The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Waiting On The Calvary

Waiting on the Calvary?

Blessed be the Lord, my strength which teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight.       ~ Psalm 144:1

So, there I was last Sunday feeling a little like Churchill and relating to Noah in the sense of my relationship to the gathering storm, the coming flood and my fellow man…couched in our indifference like shells upon the shore, they don’t hear the ocean’s roar. And along come the Wild Boars! A Thai soccer team…12 boys and their coach stranded in a cave on the 1st day of the World Cup. And then I read Michael Pakaluk’s I Will Make You Fishers of Wild Boars. “It is part of the Christian conception of providence that such “public” trials do not just happen by accident, but are by design, within God’s plan, and meant to teach.”

Imagine Churchill’s and Noah’s frustration, knowing what they knew, surrounded by a significant majority of people who thought they were crazy. Another great TCT author wrote about the elimination of the great literary classics from our public education system, which I likened to our own cultural suicide. In reality its murder…the very heart of Western Civilization, Christendom is being dismantled. We Christians are being persecuted, silenced, literally, figuratively, and systemically murdered, eliminated, liquidated, and disposed of…while we ACT as though we are trapped helplessly in a cave, as if all we can do is wait on the cavalry, or in our case the Calvary. I revealed my frustration in last week’s SMTU when I wrote, “I see the Left turning our Public Square into a 24/7 Mardi Gras while my Christian brothers and sisters shutter themselves into the very “Idios” who kept to themselves in Ancient Greece…” and on July 4th, “In fact, the Father of Lies is so good at what he does, the town I once lived in has thrown four consecutive parties in two months’ time in the public square in his (the devil’s) honor, while the believers refuse to venture outside their shelters…” Is this our Christian calling…to sit in prayerful life amongst ourselves and wait for God to rescue us…while we take no action to directly engage those who are themselves in the act of wiping us from the face of this earth…for fear of being “political”? Really?

Tell me what it is that separates us from the Rev. Sam West call to action …It is an indispensable duty, my brethren, which we owe to God and our country, to rouse up and bestir ourselves, and, being animated with a noble zeal for the sacred cause of liberty, to defend our lives and fortunes, even to the shedding of the last drop of blood. Is it the 242 years, our political correctness, our tax exemption, our pension? Do we truly believe that we have more to risk than they did? Or is it simply our want to avoid conflict? I tell you I don’t know whether I am more sickened or saddened by our pathetic derelictions.

I recently proposed the idea of organizing a Pro-Life Parade in Warwick to two solid Christian men. We’re still a free country, and the Left has taken full advantage using OUR public square to express their values and beliefs. The reaction I got made me feel as though I suggested we all strip naked and dance down Main Street howling at the moon! Its as though our hearts and minds are completely closed to the thought of any action that might seem like engagement or conflict. But isn’t this how we’ve lost, or are in the process of losing the public square in the first place? Isn’t this how we lost prayer in public schools, marriage between a man and a woman, and the Boy Scouts? How much further down the slippery slope are we willing to slide? This is the oldest of old stories…the classic Bully/Bullied paradigm, is it not? Where in the entire history of man…in fact, where in the Holy Bible itself is there ONE instance where God saved a people who were unwilling to stand up for themselves? The Wild Boars and their coach are alive today because God helps those who help themselves. Moral courage, bravery, and risk saved those kids. And yes, it cost a Thai SEAL his life. No greater love…

Last weekend Stewart Rhodes called for volunteers to travel to the NYU campus in Manhattan to protest the professor (Sam Lavigne) who had doxxed and posted the personal contact info on over 1,500 ICE agents for the sole purpose of turning them and their families into targets. Six of us answered the call, three from NY and three from NJ. We went in Oath Keeper colors. My shirt carries the Psalm 144:1 quote boldly printed on the back. We made quite the sight strolling through Washington Square Park in the beautiful morning sunlight…in the East Coast Mecca of Liberalism. But, unlike Antifa, we weren’t masked and armed with batons and bike locks. We came only with information fliers explaining who Professor Lavigne was and what he had done. We engaged dozens of men and women, young and old, and what we learned was very encouraging. First, we learned that Truth itself is a very powerful weapon. Second, we learned that so many, especially the younger ones, are starving for it. After we had returned, Matt noticed a posting on our website suggesting that we do to the professor what he had done to the ICE agents and their families. To which he replied, “That would make us no better than him.” When in fact our method of engagement this past Monday at NYU won hearts and minds. This, my friends, by the Grace of God, is how we will save ourselves.

BUT FIRST, we need to know and understand the gathering storm and flood:

I recently saw a movie that shook me to the core. Even though I am in the movie and delivered some commentary about the Federal Reserve System, I had forgotten about the day I spent with the film crew in Austin, Texas, many months ago. I had seen the segments in which I appeared, which the producer sent to me as a courtesy, but when I finally watched the whole movie, I was stunned.

When my commentary was joined with scores of others who spoke from first-hand knowledge about loss of liberty and growth of government, the pieces came together like a giant jigsaw puzzle that revealed a disturbing picture of the social and political Hell we are rapidly approaching.

The movie is called Revelation; Dawn of Global Government, starring Charlie Daniels, Alex Jones, and Special-Ops General “Jerry” Boykin. The outstanding narrators include Larry Pratt, (Gun Owners of America), Stewart Rhodes, (Oath Keepers), Joel Skousen, (World Affairs Brief), even Ted Nugent has something to say! It is one of the best overviews of the mortal challenges facing America – and the world – I have ever seen.

The future of liberty may depend on how many people see this film. Normally that would require a visit to a theater, the purchase of a DVD, or a pay-per-view. However, the producer of the film has offered to let subscribers to Need to Know News and attendees of Red Pill Expo watch the entire movie free beginning July 8 to July 22 only. Click to gain access. ~ G. Edward Griffin… You have seven days…


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  1. D. says:

    The cost of doing nothing has caused those who know the truth to live in a dimished capacity. i believe that many Christians fall into this category. Those who voted for Donald Trump often did so in the privacy of the voting space. They should be supporting the President in all ways, but many are too afraid. Christians are living in the catacombs again. They live in fear of persecution at their jobs, in their families and in their communities and because of this they live a double-life. They are putting their heads in the sand while terrible changes are happening all around. I congratulate you and the brave ones who did an amazing thing by going down to Washington Square Park and beginning to educate those most in need of it. I can’t wait to see this movie.

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