The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ The Religion & Politics Taboo

The Silence of the Lambs

Man naturally loves liberty and detests slavery as a shameful yoke. It is natural that the employee should obey his employer; the soldier, his officer; the sailor, his captain; the child, his parents; the pupil, his teacher; for in these cases the yoke is honorable. It was also honorable for Regulus, the Roman general, to return to Carthage, there to endure painful captivity and death, for his country’s sake. But there is no slavery more base and disgraceful than that of a man who regulates his religion, his conduct according to another man’s caprice; who inwardly approves what is right, but has not the courage to do it; who condemns in his heart what is evil, and yet does it, because others also do it; who clearly sees his duty, but dares not perform it, lest he thereby displease his boon companions or does not meet the approval of those whose favor he seeks. ~ Fr. FERREOL GIRARDEY, C.SS.R. in 1915. Read the rest here.

It’s been said that the devil’s greatest trick is fooling us into believing he doesn’t exist. I not only believe this to be true, I believe he inspired the “R&P Taboo” (The two things you never discuss at cocktail parties, etc.) as the single-most effective tool that helped him disappear. There is absolutely nothing that effects and has affected our lives more than the policies, actions, and inactions of Church and State, and yet somehow for the past two generations, we’ve been sold on the idea that these are areas we should not feel completely free and comfortable in discussing. In fact, we’ve been conditioned to believe such conversation to be off-limits and anti-social. How is this not the worst censorship…a self-imposed censorship?

“The greatest fight in the country is censorship.” ~ Roger Stone

It seems the sixties liberated us from just about everything except the freedom to discuss what needed to be discussed, and debate that which needed more clarification and direction. Its as if we ordered a curtain of fog upon ourselves. What could possibly go wrong?

“If I could tell Republicans one thing it would be stop negotiating with evil.” ~ Mike Adams

I believe throughout history the greatest nations, cultures, and societies are put to sleep in stages. 1- Self-Censoring (R&P Taboo) 2- State-Censoring (Twitter, FB, Google, MSM) 3- Criminalize Truth and Truth-Tellers.

There could be no second stage without the first, and no third without the first two. This dear friend is why we have never lived in more dangerous times than these. We are late stage three, and I’m sure most of us understand what comes next. Well…certainly the all-important (lll) some.

There is, was, and always will be only one exception to the most earthly absolute of all; “Power Corrupts. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.” There is only one shining example of flawless, pure loving and merciful top-down rule in this world, and it comes from out of this world…it is ONLY found in the Rule of God.

God is the first and most important part of the R&P Taboo as the R. For the P we come down to the earth to find Politics (Polis) “Affairs of the Cities” to find the most antithetical belief system to God running the show: Communism (Devil). From San Francisco to New York, Washington to London, and Brussels to Rome, the devil is in charge. Make no mistake about it. Hence the “Taboo”…since there is no way the Devil assumes power in a wide open “Arena of Ideas”.

Because of the R&P Taboo our K-12 is saturated with the same Communists, who according to Malia’s Black Book are responsible for deaths of 85-100 million people, telling white children THEY are responsible for the deaths of millions, here

And because the “Affairs of the Cities” in Europe had no 1st Amendment to contend with, the R&P Taboo rapidly became razor wire, turning chivalry into crime, and self-defense into something politically incorrect, and socially unacceptable. Far, far too many Americans have yet to feel this Red Wave lapping at their feet. How is this possible? Because, it would seem, we are either “Born Again”, or we are put to sleep. There is no in between. Happy middle is the head-fake we give ourselves.

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name…                                                                           But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game.

Enter Dr. Clifford N. Alford. I discovered Dr. Alford in the comment section of “Born Again”. You can click on the hyperlink above and scroll down to find him. I was curious about the “goddess” he claimed the Christian church stole from, so I did some research and discovered what John refers to as the “spirit of the antichrist”.

You have to give the devil (Left) his due for placing the “Dr.” before so many, many names of those who actually harm the very people they purport to care for. Notice in the comment section how Charlie, to his credit and in his kindness, seeks to help Dr. Clifford. Now consider the spiritual value of Charlie’s intention alongside the intention of Warwick Working Together Facilitator Beverly:

Hello Friends,

            I want to make you aware of our next Community Conversation, Bonds and Boundaries (Red FlagNotice how those opposed to the Border Wall are concerned with dialogue boundaries.): Looking at Our Communities.  In this second conversationwe will explore how our common life is shaped by the ways that we come together in groups. Americans link up with each other in so many ways. Sometimes geography brings us together in a neighborhood or town. Sometimes we come together through organizations or institutions. Sometimes we choose the groups we belong to; sometimes they come with birth or shared history.  Learning where and how people connect also reveals where they don’t connect. Communities or groups create bonds and boundaries, insiders and outsiders.  When people don’t feel welcome or comfortable, when they feel they’re being cut out or threatened, it affects the spirit of the entire community. (Red Flag – SJW/Snowflake/Safe-Space Language.) Learning how our actions or attitudes affect each other will prepare us to imagine what it would take to create a better life together.

Now, compare these intentions to the message from those who were seeking to invade our Southern Border this past week:

“By uniting we can abolish borders.” I’d say that’s pretty clear intention…how about you? The literal invasion and intended destruction of Western Civilization; the direct consequence of removing our Watchtowers (R&P Taboo) and choosing the yoke of Human Respect over God’s Love. “Where can so despicable a slave be found?” Just about every bathroom mirror in America, I’m sad to say.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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  1. Bill Banuchi says:

    Chip, this is precisely the issue which will be the hinge upon which our future will swing. I spoke about it a while back at Thanks for joining the chorus of “voices crying in the wilderness.” We must persevere until the message gets through.

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