The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Fathered By God

The Wolf in the Waters

Stand at the crossroads and look;                                                                                   ask for the ancient paths,                                                                                                   ask where the good way is, and walk in it,                                                               and you will find rest for your souls. ~ Jeremiah 6:16

Up until late yesterday afternoon, I hadn’t planned today’s Tune-Up because I have been something quite less than human the entire week. I have been one long raging cough. And coughs don’t think, get inspired, or write. They just cough. It’s better when I’m not lying down, but I can’t sleep sitting or standing…yet. NyQuil doesn’t cut it, but I was able to sleep for about 2-3 hours the other night after quadrupling the recommended dosage of the Rx cough syrup with codeine…which is now gone.

It’s hard for me to describe what feeling this low, weak, and essentially powerless feels like. I had some awful dreams in the few moments of sleep I was able to find, and actually reached a point so low, I thought I lost God, or He gave up on me. And then yesterday, I had come across a Facebook post on “I Grew Up In Wyckoff” lamenting the fact that St. Elizabeth’s Church had scored top prize in the “Sexual Abuse” category in Bergen County. And I was struck by a man named Wayne’s comment, “So happily NOT CATHOLIC.” His response is typical. Its much easier to point the finger. But how will we ever fix it, until we realize it is me, myself, and I that is broken?

So fresh off of this experience I pick up the book given to me by my pastor, “Fathered by God”. And don’t you know within minutes I come upon this passage from the book, “You see, what we have now is a world of uninitiated men. Partial men. Boys, mostly, walking around in men’s bodies, with men’s jobs and families, finances, and responsibilities. The passing on of masculinity was never completed, if it was begun at all. The boy was never taken through the process of masculine initiation. That’s why most of us are Unfinished Men.”

Wayne was doing what all partial men, unfinished men do. You can almost visualize him in the sandbox on a playground doing what boys do; spend half their time getting into mischief, and the other half clawing their way out. Meanwhile there’s Wayne with chocolate chip cookie crumbs all over his T-shirt, pointing at the new kid on the other side of the playground, “Johnny took the cookies!” Deflecting, avoiding, and ignoring the primal call to man-up is exactly what we partial and unfinished men do best. Now I’m not suggesting that Wayne is a sexual predator. What I am saying is that wolves avoid the grounds protected by completed men. Wolves are smart. They hunt the playgrounds of the partial and unfinished men instead. WE ALL OWN THIS FACT.

What I find remarkable here is that John Eldredge published “Fathered by God” in 2009…nine years before the term Toxic Masculinity would find its way into the national lexicon. What does that tell you? It tells me that a giant feast is being planned, and WE are the main course! The wolf likes his meat soft and tender. Masculinity makes it all tough and chewy. So, he needs to breed that out of the herd. Exactly what the diabolically aligned forces have been doing to us through our academic, corporate media, and entertainment programming fed directly into our homes (and hand-held devices) for the better part of the past decade.

The wolf wants it all! By now, most average hard-working Americans who love their country know they’re being lied to 24/7. Unfortunately, too few of us realize that behind the lie is the intention to steal the birthright of every American citizen. The plan is to overwhelm our southern border with illegals who are being told they are entitled to what has been stolen from them. They are not coming here to be American, they are coming to feed on her like jackals to a downed great white elephant. The wolf has already taken the major cities, and a few of the states.

God is working through Pastor and me…since 2014 at least. Pretty similar to the way He worked through the fisherman and young Eldredge in the beginning of the book. He’s pointing out that my “less than human, low, weak, and essentially powerless” condition is the condition of the partial man, the unfinished man. Aka, no match for the wolf! I was tasked with this read because my pastor is a good and wise enough shepherd to know what the flock is lacking. I pray God will create a stream for the truth and wisdom on these pages to flow into enough hearts and minds before all is lost.



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5 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Fathered By God

  1. D. says:

    A number of things hit a nerve with me in your post of this week. One, I am still reeling from the statistic that said younger men but not older men approve of the recent Gillette Ad pummeling men in a shocking way. I fired off an email to Gillette concerning this man-hating piece. Their automatic computer response was “thank you for your interest, we will get back to you in 48 hours.” That never happened.
    Two, we had our own encounter with our own Wayne this week. Yes, that is his real name. This Wayne is the ultimate unfinished man. He is 62 years old, and whines, whines, whines like a baby when life does not provide for his hedonistic pursuits. Wayne, as a young man was the ultimate fail to commit man. His wife pursued and cajoled this man who did not have a mature notion of marriage and a family until he deigned to marry her. ( foolish). He has now been divorced for several years and is hooked up with a bleach blond. My complaint: he is constantly talking about how his former wife made him clean up the cords in their house that sometimes got out of control. He is a radical audio-phile. His has bought $100,000 worth of sound systems over the years. His idea of fun is listening to music. This man never, ever grew up! Ugh!!
    Three, I can’t believe how bad I felt when I had a bad in January. Feel better soon Chip!

  2. Nancy says:

    Another great book by John Eldredge is ‘Wild at Heart’. Since the beginning of the fall women have tried and have been very successful at devouring men and creating someone other than God created the man to be. How women hate the word submissive. We tend to want to rule instead. In the context of God’s words a man is to be over the woman like Christ is over the church. I find that very comforting. A man of steel and velvet. It’s not just the man that hasn’t been completed Chip, it’s also the woman that feels that in order to be strong you have to devour the stronger of the species. The male. Have we all turned into the black widow? I find I’m much stronger standing beside my mate instead of dragging him behind me. I pity today’s women who have to be the leader because there a very few men out there that take the lead. Just my humble thoughts. God forgive us both man and woman.

    • Chip Murray says:

      Ah, why am I not surprised you would be familiar with Eldredge? Great observations on the modern feminism movement. Black Widow is the perfect metaphor for a generation capable not only of devouring the mate, but its own live offspring too. God forgive us both man and woman…

  3. Chip Murray says:

    Have to say how uplifting it was to get so much response from concerned readers today. Along with prayers, I rec’d a top-secret air force cough remedy, Zula brought me a mouse, and New Wave just dropped off Zinc, Vit C, and D3 along with a heaping dose of Jewish penicillin & homemade chocolate chip cookie. Now that’s a Mensch!

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