The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ “This Could Be Heaven, Or This Could Be Hell”

There Are No Do-Overs Here

The line from one of the Eagles’ biggest all-time hits…is Life Imitating Art?

NOTE: I try to keep my Sunday messages to a page out of respect for your time. Please allow more time for today because of so much “essential” grist for the mill in what I have to share.

Behold the storm of the Lord! Wrath has gone forth, a whiling tempest; It will burst upon the head of the wicked. The fierce anger of the Lord will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of his mind. In the latter days you will understand this. ~ Jeremiah 30:23,24

In case you’ve missed it, there is a mighty tug of war going on for the soul of our nation and the destiny of all mankind. The shaking is so intense it has shaken the dust off the eschatology books and leaves no corner of the globe unaffected…or perhaps uninfected might be a more appropriate way to put it in the post-Covid world. In either case there are two sides in this the greatest battle of our lives. As a very good pastor friend of mine put it in a letter to 175 of his fellow New York pastors just this week; In just a few months this nation will choose one of two paths moving forward: the path to the right will lead toward righteousness, redemption and the favor of God, while the path to the left will lead to unrighteousness, rebellion and the curse of Satan, (Ecclesiastes 10:2). The path this nation ultimately takes is in the hands of the Church (2 Chronicles 7:14).

To a clear-thinking mind, independent and free of ideological contamination, the picture could not be more crystal clear. On the Left side weighing in at approximately the weight of all the evil in the world, as measured by every parasitic swamp creature that has fed off the lives of good and decent people for the better part of the last three quarters of a century, poised to murder us all rather than relinquish the total control it was so close to achieving. And on the Right side weighing in at approximately 250 pounds, the greatest fighter for the American people to have ever occupied the Oval Office. In the physical world we are choosing between a top down one world order and our own sovereignty. Spiritually it is a choice between Heaven and Hell. My pastor friend has probably never made a more accurate statement in his entire life. Sorry friends, Joe Biden is a hologram.

What I find so fascinating in this place is watching people I’ve known for years, thought I knew, and how they respond to a world gone mad. Unfortunately, because our schools have operated as ideological contamination factories, our homes, neighborhoods, and communities have all become incredibly polluted. Being able to see truth has become as difficult as seeing the horizon on a typical smog day in Los Angeles. Take the COVID-19 bug that has turned the world upside down, for instance. Here in Orange County New York we knew back in March that Dr. “Zev” Zelenko achieved a 100% success rate in treating COVID-19 patients in Kiryas Joel using Hydroxychloroquine. 100% recovery. Nobody died. Nobody had to be hospitalized! And yet here we are in August looking back on 150,000 lives lost. WHY?  Because somebody(s) didn’t want us to know then what we know now. That “100,000 lives could have been saved” with a treatment that costs a mere fifty cents a dose. And further, thanks to the amazing work of one of the best investigative journalists in America, we now know the WHO!

This brings us to the “This Could Be Heaven, Or This Could Be Hell” point of today’s message. As has often been the case of late, it is best described in this week’s Prayer & Fast Wednesday Invite:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As Jerry Lee Lewis once sang, “There’s a whole lot of shaking going on.” And as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn referred to the shaking in an interview this week, “It has only just begun”. Then, something so profound in yesterday’s morning prayer reading Chambers and Jeremiah… In the latter days you will understand this. (Jer.30:24) But we know that the law is good if one uses it lawfully the opposite of what he was…something has entered into…that I will break his yoke from your neck…I am feeling a departing out of…a rescue. And hours later, Christian journalist Scott Kesterson affirms the message with the following words, “Most of you know that I don’t subscribe to the fact that we’re living through Revelation, but rather we’re living through Exodus version 2.0. We are literally being freed.” Price of the ticket? Repentance.

“The only repentant man is the holy man, that is, the one who becomes the opposite of what he was because something has entered into him. Any man who knows himself knows that he cannot be holy; therefore, if he does become holy it is because God has ‘shipped’ something into him.” ~ Oswald Chambers, The Bedrock of Christianity. Please join us for tomorrow’s Prayer & Fast Wednesday with prayerful focus on Jeremiah 30:1-24 and 1 Timothy 1:1-20

For Him,


IMPORTANT: The idea of our living Exodus came to me BEFORE I heard Kesterson!

