well…organizing their lives apart from any consideration of God.   

This brings us to the horror in Vegas, and the implosion of Hollywood. If there were a Sodom and Gomorrah of the United States, Las Vegas Nevada, and Hollywood California would be it. I believe, when all is said and done, that the history books will record the Las Vegas massacre as a Deep State/Globalist/Jihadi hit on good true-blue Americans (Note-The Mandalay Bay Security Guard wounded by the killer disappeared hours before he was to appear on Hannity!). And, they will record the death of Hollywood via Weinstein as a direct hit on the swamp by President Trump via Steve Bannon.

Our “Post-Christian” Culture

I first heard the term “Post-Christian” as it refers to our culture during an Ann Barnhardt interview. And reading us as I have very closely over the past nine years, I’d say there is no better, more telling way of describing our devolution into the sordid hell behind the glitter of the Hollywood casting couch where the Gods of fortune and fame prey, destroy innocence, and create idols for the legions of lost souls to worship, so tragically led astray by so many false shepherds.

Think of music as the roadmap that led us away from the romantic innocence of the Christian culture 50’s to the depravity of the gang-banging Post-Christian present day. In the Post-Christian culture, they’ve engineered the music to turn the inner cities into criminal and fatherless war zones, and the Weinstein’s and Katzenberg’s into business partners with the politicians. They ALL knew. And they are all TERRIFIED. Behind all the props of distraction ~ Pedophilic-Satanic-Sex-Trafficking…their primary currency and extortion tool!

The first and perhaps most tragic casualty of descent into Post-Christian is the essence of masculinity and manhood. The Christian Culture was blessed with lion-like father figures in Chesterton, Lewis, and Kipling. In this past week alone, while the same BSA that caved to the Left losing all the boys who want to become men, and became the B&GSA to plug the leak…without consulting the girls who want to  become women, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau struck a blow against “Toxic Masculinity” by declaring his boys will be “raised as Feminists.”  I have no words to say how poorly led the Canadians are at this crucial moment in time. The Vice of Effeminacy on full display. He will suicide his own countrymen and women, rather than risk the appearance of offending.

This brings us back to Las Vegas; the Killing Field of Stephen Paddock, and the Lying Field of the FBI. Only in a Post-Christian world my friends…

Talk about a perfect and yet dispirit analogy. Analogizing the swat team in the staircase of the Mandalay Bay to the Roman Curia…but it’s a perfect analogy, waiting…oh, it’s even better…what are they both waiting for? They’re waiting for him to die. They were crapping their pants in the Mandalay Bay waiting for Paddock to die, just as the Roman Curia are crapping their pants waiting for Bergoglio to die. No one will do anything. No one will charge the gunner. No one will call a press conference. No one will say anything. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the overarching dynamic of how our culture, how our post-Christian civilization, government, business, church…everything. How it’s all being run. ~ Ann Barnhardt, Cowering in the Stairwell…

Message to My Liberal Friends: There are two movie scenes that depict your present circumstance with uncanny precision. 1) The end of the original Godfather when Michael (Trump) settles ALL scores with Barzini (Crooked Hillary), Tattaglia (James Comey), Moe Green (NFL SOB’s), Stracci (Weinstein/Hollywood), and Cuneo (Rocket Man) 2) The moment in the NARCOS series (S5:E4) when DEA Agent Javier Peña & Co. confront the Cali Police who were ordered to stop Peña from leaving Cali with the Cali Cocaine Cartel kingpin Gilberto Rodriguez. The Cali Police stood down, knowing their souls were on the line. I’m begging those of you who, like the Cali Police, struggle…conflicted and on the fence…SNAP OUT OF IT!

Finally, I leave you with the song I wrote and performed at the retirement party for the Rabbi…the false shepherd who was my friend:


Teacher…take my hand                                                                                                                  Help me…to understand                                                                                                                    Why can’t they see…how this world is killing me                                                              …Deader than the stones beneath your feet…teacher

Teacher…you taught me love                                                                                                       Then welcomed…nightfall from above                                                                                   How’s a man supposed to be alive in a democracy                                                            …Where freedom runs like shadows from the sun…teacher

If there’s one thing that I could ask of you                                                                            …Please tell me when the killing time is through…teacher

Teacher…take my hand                                                                                                      Together…we can save this land                                                                                                 Don’t let these people murder me                                                                                              Don’t let them rewrite history                                                                                                   Don’t leave me here in the pouring rain                                                                                      My heart’s too broke to bleed again…                                                                                     When faith is all we’ve got to hold on to…teacher,

Teacher…I’ll remember you

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. ~ 1 Peter 5:8-9

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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