The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our “Re-Engineering”

Hell on Earth

re-en·gi·neer ~ To redesign; restructure…

And consider that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation—as also our beloved brother Paul, according to the wisdom given to him, has written to you, as also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things, in which are some things hard to understand, which untaught and unstable people twist to their own destruction, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures. ~ 2 Peter 3:15-16

When I think of re-engineering and the history of creations, I think of Corvair. There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The United States of America as, intended, designed and created, would be the very last thing most people with an un-re-engineered knowledge of history would see as in need of re-engineering. And yet…

Is it just me, or do the weeks of our lives just keep pushing further and further into the red on the whacko-meter? The light and lively picture up top was taken at the Michele Obama Library in Long Beach California. I’m not sure whether its Anti-Christ, or more Anti-Norman Rockwell, but I am 100% certain it is the direct consequence of the social re-engineering of America. I’ll leave it to the reader to apply the proper adjective to the scene of a “Drag-Queen-Demon” reading to children while the parent observes in silent, and obedient approval.

Now imagine this (and you will really need your imagine muscle). Imagine if Hollywood had been on the side of traditional Judeo-Christian patriots for the past fifty years. Imagine applying the Brando-power portrayed in the cinematic condemnation of war so potently delivered in his two-word-utterance at the end of Apocalypse Now, “the horror” to the scene above. And to every gate-way scene for the past fifty years that, in retrospect, were an engraved invitation to the horror we’ve now accepted into our lives…our homes, as seen above. I will tell you, as horrific as war is in this life, the grooming horror above is infinitely worse…and it is eternal.

The reader needs to know that before I saw the drag-queen-demon photo, I had already intuited the theme for this edition of SMTU. AND…I came up with the theme before I discovered the case of another re-engineering right here in Warwick, NY which caught my eye on the very same day as the horror above. You may recall my sharing the story of Warwick’s Professor Richard Hull (African Studies at NYU), the town historian. Historians, I’ve discovered, make GREAT social re-engineers! As you might recall, Professor Hull re-engineered baseball icon Jackie Robinson into Warwick’s most famous “Utopian”. Well this week it was Professor Hull’s Liberal teammate Roger Moss’s at bat (Roger, FYI, was the MOM leader of the Liberal 4 we broke up with several weeks back) in their world series of stealth campaign to re-engineer America. Roger, as it turns out, will be leading the community discussion on the life of one of America’s most famous founding fathers, Thomas Paine. Quite the pattern, eh? Prest-O-Change-O…from baseball hero to utopian, and from liberty for all to “justice for all”…which they will fit perfectly into their religion of Social Justice for All…that is all except for the “traditional Judeo-Christian patriots” they will ultimately have to kill to make way for their Utopia. Actually, it makes perfect sense for them to use Paine in their scheme; “Paine was too radical for most of the founders. His support for the French Revolution and his attacks on religion were just too much for most of the founders. John Adams even said Paine was ‘begotten by a wild boar and a bitch wolf.’

The truth of the matter is that both Jackie Robinson and Thomas Paine would be horrified to see Liberalism on display in the modern world. And you can bet the ranch they wouldn’t have allowed their children within a mile of the freak show pictured above. But truth is the only hurdle Liberalism has to worry about. Driving back to the office later that same day, I happened to tune into Rush as he was quoting from a writer for the City Journal who wrote a fascinating piece comparing President Trump’s vision of America with a famous historian from Paine’s era, “Tocqueville had been struck by Americans’ love of country; he would not be surprised by the appeal of Trump’s full-throated patriotism, especially when set against his critics’ championing of multiculturalism and globalization. For Tocqueville, national identity was bound up with religion, which, in the United States and in Europe, meant Christianity. Long before the 2016 presidential election, though, Democrats had clearly come to regard Christianity as an obstacle to their goals.” You can read it here.

I mentioned the word stealth as part of the re-engineers’ re-engineering scheme because most of what they’ve accomplished, they’ve accomplished by stealth. And that is because they know that the engineered would NEVER agree to where they’re being engineered to…which is exactly what is happening around the world at this very moment, as the awakening manifests in Brexit, Trump, and now Catalonia. Top-down central governance is being rejected by a world full of the common man in favor of local sovereignty and self-governance.

They can push the common man just so far. They can make the good wait years for tax-exemption, while they grant it to evil in just 10 days. They can pour all the money in the world into their rat hole and tell the awakened it’s for an “Open Society”. They can even attempt to hide God from the hearts of our children. Why, they can even enlist, finance, and empower the past President to destroy the current one. But the truth is, and will always remain, the truth. And truth, the promise of Calvary, can never be re-engineered.

Finally, I will leave my readers with the encouragement I found listening to a Catherine Austin Fitts interview in this very same week of enlightenment. I say it is encouraging because it helps to explain the successes President Trump is enjoying with so much stacked against him. She said there is both a good Deep State, and a bad Deep State. The good Deep State is fully behind the Trump/Tocqueville vision of America. #MAGA!

When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increases; But the righteous will see their fall. ~ Proverbs 29:16

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4 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Our “Re-Engineering”

  1. D. says:

    Thank God you chose to respond to this event FOR CHILDREN at the Long Beach library. It is child abuse to let a child sit in that setting. This has been bothering me all week. It is a throwing down of the gauntlet, so to speak. If we are going to accept this, what does that tell you about where we are as a society? The Bible says to : TRAIN A CHILD IN THE WAY THAT IT SHOULD GO AND WHEN IT IS OLD IT WILL NOT DEPART. We are allowing the molding of innocent children, God will not help us anymore if we don’t stand against this. HE does not take it lightly. Jesus said: BETTER A MILLSTONE BE AROUND YOUR NECK THAN YOU HURT ONE OF THE LITTLE ONES. They are engineering these children to accept the demonic.

  2. Matthew McDonnell says:

    Spell correct(ed) “caveat” to “Corvair”?

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