WHAT A WEEK! And it was only half over. Friday morning, I wake up to an email from my friend Kevin containing the link to Tucker Carlson’s FULL 44-minute show from the night before. I am so glad I watched and took notes, because hours later “They” cut out the Chris Bedford & Professor Jason Hill portion…3/4 of the show!! This Tucker Carlson-CENSORED 12 minutes is still worth the watch. Here are the Hill and Bedford quotes from the show that really caught my attention…

“What we are seeing in the educational system is systemic nihilation. So, let’s go back a step further. A couple of weeks ago Rutgers University declared that grammar was racist. Now grammar is the science that deals with the proper method of oral and written communication. When you attack grammar, you attack language which is the method of cognitions…you attack man’s mind, you attack his ability to reason. So, you attack man’s mind which means you leave us on the level of grunting farm animals. So, you leave us incapacitated to reason…to think. And then you take away his history. You take away our Constitutional rights, our 2nd Amendment, our 1st Amendment, our time-worn principles that we use to defend our way of life.” ~ Professor Jason Hill, DePaul University, responding to a Chicago Democrats call to abolish history classes, (16:00min mark)

“It’s going to be up to us on the local level, the churches and the civil organizations they’re targeting right now because they know those are the only chances we have of resisting this kind of uprising.” ~ Chris Bedford, Senior Editor of The Federalist, (11:23min mark)

Now, I especially love what Bedford had to say about the churches and civil organizations being “the only chances we have of resisting” because I don’t believe most of the churches have gotten the memo…yet. AND the reason I say this stems from my own personal observations along with this amazing interview with “radical organizations” expert Clare Lopez on the America’s Black Robe Regiment podcast in early June, in which the host says, “What has really gotten me alarmed is seeing pastors running to microphones to distance themselves from racism.” As with every other link in today’s tune-up I urge you to listen beginning at the 3:12 min mark to learn the truth about what is really happening across America right now…falsely labeled as “peaceful protests”.

My pastor friend, in his letter to the pastors, follows his quote above with these words… We dare not be “complacent in Zion” waiting for the Rapture while this nation “Under God,” entrusted to us, is lost to demonic totalitarianism. We are commanded to give to God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesar’s. In this nation governed by “We, the people” what is due to Caesar is our informed and active engagement in the governmental and political process.

Something amazing has happened between yesterday morning when I completed the final draft of this Tune-up and today. Two things actually. First, my friend Derek from Southern California sent me an “Urgent Constitutional Prayer Request” late yesterday afternoon. He urged us all to pray and do whatever we could do to support Pastor Rob McCoy of the Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks (Ventura County) who is opening his church today, in defiance of a judge’s order. Derek is driving three hours to attend. Here is the 11-minute video of this pastor defending his “Essential” Faith AND his country. PLEASE watch HERE. The second thing is more of an epiphany really. It came to me in the middle of the night. Heaven or Hell…Exodus 2.0 or Revelation? What is the difference? Both tell the story of a departure from one place to journey to another. The difference is one has happened already, and we learned from that experience…or did we? We learned that God’s children screwed up and were ordered by God to serve 40 years in the wilderness instead of the promised land because of it. So, whether this is Exodus 2.0 or the end, Tribulation, Mid-Tribulation, or Rapture isn’t it possible His children are capable of screwing up again? It struck me when the Black Robe Regiment host made the statement, while cities are burning, criminals are being released from prisons, good people are losing their livelihood and their freedoms, that what “alarmed him most was seeing pastors running to microphones to distance themselves from racism.” I thought about my pastor friend who sent the letter. I thought about Pastor McCoy. I thought about the pastors running to microphones. I know my pastor friend and Pastor McCoy are sharing the critical “Two Path” message with their congregations. I was criticized earlier by a Christian friend I had shared yesterday’s final draft with, for what he saw as my attacking the church. There are two truths that convince me this is not the case. First, God wants His people united as one body of believers. Second, not sharing the “Two Path” message is the same as choosing the wrong path. What kind of friend, brother or Christian would knowingly allow a fellow friend, brother, or Christian to make such a choice without doing everything he could do to…save him…and the family he loves?


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