The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ God…or the New York Times?

Can you spot the Wolf?

“I’d rather stand with God and be condemned by the world, than stand with the world and be condemned by God.” ~ Denzel Washington

“Explore the world with journalists who uncover the facts.” ~ The New York Times

There I was, halfway between our Independence Day July 4th and Sunday July 7th, struggling for material for the first time since I started SMTU in November 2010…And then it hit!

…with the magnitude of a 7.1 yesterday morning. The two quotes above came across my Facebook feed back-to-back in the very same order…on Facebook of all places…where most all of my old friends spend so much time and energy telling and selling themselves, “It’s all good!” …while fishing for “likes” in the endless sea of lost souls. By the way, lost is lost. It does not matter whether we had the map and threw it away, or never had the map to begin with.

Not that it matters terribly, but I am convinced there is a correlation between our being lost, and Joel’s observation/lament that we no longer sing “My Country ‘tis of Thee” as children in school anymore, from my July 4th post. Those whom we have elected and entrusted to safeguard the SS Liberty, and keep her on course, have deliberately scuttled her…effectively placing her at the mercy of the most fiendishly diabolical pirates imaginable. Blackbeard would be a saint. And the real kick-in-the-pants? The “Exploring NYT journalists” are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and precious 4th Mates of this pirate’s scurvy crew! Let’s give this pirate a name. Let’s call him…Captain Bligh.

Full Disclosure: I was Captain Bligh…before I came to the same Truth that Denzel has clearly found…

It was a salty, savage, scurvy sea, that nearly got the better of me.                    Thirty nights and thirty days, I clinged to the yardarms in a terrified gaze.    Oh my ship, my heart’s desire. The love of my life close to retire.                          And I by the scar of the surgeon’s dull blade…                                                                I by the shine of my buckle and jade…                                                                                I by the ghostly gleam in mine eye…                                                                                  I matey, am Captain Bligh!  Trust me…the “Wretch” in Amazing Grace doesn’t come close…as my old shipmates would be the first to tell you.

Over and over again we blame God for His neglect of people by our sympathy with them, we may not put it into words but by our attitude we imply that we are filling up what God has forgotten to do. Never allow that idea, never allow it to come into your mind. In all probability the Spirit of God will begin to show us that people are (lost) because we have neglected to do what we ought. Today the great craze is socialism*, and men are saying that Jesus Christ came as a social reformer. Nonsense! We are the social reformers; Jesus Christ came to alter us, and we try to shirk our responsibility by putting our work on Him. Jesus alters us and puts us right; then these principles of His instantly make us social reformers. They begin to work straightway where we live, in our relationship to our fathers and mothers, to our brothers and sisters, our friends, our employers, or employees. “Consider how God has dealt with you,” says Jesus, “and then consider that you do likewise to others.” ~ Oswald Chambers, Instant Social Reform (*BTW…Oswald Chambers died in 1917)

So, I have a story to share of my meeting a millennial named Jake earlier this week, and a risk God “put on my heart” to take. Before I do, I need to draw yet another correlation. This one being the similarity between the missing guards on Nehemiah’s Wall which I’ve addressed in the past couple of SMTU’s, and the missing lookouts from the crow’s-nest of the SS Liberty that led to her being sacked by Bligh’s demonic crew in the first place.

From a not-so-long-ago time and space where men knew their place upon the wall and in the crows-nest…

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” ~ George Orwell

“History does not entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid.” ~ Dwight David Eisenhower

Now, to my encounter with young Jake who I guess to be in his mid to late twenties. I had just completed my workout and headed into the sauna where I found this young man totally absorbed in the screen of his smart phone. Thirty years ago a conversation would have been the most natural thing to happen here, and now it seemed like initiating one would be an invasion. Think about that. So, I prayed. This is how God works in our lives…when we invite Him to. I asked the young man if I could share something. He said sure. I said to him, “God has put on my heart to share these things with you.” After telling him that I was more of a slave to the same device he was holding than I cared to admit, I shared with him the story my friend and client John had shared with me only a day or so earlier. He had read that icon photographer Annie Leibovitz referred to her smart phone as an “anti-being” device because it actually prevents us from being wherever it is we think we are, or would otherwise experience being. I then asked if he was familiar with Oath Keepers, which he was not. I told him who we were, and then shared with him the experience I had a week earlier upon learning that our governor signed a bill authorizing the issuance of driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, and the Riverfront Library in Yonkers hosted a “Drag Queen Story Hour” for toddlers and small children…on the very same day I learned that the Seward Mapes Committee in Florida NY had refused an Oath Keeper donation because we, a non-partisan organization of Constitutionalists, are “political extremists”. Jake expressed a sincere appreciation for my sharing these things with him, and then told me how he stays away from politics because it leads to conflict and anger. He then told me how he, having been raised Roman Catholic, had completely lost faith…in his Faith. I then shared my James 4:8 experience, and how I knew that God hadn’t let him down, but that it was we, us men, who had broken the covenant with God. “and then consider that you do likewise to others.”

Our problem is compounded. Not only have we disowned our “warrior” selves, but because we have walled ourselves off from one another, we are unable to tell the wolf from…the ladybugs. How could a people who have turned from God to the New York Times know any better? Please read this article that explains how we are serving our children up on a bed Cultural Marxist greens, and then order your copy of “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America” NOW. Subscribe to The Epoch Times. And please join us this Wednesday in our day of prayer and fasting, with special prayer focus on Nehemiah 5:1-19. And above all, Trust in God.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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