The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Culture War

“About Our Sacred Oath”

“The soul is restless until it rests in God.”  ~ St. Augustine

The Beast is cornered and desperate here. We are in the very midst of a Culture War that in many ways, is more brutal than the worst of the worst wars of the last century because the Beast is inside the gate and manifest in us. I caution my friends who are actively engaged and speaking out against the madness here, to keep your wits about you and expect the unexpected. I was personally attacked and physically threatened by a Leftist loon who was either unable or willing to argue substance (the issue was solar panels). Instead, he assailed the author of a Letter to the Editor as ignorant, stupid, an idiot, ordered him to “sit down”, and then called him a coward for using a pseudonym instead of his real name. He came after me when I came to his defense. Know the Beast’s nature is serpentine. Remember the high school bully? He hasn’t changed. Don’t forget now what we learned about them then. Never back down…they will once they see you stand for something, because they are the real cowards.

This week has brought out the worst in them and it will only grow stranger from here on out. Nourish yourself both physically and spiritually as much as you possibly can in the days ahead. I promise that when you draw yourself nearer to God, He will move Closer to you. Think carefully on the events of the past several months, weeks, and days…and understand what God is exposing and revealing to our minds and hearts, through the actions of a miracle President’s Administration.

I pulled the quote at the top of the page from the remarkable insight of Ann Barnhardt in this week’s “Satan’s Smorgasbord of Secular Substitutions for the Sacred”  …a tutorial on what can best be described as the divine unmasking of the very “Substitutes” this society has come to worship and revere. This is a MUST read (listen) for all of us watching President Trump pull the plug on the entire rotting culture of snark, humiliation, ridicule, and the “sacred substitutions” that evolved into the very diabolical institutions that have slowly been sucking the literal heart and soul out of the American Family! ANYTHING you think you are experiencing outside of this fact is pure illusion…seeing what you want to see. They are lasering away our moral fiber as if it were cancer cells, as most of us go about our days pretending all is well…

Just this morning I was copied on an email from my cousin Steve to my cousin Josh, congratulating him on the publication of his first book, Letters from My Dad. Letters From My Dad is a beautifully written portrait of who we once were as an American Family. In his email, Steve updates Josh on the latest research of our family tree, revealing the life of our ancestor Pieter Van Kleeck, who fought under Washington in the disastrous Battle of Long Island, and gave his life at the Battle of Saratoga…the turning point in the American Revolution. That’s who we were. The pages of who we are, who we choose to be, and the outcome of this Cultural War have yet to be written.

Today we are a generation of Chicken Littles battling imaginary carbon monsters while the real monsters are polluting the minds and stealing the souls of our children in the “Progressive Factories” we used to call schools…where they learn to hate themselves and where they come from.

The Left will get personal and then deadly because it has lost the moral high ground. “You have to be willing to face public humiliation by powerful people.” says James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, in a world where monsters are protecting monsters.

In this battlespace, above all things, I am a Christian Soldier…and a very restless one at that. How am I any different from Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose, Al Franken, or Matt Lauer? They were all restless souls too…restless souls who chose instead to rest in their own insatiable selves. You and I must be about our families, communities, and the country that has given us everything…and our sacred oath, and obligation to pass it on in kind.

“There are times when God cannot reveal Himself in any other way than in His majesty. And out of the midst of the terror there comes the voice we know, saying to us personally, ‘Do not be afraid.’ When once His touch comes like that, nothing can at all cast us into fear again.”   ~ Oswald Chambers, Dawning Fear of His Deity (Revelation 1:17)

Think about what you have to lose my brother…and then think again.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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9 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Culture War

  1. Bill Banuchi says:

    Chip, it comes down to the age-old battle between God and Satan. There is no middle ground. Those on God’s side know who they serve for God is always in the light. Satan, however works in darkness so those under his power have no clue who is pulling their strings. In fact, they believe they are their own boss–the epitome of deception and delusion.

  2. D. says:

    I bought some Christian gifts at Hallmark recently. When I got home, I noticed that the bag in which they put my purchases said, “we create ourselves as we go.” I was offended by this. The word create connotes making something from nothing. God is our Creator, not ourselves and certainly not as we go along (situational ethics). This philosophy leads people to follow whatever emotion or idea they have no matter how ludacris. Everyone doing their own thing, following their bliss. It is the crazy that our world is, at this moment. Anything goes. Boy is it ugly the way things run without God in the center of people’s life!

  3. D. says:

    Both the NFL and Hallmark use to represent core American values. Maybe they think they are now, but they have departed. In Hallmark, I see what you are describing, i.e, a subtle shift to selfishness in the messages of the cards, and their plaques. The messages are more and more designed with feel good thoughts that might actually draw people away from the truth. Don’t give grandma or your girlfriends propaganda cards for Christmas. Vote by only buying Merry Chrismas cards etc.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Think of Liberalism as the bugs who used to hide under rocks in otherwise green pastures. If the farmer lifted one, they simply scurried to find cover under the next. Farmer Trump just implemented a “Drain the Rock” policy to benefit all life on the farm, except…

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