The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ What Are We Being Distracted From?

We Have SO Been Here Before!

“It’s not that my life doesn’t have challenges…it is not that I have reached maturity…it is not that I am special…it’s just that I see God the Holy Spirit’s hand molding and shaping every thought, every action, every desire.  And the words that touch my soul as I witness His work in me are the words of First Thessalonians, Chapter 5, Verse 18… ‘…in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you who are in union with Christ Jesus.’” ~ John Wesley

I was fortunate to grow up in a time and place where the act of grooming or being groomed was only perceived as a positive experience, as in we were groomed for success. I watched a thirty-minute YouTube this week by Amazing Polly entitled “You Are Being Groomed”. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head, and here’s why. I realize now that EVERY bit of “News-Feed” being fed to us…Epstein scandal, NXIVM case, Immigration crisis, Measles scare, Islamification threat, Impeachment call, Climate-Change hoax, to the perverting of our children with Drag Queen Story Hours…are all distractions from the greatest threat of all.

In a country that has always revered its sports and entertainment celebrities, a darker more nefarious cultural grooming has become shockingly clear. Consider how far we have fallen since the yesterdays of Vince Lombardi and Doris Day, to the present-day spectacle of watching Megan Rapinoe and Miley Cyrus out-vulgar each other in a race to the bottomless sea of narcissism. As goes sports and entertainment, so goes the country? Or is there more to the story? Sports and entertainment are only two legs of the American table. God and country (patriotism) are the other two…or so they were, once upon a time.

The only thing more disturbing than Amazing Polly’s “Your Being Groomed”, is this article explaining how Bill Gates and the UN have groomed the love of God and country (not to mention parents and family) out of our children, turning God-fearing patriots into Godless Globalists who think of themselves as Social Justice Warriors. But years before Obama was even a candidate, Microsoft boss Bill Gates — the chief nongovernmental financier of Common Core — signed a global education partnership with the UN. And it is going to get worse. Instead of actually educating children, government schools in America and all over the world are being transformed into indoctrination centers. Using a century of psychological research, these indoctrination centers are designed to transform children into unthinking cogs in a globalist machine. Many of its architects have boasted of their agenda to weaponize public schools against individualism, Christianity, religion, and more. Now it is under way.

I wondered how almost overnight, every member of my Orange County Chamber of Commerce was suddenly obsessing over being green and sustainable…in one of the most ecologically responsible countries on planet earth! We were groomed into it top down…deliberately manipulated away from God to the worship of Gaia. And here are the housing cells they have, or perhaps should say had planned for us. Jeffrey Epstein’s black book could throw a bit of a wrench in the globalist scheme to enslave us all. It seems that pedophilia and the sex-trafficking of children was the lucrative leverage, the currency, and the means of ensnaring the most powerful people in the world into their web. All of this, prophesied…

Awaken your neighbors, brothers, and sisters. They will bite you and smite you, but they’ll love you in the end. For what a glorious day they would have otherwise missed…

Before the dawn there is desolation; but wait, the dawn will merge into glorious day. ~ Oswald Chambers, The Darkness of Desolation

NOTE: We invite you to our Oath Keepers day of prayer and fasting this Wednesday with prayerful focus on Luke 8:22-25

God Bless America!


Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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