The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ In Case of Fire…

The Illusion

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow (illusion) of death, I fear no evil; for though art with me; thy rod (correction) and thy staff (direction), they comfort me. ~ Psalm 23:4

In Case of Fire, Break Glass!

This passage from my favorite Psalm was part of our Prayer & Fast Wednesday focus this week. It happened to converge with my having just been introduced to the black Rev. Henry Highland Garnet by the white David Barton in my Founders’ Bible. There could not be a more precious grist for the mill at such a time as this, than these three words in twenty-nine of the most encouraging and comforting words God has ever given us. Why? Because in these three words God is breaking the glass and sounding the alarm…if we will only open our hearts a minds!

The Psalmist did not write of our walk through the valley of death. He wrote it as the shadow of death because death is illusory in the sense that, as we Christians know, it has been conquered. This begs the question, if something as widely perceived as the certainty of death can be illusion, how much of this life we are presently living is illusion as well? Which brings us to the 2nd part of our prayer focus on Exodus 21:16 as it relates to illusion created by the photo above…

Dear Friends in Christ,

With all that is happening, I found it refreshing to reflect on how the Founders drew inspiration from Exodus; from God delivering the Jewish people from bondage, along with the flight of our Pilgrims from their own bondage and persecution, to ultimately providing the wherewithal for eliminating the slavery of men in the ratification of our Thirteenth Amendment:

Honorable Senators and Representatives! Illustrious rulers of the great nation! I cannot refrain this day from invoking upon you, in God’s name, the blessings of millions who were ready to perish but to whom a new and better life has been opened by your humanity, justice, and patriotism. You have said, “Let the Constitution of the country be so amended that slavery and involuntary servitude shall no longer exist in the United States, except in punishment for a crime.” Surely, an act so sublime could not escape Divine notice; and doubtless, the deed has been recorded in the archives of Heaven! ~ Rev. Henry Highland Garnet (1815-1882) The first black American to speak in Congress on February 12, 1865…

Please join us for tomorrow’s Prayer & Fast Wednesday, with prayerful focus on Exodus 21:16 and Psalm 23:1-6

For Him,


Is it possible for those powerful enough to create the illusion of America being a racist nation, and a virus no deadlier than the flu to destroy the economies of the world, to also create the illusion that a Communist named Bergoglio is the head of the Catholic Church?

First things first. I thank Ann Barnhardt for doing yeoman’s work, and laying down the base foundation for this stance. She was one of the very first to boldly and publicly propose the idea that Bergoglio was not pope. She was the first to take the leap, believe in this conviction, and live it through, no matter the consequences to her reputation. As every year passes that we see a man pretending to be Vicar of Christ —a man whose public actions are obviously not directed by the Holy Spirit—Barnhardt becomes more and more vindicated in her position. Her’s has been a long game, in which the fullness of time would prove her right. ~ Mark Docherty, The Splendor of Truth

In fact, if all these so-called “journalists” are the people calling real news fake, and “extremely dangerous to our democracy”, then what are the real journalists trying to tell us?

This is by far the most important Tune-up to date because just as with any other fire alarm, the consequences of ignoring it WILL be devastating. We are in America’s life or death moment, and while God is in complete control, leaving it ALL up to God would be the greatest mistake in all of our lives, not to mention a total departure from how we as Americans have handled every other crisis in our 244 years of existence…as my friend Eric Martin so eloquently puts in his most passionate appeal to the hearts and minds of every good American.

I am here to tell you that God through the Psalmist would never leave us here in this valley with no way out. He who gives us the ability to discern truth from shadows provides both the rod to correct and the staff to guide our steps. But it is entirely up to us to use them. Because, as another REAL journalist puts it, it’s time for ALL of us to get real before real gets us. I took a little heat for breaking the glass as I was directed to do last week. In my Maxwell read yesterday, Reading Between the Lines, he opens with Proverbs 28:2; When the country is in chaos, everybody has a plan to fix it—but it takes a leader of real understanding to straighten things out. He goes on to write, Leadership is more art than science. The principles of leadership are constant, but the application changes with every leader and every situation. That’s why it requires intuition. Without it you can get blindsided, and that’s one of the worst things that can happen to a leader.

Sitting around a campfire with some Christian brothers a couple of weeks ago, everyone had an opportunity to share their individual experiences over the past several months of our “country in chaos”. What I found interesting was how easy it was for those who shared to describe the experience in terms of the effect it was having on themselves, their families, and their businesses…and how difficult and awkward it was to discuss the cause…though a couple brave souls dared to dip a toe in the source waters of the chaos. This should have been the exact opposite. The cause of the chaos and threat to ourselves, our families, and our businesses should have and would have elicited with a passionate zeal, the meaningful and productive conversations of stout-hearted men from any other time in our history. WHY NOT NOW? The answer could not possibly be more plain, simple, and right square in front of us. The modern church has abdicated its leadership role in the modern world. And ALL of us; shepherds and laymen alike have the moral obligation and duty to step up and take our rightful place in this moment. Because if we don’t, our legacy will be the utter and shameful disgrace of having thrown away, abandoned, and surrendered God’s 2nd greatest gift to us as Americans:

True religious liberty could only be built upon the genuine practice of self-government. The reason is simple: self-government, by its very nature, yields peace, with “every man under his vine and his fig tree.” (1 Kings 4:25) ~ The Founders’ Bible, the very heart of our beginning, the light of the Mayflower Compact, from the leadership of John Robinson.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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4 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ In Case of Fire…

  1. Michael E. Smith says:

    Illusion, correction, direction. Making America great is a Biblical proposition.

  2. I would encourage you to take the time to read Lincoln’s Speech to the Young Men’s Lyceum in 1838. See how it speaks of today’s issues.

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