The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Exorcism of the Progressive Spirit

ONLY by Prayer & Fasting.

This is a spiritual war and in this moment in time the masters of the earthly domain are pulling together all their slaves. Our walk with God, our walk with faith is never going to be easy. And our walk as patriots is never going to be easy because it means that we have to stand together, anchored in God and faith for what this country is, what was sacrificed for it, and what we have been entrusted to defend. ~ Scott Kesterson, The Bards of War

Whether or not you believe we are in a spiritual war as Kesterson claims, I invite you to please consider the following evidence to support his claim, combined with your own personal experiences and observations, in order to consider my proposed plan to put out the fire that will otherwise consume us all. Exhibit A:

Here below we are introduced to one of the slaves being pulled together by “the masters of the earthly domain” by a Conservative woman from REAL Warwick…

This. This is the enlightened advice from a social justice warrior. We’re supposed to listen to this person (I’m unsure of gender and don’t want the fb police getting their panties/boxers in a wad)? Aside from the whole gender guessing games, the second thing I noticed were the Hitleresque eyebrows. Seriously.                                        

…and the response from a Progressive woman on the same site;

Now we insult and degrade children?! A “social justice warrior”? This is a child!!!! And commenting on their gender and physical appearance?! This is a child!!!! You should be beyond ashamed! Scraping the bottom of the barrel you belong in for this comment!!! Grow up and find yourself some couth and class – stop broadcasting your ugly…but even worse, stop being so ugly!!!!  Take-away? The possessed are totally blind to their own possession.

Exhibits B-I:

Nobody understands better than I do, our natural inclination to resist, avoid, and otherwise reject the truth of God in our lives. While seeking him, I spent the majority of my years taking every shortcut, detour, and bypass I could find to get there in my own fashion (which makes me just as much, if not more, a part of the problem as anyone else). The REAL Artful Dodger I was, never realizing that the destination is ALWAYS by His fashion…until now. So, I’m asking you for the moment to consider the truth of what I’m about to share, as it fits with your own personal experiences and observations. Fact: The Progressive Spirit and the Holy Spirit are fundamentally and thoroughly incompatible with one another. Allowing both to share the same space is no different than attempting to arrange a play date between God and the devil. And yet, because God has given us free will, ever the good Father to his prodigal children, He allows us to sow the seeds of our own folly, and reap the consequences as presented in exhibits A-I. In fact, our country being ripped apart in this very hour is the direct result of this play date that began in the sixties. What started out as “flowers in her hair” cute back then, blossomed into the ultimate fatal attraction; a witches’ brew of earthly liberties and irresistible desires inspired by the father of lies. Countless souls lost, past and present, on top of the sixty million plus and counting that never got the chance to take a breath, laugh or cry, dance and sing. “What have we done?”, would be the question on our lips…if we were truly free to question. But the truth is we are ALL slaves, bound with invisible chain, and headed for the darkest slave ship conceived by the now fully developed lord and master of the play date. This courageous doctor describes exactly how they literally plan to own each and every one of us:

Here’s how it will go down. America is possessed at every level of church and state. The spirit that holds us captive is “Progressive” having taken possession of our bodies and souls through 4 stages of the play date; Liberty, Liberalism, Socialism, and now into the 4th and final act of the play…Fascism. What would have been impossible while we were a nation of the moms and pops, is all but assured by the corporate box store “masters of the earthly domain” that replaced them. States are already discussing mandatory masking and vaccination…for our own good of course. EZ-Pass made our lives easy, no? It also eased us into a very critical component of their being able to herd us onto the Love Boat. They need us to accept the idea of ourselves as a “cashless” society. And the ultimate coup de grace…the COVI-Pass! You WON’T be able to leave home without it. Are you ready for the final cruise? I am not. But based on the evidence I’ve just laid out; I believe there is only one way out for us. Exorcism. The Progressive Spirit must be cast out. Ordinarily, this would be a function of the church. But as Jim Lovell said in 1970, “Houston, we have a problem.” …which leads us to another favorite quote, “If it is to be, it is up to WE.”

So, I am asking each and every one of my readers to take the following steps of action to literally save the Soul of America. Keep the following items with you at all times; Crucifix, Bible, and Holy Water. Whenever and wherever you come across a person possessed by the Progressive Spirit, simply smile hold out your Bible and Cross with your left hand, give them a spritz of the Holy Water with your right, and with love and compassion in your heart, look them straight in the eye and say, “The Spirit of Christ compels you. The Spirit of Christ compels you. The Spirit of Christ compels you.”

Oh yes, I almost forgot. How can you tell if someone is possessed by the Progressive Spirit? I recommend the guaranteed AHDI Index method:

They are physically unable to say any of the following…

  • Abortion is a bigger problem than racism in America.
  • Homosexuality is immoral.
  • Donald J. Trump is my President.
  • I am a patriot.

As Colombo loved to say to his cornered prey, “Just one more thing”…It HATES Prayer & Fasting. Please join us every Wednesday wherever you are.

Chip Murray: Wide Awake

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3 Responses to The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ Exorcism of the Progressive Spirit

  1. Martin T. D. Burnett says:

    I have noticed that even the talk radio pundits of which I’ve been so critical over the last 20 years have almost all finally started speaking the obvious regarding the Progressive agenda, even Huckabee.  Sadly, what in hell took them so long when dimmer bulbs like me have witnessed and noted the agenda since they were children and certainly since they became adults. I watched in horror as Texas A&M was rapidly taken by the Progressives while I was on campus in the mid ’70’s knowing it was just wrong what was happening but when I spoke out against the changes was told by my peers to lighten up. I’ll bet not one of those pathetic sheep even remembers my conversations and likely still sends money to the Association of Former Students! They can’t wait for football to return so they can waste more time, energy and focus watching Black meatbags who have no idea what the ideals that made the former institution so unique and great compared to other schools. Those athletes are so disconnected from the mainstream student body that I have never understood the ridiculous fervor displayed by Aggies when the team doesn’t represent anything the student body should embrace as important. It’s early and my thoughts probably aren’t coherent. Point was, why in hell have all these wealthy commentators with money to pay research staffs been so blind for so long. The time to have fought this problem was decades ago, not now. Now is too late. I don’t think even a shooting civil war will work since the leadership of the enemy is globally distributed and networked intricately in every facet of American life, business, church, schools, government. The mark of the beast will be the verification process for this ridiculously benign virus which by the way is STILL being sold as a dire lethal threat. Even the WH press secretary still validates that myth when she calls it a “very dangerous virus”.  OMG! Somebody absolutely must push back against this narrative and just say “America. Go back to work. If you catch the virus you catch the virus. The number of cases in the big picture simply does not matter. A very small number will die, just like they do with many diseases every year. 6 months ago you weren’t so fearful of you mortality that you were willing to shut down our economy, though hundreds of thousands were dying from preventable heart disease and obesity related conditions, the flu, car wrecks, and shootings in the urban areas.  Buck up and live life!” More and more are speaking out to the farcical nature of this manufactured crisis but it also seems the Progressives see that response and raise theirs. When are we going to call?????

  2. As is typical of the Father of Lies. the “Progressive” movement is actually “regressive” taking us back to a time before God’s rule brought order to Western culture and beyond. The Progressive movement is a product of witchcraft evidenced by the modus operandi: Intimidation, Manipulation then Control. The future of America is in the hands of the Church, uh, oh!

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