The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Word of God

The Story of Reality

A man’s attitude to our Lord determines his attitude to the Bible. The “sayings” of God to a man not born from above are of no moment; to him the Bible is simply a remarkable compilation of literature—“that it is, and nothing more.” All the confusion arises from not recognizing this. But to the soul born from above, the Bible is the universe of God’s revealed will. The word of God to me is ever according to my spiritual character; it makes clear my responsibility to God as well as my individuality apart from Him.

When a soul is born from above and lifted to the atmosphere of the domain where our Lord lives, the Bible becomes its native air, its words become the storehouse of omnipotence, its commands and prophesies become alive, its limitless horizons brace the heart and mind to a new consciousness, its comforts in Psalms and prayers and exhortations delight the whole man. And better than all, the Lord Jesus Christ becomes the altogether Lovely One, it is in His light that we see light, it is in Him that we become new creatures. He who is the word of God unfolds to us the revelation of God until we say in sacred rapture, “I hold in my hands the Thought of God.” ~ Oswald Chambers, The Bible As Our Native Air

How was your week? I would love to get your thoughts and comments on what I have to share with you about mine. As part of my baptism ceremony last year, I was asked to share my personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ, the heart of which was and is my life-long search for truth. We are all, in my humble opinion, living the very same polaroid of reality (Costner’s “No Way Out” thriller)…developing in slow-motion…incrementally faster with each passing week (which is why I’d be particularly interested in your take). To borrow from Mike Tyson, truth is only subjective until you get punched in the face by reality. I formally ended a relationship on Friday because my Christian heart could not abide the Progressive lie…or more accurately, the Progressive “co-existence” and “inclusive” lie could not accept my Christian heart. I believe we are all in different stages of coming to our own moments of truth.

In this very same week, I was invited to a meeting with a lower Hudson Valley NY sheriff to get clarification on an illegal act by a Progressive governor requiring conceal-carry permit holders to re-certify by January 31, or have their permits revoked and their handguns confiscated. To our delight, this particular sheriff made it crystal clear as the “supreme law” in his county, he will not be a party to Cuomo’s unconstitutional folly. The sheriff is a principled man of truth. Our governor is not.

On the way to and from this meeting I had the pleasure of traveling with a man who has become a brother to me. We talked about the developing polaroid, how our world has been splintered by confusing and even burying objective truth by covering it up with countless subjective imposters. This led to an impasse over whether or not the Bible was, as I believe it to be, the word of God. The Chambers quote above just happened to be my daily read the very next morning. Coincidence or Holy Spirit?

My week began with a wonderful video sent to me by the very same individual who invited me to our meeting with the sheriff. Michael Peroutka began his talk at the end, “When a Peace Officer refuses to enforce an unconstitutional act, the Peace Officer is not breaking the law, but upholding the law.” ~ Michael Peroutka, Rule of Law vs. Pretended Legislation


The American View:

  • There is a God.
  • Our Rights come from Him. (Law and Rights are part of His Creation.)
  • The Purpose of Civil Government is to protect God-given Rights.

The American View has become faded from view. We have become so separated from truth we’ve grown to see it as foreign, if we see it at all…while the lie has become comfortably familiar. I have a friend who I consider to be your average down the middle American. Family man, president of a healthcare company, leans Right. He lives on the same planet as I do, witnessed Benghazi, Fast & Furious, NSA Revelations, IRS Scandal, Hillary e-mail, Comey exonerating before investigating, Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting, Uranium One, Las Vegas Massacre, Russian Dossier, Fusion GPS, Fake News just as I have…and yet, when I suggested the Hawaiian false missile alert was a Deep State attempt to embarrass the President, he called me a conspiracy theorist. When lies become truth, truth becomes conspiracy theory.

The UN-SOLVED Las Vegas Massacre has been credibly linked to Islamic Terror infiltration at our southern border. Do you ever wonder how it is that the peaceful fundamental/orthodox Christian is demonized as an extremist, while the fundamental/orthodox Muslim savage is released from the line-up…for not really being a Muslim?

Back in 1962 when Ken Kesey created Randall J. McMurphy’s Liberal character, transforming Jack Nicholson from actor to god, by channeling every American’s love for freedom watching McMurphy storm the sterile, tyrannical-establishment Cuckoo Nest to free America from the real crazies…we were so much closer to truth in our everyday lives. Today, as Andrew Klavan brilliantly points out, “Nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth.”  Donald J. Trump IS Randall J. McMurphy flying over the Liberal-Democrat-Globalist-Establishment Cuckoo Nest! Only in this version it is Hillary (Nurse Ratched) who has been medically lobotomized by doctors who attempted in vain to make her appear healthy. Your MUST READ of the week!

This story of the FISA memo could actually be the final pixels of the ultimate incriminating polaroid. The implications are literally earth-shattering. The entire House of Representatives now knows what the American People are about to learn. The question of the day becomes, will the American People be able to handle the truth? Another Nicholson character didn’t think so. And if he’s right then it will, as it always has, come down to (in the American View) a few good men…and the Word of God. 

 “It’s OK to be wrong. Its unforgivable to stay wrong.” ~ Martin Zweig


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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5 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Word of God

  1. Chip Murray says:

    Climate Change (Progressive Lie) Linked to depression, anxiety – ‘Restless nights, feelings of loneliness and lethargy’ #Duh!

  2. Paul Laux says:

    Good morning, Chipo! Love that quote by Martin Zweig. I stand in awe of the many that continue to “stay wrong” as truth relentlessly continues to punch them in the face. Many men will continue to refuse reality and cling to lies. The real problem for them, is their refusal to cling to Jesus, whose Spirit, we know, reveals all truth and gifts men with discernment and wisdom. I believe God is dealing with the surplus of lies we are drowning in. Maybe, He too, has had enough. It may have started with an election that was an historical, unprecedented upset. If God is exposing truth and is in the process of helping certain men and agencies “right” the ship, I am loving it and jubilant about the possibilities. May He receive all the glory if the FISA memo gets released to we the people and becomes the catalyst to clean our house of rot and stench.

  3. D. says:

    Just a typical week planting, planting seeds of the truth. Frustration teaching me patience and trust in God. Lower Westchester is that ground in which I plant my seeds. I notice that they don’t see what is going on right under their noses, lost as they are, in a million meaningless pursuits. Their rights are eroding and they see it as progress,i.e. driverless cars or gun-control. Then there are those who are arrogantly attending the so-called feminist march in Washington. Women who hate their husbands. I think a few of these women hate Trump so much because he represents traditional masculinity(which they have methodically stamped out in their homes).

    • Chip Murray says:

      Man…you hit the nail so squarely on the head. Every single one of Trumps achievements are the result of a man acting more like a man than most politicians have dared to.

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