The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Friend, go up higher…”

The Pinnacle Parade

“An elevated mood can only come out of an elevated habit of personal character. If in the externals of your life you live up to the highest you know, God will continually say— ‘Friend, go up higher…’ When the Devil puts you into an elevated place, he makes you screw your idea of holiness beyond what flesh and blood could ever bear, it is a spiritual acrobatic performance, you are just poised and dare not move; but when God elevates you by His grace into heavenly places, instead of finding a pinnacle to cling to, you find a great tableland where it is easy to move.” ~ Oswald Chambers, Vision by Personal Character

My life-long best friend and I are at different stages of our own spiritual awakenings. We had a serious conversation about a personal relationship with God after a mutual friend tragically died several years ago, while chasing his daughter’s dog they’d been dog-sitting, after it had escaped the house. I sensed a wanting to go up higher, as well as something holding him back. In the same Chambers passage I quoted from above, he goes on to say—“Compare this week in your spiritual history with the same week last year and see how God has called you up higher. We have all been brought to see from a higher standpoint.” I have seen my friend go up higher since our conversation. I have seen God work miracles in his life. From this tableland I know it was God who lifted me out of North Yarmouth in the late sixties after being ejected from private school for accepting Sly Stone’s classic “I wanna take you higher” offer, and placed me on that tree stump in Austin in 1974 to break up what would have been a deadly fight between Hell’s Angels and a rival biker gang…with an autobiographical poem I wrote about a lowly pirate. And how He has lifted me from the darkness of a Louisiana swamp a year or so later, with a gun at my head, knowing that the finger on the trigger belonged to a man who had killed for Al Capone, and was in fact his final body guard. Such is the school of human nature…

Dennis Prager made an interesting point on his radio show this past Wednesday. Commenting on the abundance of wisdom throughout the bible, he observed how many wise men and women he knew who had read the bible, and how he couldn’t think of anyone he knew with real wisdom who hadn’t. I love Chambers’ use of the term “personal character” in his first sentence of the quote up top. Show me a man or woman of great personal character without wisdom, and I’ll show you a gecko with feathers.

Wisdom…from a person I trust more than the person I’ve known for thirty years and was actually married to, after I made the comment that “we (Oath Keepers) have been lucky in Orange County, but I’m waiting for the next leg.” Her response: “when the time is right the Lord will put it there; you know that…I’ve seen too many things in my life to worry about rushing anything, as it always seems to happen just at the right time it’s Him, I know it is…He knows who His workers are, and puts the stuff needed there at the right time, place & with the right people…it’s amazing.”

Here’s some sage Advent wisdom for my readers to pass around the Christmas table tomorrow. We, the entire human race, are at the doorstep of an event that in many ways will be as significant and life-changing as the birth of our Lord & Savior we gather to celebrate tomorrow. From our vantage point, resting securely on the mesa of the “great tableland”, His birth is the greatest gift ever given and received…by ALL mankind, including those and especially those who try to kill Him to this very day. So, my friends, ponder this; The ONLY difference between those of us on the tableland and those scurrying after bitcoin and scandal in the valleys below…is our approach. They approach Him on the basis of their actions…what they’ve done and haven’t done for Him. We approach Him on the basis of what He has already done for us. We are all the same fallen, wretched creatures. Who was guilty of more wretched sins than David? The only difference between David and the faces of the fallen men in the photo above is approach, personal character, and…redemption.

The world has become a much darker and more dangerous place because of the paling of personal character. And personal character has paled because wisdom and discernment have been engineered out of us by the same top-down evil that pops its ugly head up every few generations or so…all the way back to ancient Israel. The world has become a much darker and more dangerous place because we have accommodated the “House of Lies” (Netanyahu’s name for the UN) in the “Shining City” (which is exactly what men with pale and frail personal character do)…until now, that is. Now, God has blessed the Shining City with a Mayor whose wisdom rivals that of King Solomon. Only, King Solomon didn’t have a Twitter account!

Dark and dangerous hate wisdom and discernment. If you watch Nikki Haley’s address to the House of Lies General Assembly, you can actually feel dark and dangerous squirming…after eight years of having their way with a hollow and duplicitous chameleon. In fairness, the House of Lies has poisoned more than we know for much longer than many of us realize. Hitler fooled an awful lot of people (save one), until he didn’t need to any longer. The miraculous events of the past year have cast a very powerful light on some very, very dark places…revealing a “pinnacle” parade quite a bit larger than anyone could have possibly imagined. Thanks to the “personal character” of some very courageous men and women in the rank and file, there is much more to be revealed…so much more.

This much is certain. On this eve of all eves, they were sent by Herod to find Him so he could have Him killed…



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4 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “Friend, go up higher…”

  1. D. says:

    A wonderful contemplation as we approach the New Year, do we want to take it higher? What do we have to face or let go of before that can happen?

  2. D. says:

    Merry Christmas to you and all your rdeaders! Look forward to seeing you, it’s been a while.

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